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  1. Ladies!
    MUO is aware na di naman kayo sincere sa mga advocacies niyo at nagka advocacy lang kayo dahil gusto niyo lang pabangohin ang pangalan niyo kaya tigilan niyo na ang kaplastikan niyo 😅

  2. Social Causes don’t make you a winner – kind of blunt but ever since Pia and Catriona came off winning with social-causes mentioned in their victory-clinching final answers, every Tammy, Vicky and Mary now has a social-cause or two.

    And ‘don’t try too hard’ like bringing a planeload of luggage and changing outfits three times while waiting for your damned flight 😅

  3. In short, they are looking for a girl who is bankable, yung pagkakakitaan nila. Miss Universe is business after all. I miss the Miss Universe in the 80s and 90s na kagandahan talaga ang puhunan. Di katulad ngayon dapat pagkakitaan ang merlat said mga pageant crazy countries

    • That’s because back then sponsors were mostly beauty products that resort to traditional TVC & Print for marketing…. A bad attitude or a shitty background can easily be hidden from the public… Online Social-media did not exist yet.

  4. Who is that “someone who connects with people and isn’t trying too hard”. She who has lived and mingled with ordinary everyday people, both in the social fringes where she was brought up, and in the academe where her intellect and introspection was sharpened. Connecting with real people can only be authentic and natural if she is one of them: she knows their simple joys and excruciating pains. I believe this is Rabiya’s competitive edge. Her struggles in the social margins, and eventual triumph from adversity, is an inspiring story where millions the world over can relate to. I she can transform this competitive edge into a diiferential advantage, Rabiya is the Philippines’ 5th MU winner.

  5. who are the four on the video ? So these four are in the hotel already and were chosen ?

    Mexico ?
    Italy ?
    Jamaica ?

    • They’re Sherri Hill models.
      Stop making assumptions.

      • thanks ! I was not sure that is why I was asking … thanks!

      • @ Norman As per the other blog post, Rab will enter the ‘bubble’ 6 May (or 7 sa ‘tin)…

        Nag-swab taste na po siya? Or, ‘pag pasok niya, ‘tsaka na lang siya i-swa-swab?

        (Kasi, magiging strict ‘ata ang MUO sa candidates. If they test positive, game over… Unlike si Angkol, pinagaling muna sina MG-Kenya at -Nigeria, kaya naka-compete pa.)

        (Also, Kelley Day is now on the nth? day of quarantine… Kumusta na siya, po? What’s the next step of MWPO? WHY SO QUIET?)


  7. Number 3 is what I am trying to point out. 😊
    You can be “competitive” without trying too hard or going over the top.

    Charisma and likeability come naturally. It’s either you have it or you don’t. I just don’t see the same amount of those from “her” as compared with the other previous winners. It’s just my opinion and observation.
    There’s a fine line between “Gigil” and “trying too hard”. 😚

  8. To future MU pageant girls:
    “Isn’t trying too hard”
    Do not overexpose yourself. Save some mystery for the public.
    “Social causes don’t make you a winner”
    MU is not a charitable organization, it’s an entertainment media org. first and foremost.
    Go to Miss World instead.

    Good luck to the next Miss Universe.
    May you reign well inside your NY apartment just like MU 2020 😉

  9. Malaysia should get a gentle reminder that this is a costume competition not a magic show nor an ornate house design contest. I wonder how much they pay for the air freight.

  10. MUO is looking for somebody who is authentic, relatable, and naturally likeable. Rabiya has these attributes

  11. Based on the Correspondents….

    Seems like Colombia, South Africa and USA would be be a sure Top 21….. Only bad behaviour can prevent these girls in making the cut….

