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  1. Behold Bohol!
    A very beautiful island lined with pristine and white beaches. Inhabited by warm and friendly people. This time of the year(May), Bol-anon(people with Boholano lineage) from different parts of the country usually converge in this island to celebrate fiestas.
    Rabiya and company were having good time
    I like the video. Aside from highlighting Rabiya’s sincere advocacy for education especially for the underprivileged, it also promotes Bohol’s tourist attractions. Rabiya was in her element in this video.

  2. MU Trivia : How many years did the last two standing ladies were both blondes ?

    1955: Sweden (winner) El Salvador (1st ru)
    1960s: None
    1970s: None
    1990s: None
    2004: Australia (winner) USA (1st ru)
    2010s: None

    1980s: the most number occurred
    83: New Zealand (winner) USA (1st ru)
    84: Sweden (winner) South Africa (1st ru)
    89: Holland (winner) Sweden (1st ru)
    81: Venezuela (winner) Canada (1st ru -kind of; she is dark blonde)

    What are the chances that the last two standing in MU2020 will both be blondes ? … who knows ?
    We will see … in two weeks, we will watch and learn the answer together !

    • That is if Iceland & Chile makes it to the TOP 5..
      Venezuela is also a possible contender… Im just not sure if she’s a natural blonde..

      • On the orher hand… The longer I look at Iceland.. she is not facialy stunning at all… Chile is too commercial for a pageant queen but lacks international sex apeal….

      • depending on stage performance , Iceland possible … Chile can be the 1st ru , and I agree about your thoughts on Chile , she will not likely win ….

        There is also Poland and Slovakia , I am keeping my eyes on them ; Venezuela is a fake blonde ; Italy maybe a blonde but am not sure if she is in Europe’s top tier , & France too …

      • @Jaret

        True true!

        Therefore, no blonde winner this year…

  3. Best Rabiya-related entry so far. Yung sa ibang entries, maingay ang mga tao kasi gustong makipag-compete sa iba. Dito sa entry na to, win or lose, nakaka-proud lang.

  4. “To know what that true self is without social pressure is to know your true nature”.

    This video who apparently shows the real Rabiya reminds me of the above quote by Martins Beck

    • Totally agree. More of these stuff, showcasing the Philippines’ natural wonders.

  5. From now on, she is ‘Ate Rabiya’.

    Ateng in that last flowy-sheer-soft dress in green leafy print was DIVINE. 🙂

    CUTE ang boys sa Bohol. The Governor, the Engineer, and the Parish Priest. Even @ Cool Brew.

    That backdrop that was a coral limestone wall, very nicely the shadow of the palm tree fell on it! That can be a venue of an evening intimate concert for a live musician… Joe Hisaishi or Ryuichi Sakamoto came to mind. Mohab Omer (guitar), too.

    • Pari yung leader ng tribe ang ganda ng facial feature dun sa close up.

    • @ Bonnie Yeah! I wanted to say that the ‘Ita’ men were ‘nicely-constituted’. Please lang, po; huwag bibigyan ng kulay… 🙂

      I FINALLY found the inspiration for Ateng Rab’s green-y dress here! It is ‘Le Bateleur*’ in Dior’s 2021 Primavere-Ete HC… In the Major Arcana, it means the person is at the top of her/his game, has realized her/his full potentials. The depiction includes a table with her/his ‘tools of the trade’, allowing her/him to command the wind/elements, through the four directions – N, W, S, E…

      (* – The Magician)

  6. The photo expresses that simplicity is beauty. Go Rabiya!!! 🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️

  7. A phenomenal girl in the phenomenal province. Duch a phenomenal scene. 😅😅😅
    Ms. Prior Commitment is not present in phenomenal province when all runners-up were there to support?

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