16 comments on “Rabiya Mateo and her Copper Mask(s)

  1. Yang copper mask na yan, parang hindi naman effective! Parang busal ng aso!

    Nung sinuot niya sa airport, tumabingi sa bibig niya!

    Buti na lang pag dating niya sa California, N95 na ginamit niya! And hopefully yung pa rin gamitin niya!

    Sana tinahan niya yung buhok niya ng Jet Black color tulad ng ginagawa ni Marielle para lalong ma-emphasize yung beautiful face niya! Naturally curly buhok niya so leave it that way!

    Ingatan din niya pagsusuot ng mask especially after meal, dahil ang bunganga natin mas madumi pa yan sa pwet! And pag naka-mask ka bumabalik yung germs sa bibig kaya possible na magka-pimple ka which is a No-No for a pageant contestant! Yan ang tinatawag na Danger Triangle of the Face! I’m sure alam niya yan dahil PT siya!

    Kaya ako for added protection, ini-spray-an ko muna ng alcohol yung internal flap ng mask then patutuyuin bago ko isuot!

  2. A super flashy shimering monochromatic gown w/ colorful accents that mezmerisingly emphasizes the curves would surely be visually stunning to the Latino audience… I foresee ruffles upon ruffles on a classic pageant silhouette… that takes inspiration fron Iris Van Herpen designs…. that would be my ideal finale gown for her….

    And big hair…. a slightly exagerated cross between Farah Fawcet, Valley of the dolls, & Ariana Grande …

    Surely, the audience would stare in awe while she gives them a show that would surely land her in the TOP 3.

    • @ Closer2Fame Go watch ‘Llorando se fue’, the global hit of 1989 better known as ‘Lambada’. 🙂

      • @flor

        I imagine a shimering iridescent monochromatic gown bejeweled w/ crystals on the Chest and bodice… w/ printed and laser cut curled petals w/ swarovski crusted edges for ruffles simillar to Iris Van Herpen designs… and a semi-transparent butterfly sleeves simillar to one of Megan young’s gown by Leo Almodal when she hosted MW2014… & again the big hair to frame her face..

  3. Beautiful eyes. Even the fake lashes look natural on her. Hindi parang drag queen.

    But yes, the boob job is bad. They are almost reaching her collarbone , which is freaky. It is unnatural looking. Natural boobs (even for young women) should “sag” a little. Hers look like two bowls pasted on her chest.

    • I agree, Thomas! Her trinidad and tobagos are just too high. I mean, at that height her cleavage will show even if she’s wearing a turtleneck.

      • Yes that’s what Filipino cosmetic surgery 😂 😂. We are still miles behind like if you compare it to Thailand Korea and in some latin America. Even the nose job in Belo is hindi pantay ang butas ng ilong. Yes sobrang taas ng pagkalapat ng silicone sa kanyang chest.

  4. With COVID 19 currently raging ferociously in India and Brazil, and USA’s cases are still high though decreasing, all MU candidates should be very careful. We do not want another MEI debacle in pageantry. Face masking, social distancing and avoiding large crowds are still the safest practices, especially that vaccines may not readily be available in most countries. Florida is one state in the USA where the culture war against vaccine anf health protocols is very strong. Whatever the official policy of Florida State may be with regards to health protocols, MU should strictly enforce observance of its own health and safety protocols for the sake of the ladies from all over the world who are now under its sphere of responsibility.

    • For Sure May mag papa-Positive diyan sa mga Girls, rampa ng rampa kahit sa kalsada

    • @ PAQUITA X Mo, po?

      … (Silence)… ‘Ah. Kay Rab… Ikaklaro niyo po. Para wala tayo’ng away dito sa blog ni Otits N.


      (Talo pikon… Good vibes lang.)

  5. Stay well & healthy and always keep safe …

    I just saw Paraguay got infected , I don’t want to read those kinds of news at this point

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