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  1. I wish she still has that skill of pulling surprises as she showed during the MUP Prelims and .Finals nights. As the months pass, we seem to be seeing a diminishing of her communication skills. As she was more focused then, she now rambles aimlessly and is seemingly instructed to churn out more sentences to explain a simple thought. It’s very tiring to listen to her — what happened?

    It must be her management. For example are they seeking improvements or are they rushing all the marketing opportunities as the event draws near. Take a look at that poorly written bio in the MU page. If the trainers wrote that piece – with all its grammatical and structural challenges – then I would say that their training outcome match with the unimproved skills of their protege.

    Pity Rabiya. She originally had the beauty, the correct mindset plus the charm, but she’s been mismanaged.

  2. Meh… she still needs to work on her smize and modeling from H2T….

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see her prelim and finale gown…. I hope its something ornately stunning with an avant garde twist… Something that would make jaws drop….

  3. I see NATALIE PORTMAN this time around. Such a versatile beauty!!!

  4. (I think I know why she was INSTRUCTED to look blank in the eyes, as if she was not enjoying the shoot… No woman, in her right mind, would enjoy being seen as unchaste. The POINT in this shoot is to drive home the reality that women do not like being commodity… Imagine if she was told to be really slutty, with come-hither eyes and lip-licking, what would you think?)

  5. Wow! Sexiness overload. If the goal is to display her versatility, then it is a thumb’s up for me. She is adding heat to summer.

  6. All- we need to move on from the fact she’s already had breast enhancement as part of her journey. I think this is adding to the negativity surrouding her every sexy/sensual photos. I don’t see any problem with it. She needs to show versatility as Miss Universe and unfortunately, her breasts will always be part of that shoot. That is the reality. Let’s just support her in her journey.

  7. In all her pictorials, there is something missing in her eyes. Parang may SADNESS, UNCERTAINTY…or much more! WALANG FIRE!

  8. Very sexy.
    Her hands need to be more relaxed though.
    Bastos ang dating sa iba kasi bastos sila mag-isip, or perhaps they simply hate her and a person cannot do anything right in the eyes of his/her hater, or they’re old just people stuck in their outdated 20th century way of thinking 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Good luck Ms Philippines!
    You not only had to deal with foreign pageant trolls but sadly Failipino pageant trolls as well.

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with the photos
    The fact that it’s one piece and not two piece makes all the more classy

  10. Another ruthless, should I say disjointed photos released. Not flattering whatsoever.
    MUP team’s really proving how amateurish their skills are in managing our MU candidate.

  11. The problem is not necessarily what she is wearing but the fact that she looks so uncomfortable in this photo shoot. She looks like she’s being forced to do it. I think that’s the issue with so many of her photo shoots — they are trying to make her into something that she’s not and it shows — especially in her eyes. She looks frightened in some of her shots. They should highlight what makes her “Rabiya” instead of mucking up her focus by having her do all these “practice runs”.

  12. I think this is just an unrelease photo post-MUP coronation!

    Kasi yung boobs niya hindi pa ganoon kalaki sa picture!

    She has a new BTS na mala-Victoria’s Secret and yon talagang tayong-tayo na boobs niya! Dito parang naka-push up bra lang siya!

    Nevertheless, maliit na bagay! Walang bearing yan sa score niya on the competition!

    She said that QnA is her favorite part of the competition and that is all that matters! The rest are just background noise for publicity!

    Mas gugustuhin ko pa na tawagin siyang “promdi” ng madla and allow her to give a positive perspective for the definition!

    Rabiya knows the core of the competition kaya hindi na siya bothered sa mga pasabog ng ibang bilat! Whatever she is doing now, she’s on the right track! Kung may mga tao man who are working behind her, let them do their job!