  12. “Winner will be someone who connects with people and isn’t trying too hard” In other words, someone who has the natural empathy and friendly demeanor with ordinary people, someone who can easily relate with ordinary people and ordinary people with her. Why ordinary people? They are the hordes of fans, the millions who draw inspiration from MU’s journey through the year-long reign. It is thus important that the winner is naturally relatable to them. Who can she be? She who grew up with humble beginnings, whn got her upbringing in a community of real ordinary people, a self-made woman whose character was tempered by the multifarious challenges in the grassroots– she is who MU is looking for in this pandemic edition. I have no doubt that Rabiya fits that template perfectly well

  13. Kung FurneAmato ang gown ni Rabiya, uwian na! 💪🏼👍🏼👑🇵🇭

    • Oh, yes! We need a Furne Amato couture, please. Kelangan super fab! At least si Furne Amato nagku-customize ng gown for the candidate, unlike ‘yung mga binibihisan ni Michael Cinco, karaniwan eh mga tailored design na.

      That’s all.

  14. Social Causes don’t make you a winner… I guess it will be Russia’s time to shine!!! hihihihi…
    I think Rabiya can connect. India can connect. Australia can connect. It will be another Zozi 2.0 in terms of a winner. Not the most beautifull but has that modern-woman type of charisma to make you pull and root for her.We need to rediscover that #PinayGirlMagic again. .

    • Russia?!… She is gorgeous BUUUUUUTTTTTT….

      Hindi ka ba updated sa social media pressence ni Russia when her make-up artist was making fun of the looks of the other candidates and she was laughing hard?! And they posted it on Social Media… She even gave a fake apology after…..

  15. Who’s the black girl? Is she Jamaica….
    Reminds of their 2010 candidate…
    Soooo EXTRA… 🤣🤣🤣

  16. I’ve made up my mind for a while now, Australia will be the winner. She connects with people, and is the perfect candidate for a reign that will mostly occur online.

    • She works preciously sa Victorian government of australia and she works na now full time sa social media? I don’t know how that works but that’s what she said in missosology interview

      • I fell on my chair Laughing Out Loud!! BOOOM!! IT WAS REALLY RIGHT ON TARGET!! BULLSEYE!!…That is absolutely a No Brainer!

      • I fell on my chair Laughing Out Loud!! BOOOM!! IT WAS REALLY RIGHT ON TARGET!! BULLSEYE!!…That is absolutely a No Brainer!

  17. Neon color dress for an opening number is cool. The stage will be a lot colorful then. Pero I still love shimmers kase kumikinang talaga ‘yun on stage at may dulot na galak.

    Anyway, Miss Malaysia’s National Costume is too huge to bring. As in may bahay-kubo na hila-hila ang rep nila. Talagang gusto ng Malaysia na masulot ang award for Best in National Costume. Eh, si Rabiya kaya, ano naman ang susuoting national costume? Wala bang pasilip ang MUP Team? Masyado namang pa-surprise ito, huh!

    Miss Romania will also wear a Michael Cinco dress. Kapag nababalitaan ko ito, parang may inggit akong nararamdaman kase alam naman natin kung gaano ka-fab ang mga dress ni Cinco. Pero kung ang susuutin ni Rabiya ay hihigitan ang kabonggahan ng lava gown ni Cat, then magiging masaya ako. Sana lang hindi tayo madismaya.

    That’s all.

    • Michael.Cinco is just one of the Pinoy designers we’re proud of but there are other designers worthy of being mentioned. Kaya let’s wait for the upcoming pasabogs of MUP. Antay lang nang konti pa.

      You have a good point about the bright Sherry Hill dress for their opening. In fact, I think that they will make the show more festive in its theme because after all, it’s a Sunshine State. If you can recall, their 2011 Sao Paolo show also featured bright colors (not sparkly) colours. If the MU org is able to pull off its plan to make the show alive and glamorous then their viewership ratings will soar higher than the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and other award giving bodies. This will definitely give them huge points for social media attention!

  18. I D-E-M-A-N-D one-piece ‘tanga-cut’ swimwear! Ta’s, strap-y beach sandals, tightly-bound hair, and earrings expensive enough to pay for vaccinations for an ENTIRE major city in a ‘first-world’ country.

    I imagine the silver ‘Jehza’ will go with the Opening Number neon Sherri Hills. 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      THAT one-piece Jennifer Hammond wore…. With Eden and the gang. 🙂

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