16 comments on “Nowy Sącz to host Miss Supranational in August

  1. I strongly agree!!!… send Aliza Malinao…
    She’s quite polarizing but very newsworthy…
    She could land at least Top 5 if not win…
    Without a doubt her over all look would be a sure hit among the European audience, sponsors and the owner.. I’m sure a lot of you want to see how she would handle the bashing. 😁

  2. Shunga din kc ng Ms Supranational at inalis sa Binibini ang franchise e di sana sila ang 2nd or 3rd highest crown sa Binibini na di hamak naman na mas quality ang mga candidates. Baka kung sino na lang ang iappoint ng MWPh Org. Alanganin na kung mgpa pageant cla ngaun.

    • Ginapang din daw. The Filipino who works for miss international also said that some people are talking to them. Nakakaloka diba syempre di sya pumayag. Alan not na sino 😂 😂. I think it’s MWP or highly unlikely Mutya.

  3. MWP should have its finals by June or July. I will assign Miss Supranational-Philippines to Jasmine Umali


  5. Will Miss Supranational air on Fox Life Asia Live or Delayed telecast again? Will Miss Supranational air again on GMA after 8 years since ALV took over the franchise from BPCI (the same network that aired Miss World in recent years)?

  6. Bb Supranational might be appointing again , like Sam Bernardo … why don’t they appoint Aya Abesamis is still possible ? … or maybe Maureen Montagne but maybe she prefers Miss International

    Maybe a better choice is to appoint Justine Felizarta …

  7. Isn’t this the the pageant that launched its “inspirational. Aspirational” and “From the ground up” branding tagline? Then a few days after the media bravado, it retreated to the bunker in fear of Covid 19? Well, glad it’s back from hibernation…

    • @ scorg Yup. ‘From the ground up’ meant deconstruction of their business model, shifting from winter to summer. 🙂

      In hindsight, I don’t know if you’ll agree, I think the last quarter of 2020 would have been a good time to quickly squeeze a live pageant in somewhere in the world, whether Nationals or International. To do so would have conveniently coincided with year-end loosening of pandemic restrictions in line with holiday celebrations everywhere… I sound very ignorant and insensitive saying this.

      I will just end here, that folks felt it wise to focus energies and resources at that time to more weighty stuff in their lives.

  8. Ok fine… whatevah! Doon muna tayo sa MU fever. Mas exciting and worth-engaging kesa dito. Fish po! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I’m quite sure Dindi will join MWP. The problem is WHEN will MWP be held???

  10. ‘Amphitheater’ is… an open-air stadium, isn’t it? And under a clear Boreal summer evening sky should be just MAGICAL.

    I wonder what Poland’s bier consumption is at that time of the year. Will the Misters have a contest in that regard? If so, Boss ALV needs to send a guy with plenty of alcohol tolerance.

    (I am feeling a European king this time.)

    No Sirene. No Alaiza… Jihane remains the one to beat. One of us wants Pajares (but did not specify which of the two); I will assume age-wise puwede pa… From KF, Tarrayo (any word from Aberrasturi?)… I’m REALLY feeling Perlyn Cayona, though. OR EVEN MUP-MisOr, who looks like a Filipina version of Natasha Joubert. 🙂

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