13 comments on “Misters of the Netherlands 2021 Winners

  1. from the small picture, two of the runners up look better …

  2. Does a live phython swung around a man’s neck add value to the imagery of masculinity? I find it too contrived.

    • @ scorg Agree. And poor things must be stressed by all that handling. 😦

      HOWEVER, put the beast on a WOMAN and it’s COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. 🙂

      (One of the iconic photos in that mold is that of actress Nastassja Kinski. A more recent rendition featured one of the current MU candidates… The message : Eve and the serpent, the liberated femininity versus the robotic masculinity.)

    • @Flor, but how do we “humanize” (for lack of a better word) a robotic masculinity? How is empathy and compassion projected without chipping away perceptual images from that much-valued masculinity?

      • @ scorg The answer lies in Nature itself.

        For our species, and through our ancient history at least, the might of men was measured by the value they placed on their women. I will put, IT IS THE MASCULINE THAT VALUES WOMEN.

  3. Those tight floodpants paired with tuxedo jackets are simply hideous. They should’ve been excluded from the Top 5 just for that.

  4. Ok fine… whatevah! Doon muna tayo sa MU fever. Mas exciting and worth-engaging kesa dito. Fish po! 🤭

  5. ‘Yun’g 3rd RU, Robin Strikkeling, parang pinaghalo’ng Alonso Martinez at Diego Garcy. Tangkad pa. Sana maisabak…

    For MotW, Belgian rep looks winnable. Other notables are Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia (!), & Philippines. This derby has its share of memorable Europeans and should be able to match Supranational eventually in that regard. For me, the best was that Runner-up from Czechia, a tall blonde guy with piercing eyes and CLASS in the Final Q&A… I think he’s Ondrej Volenta (?)… Sorry if I misspelled.

    Manhunt has for its poster boy atm the amputee priest from Ce’ara, Hendson Baltazar. I wonder who Boss JG will appoint this time… I doubt he can still mount a dedicated GLAMFilipinas nationals for the purpose, given his now incredibly busy schedule and mounds of commitments.

    • Honga pala… Boss JG could simply appoint Marina Benipayo’s eldest.

      Tito Boss, sabi mo fi-feature mo siya sa PN’s. 🙂

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