  14. I could not help but agree with the commenters here. This is extraneous in her quest for the Miss U crown. Whoever released these pics may have an ulterior motive to dampen her chances of placing high in the tilt. I hope Sir Norman can get this message across to her handlers. It’s tasteless…PERIOD

      • Ikaw ang bitch CHIMP!!!!! Hugasan mo yang keke mo pati na kaluluwang mong itim ang budhi!!!! Don’t me gurl na kulubot. Baka sabunutan ko yang ulo mong kalbo!!!! TSUPIIIII!!!!!

  15. Should be released post MU stint. Very polarizing editorial shots.

  16. First pic: “Takip p*kp*k” pose. 😂😂😂Definitely not so Phenomenal.

    • 3rd Pic: Naku kitang kita yung nakatusok na pin sa right side ng outer piece ng suot niya ha. Mukhang tinitipid talaga. Nakakabawas ng pagkaphenomenal.


  18. VERY SLUTTY! Why make editorial photos for a beauty aspirant like Rabiya Mateo? LUOD kaayo. MALAKING KA-CHEAPAN!

    • @Paul, I agree with u on this. Is this what we want for a role model. Very hoochie. Good thing her chimichanga isn’t showing.

      Hope she redeems herself in her next photo layout

  19. She’s too made up . Too much going on. These looks she is serving is muddying her sense of style. I don’t know who the real Rabiya is anymore. Style is a way to communicate who you are . These looks are confusing. They are not showing us her real self who we fell in love with at MUP

  20. Whenever I see editorial photos on magazines, the first thing I check is the model’s eyes. This is because the model’s eyes reflect how her soul harmonizes with what she projects, or at least show how she gives drama on the style she is channeling. In the photos above, Rabiya did not give the right amount of drama in her eyes. It is as if she is not sincerely happy on what she is doing. This is something she is omniscient, which Catriona, Kylie, and Pia effortlessly got. I hope Rabiya learns how to work on that.

    Except the necklace and bracelets, I find Rabiya’s styling in the black suit and the photoshoot concept okay. If her stylist/s follow fashion bible codes on how to wear jewelry in certain attires, it would be good. However, it also works if the stylist/s check and assess the entire look of the model if the latter looks pleasing, striking, and perfect.

    Another thing, Rabiya’s body profile says she is petite. Look at her fingers. Wearing nude nail color would give longer fingers illusion on her. Also, Rabiya should be advised to work on elongating her neck in her photoshoots.

    Good luck on your Miss Universe journey, Rabiya. Aside from your goal to be the best version of yourself during the competition, I also pray that you enjoy every moment of it because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity only a chosen few will get. (✾♛‿♛)

    That’s all.

    • I agree on Kylie and Pia but Catriona hmmm… not that I dont like her.
      Pia is the best when it comes to editorials

  21. I like the first and third photos. Raunchy but still somehow classy. The shots, while risqué, are not demeaning, but editorial-ish.

    I have a problem with the second photo. This has been the perennial problem with her blank stare, slightly parted lips, two prominent teeth look. On word: Ugly. Please believe me when i say she looks like someone with missing chromosomes (in Tagalog : nga-nga). Para syang si Betty la Fea, Blusang itim (without the blusa). Lol.

    The first and third photos remind me of Anne Curtis. The second photo, Rez Cortis. Lol.

    World Peace.

  22. “Maganda’ng (five-letter word pertaining to woman)”….went the lyrics of that song at MUP Swim Finals.


    The other song was “Kalawakan” (Universe), right guys? Anjo Damiles is nephew, no?

    (I would have done away with the faux nails. It looks so “Queen of BECQui”. Tito will judge. I like the candidate from Northern Luzon. So womanly!)

    • JM Bales sung… There’s a nice rendition on the Wish107.5 Bus with KVN.

      Anjo… nephew to Aileen Damiles?

    • Guys, 3T’s “Anything” will be a great Finals Evening Dress track! Old-school-ish R&B, Ne-Yo-ish.

      Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” should be the Swim Desfile Prelims track. AT NIGHT. Poolside at Hard Rock Seminole. In JB’s silver shoes!


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