10 comments on “A simple send-off for Rabiya Mateo in Fort Lauderdale

  1. It is good to know Filipinos anywhere in the world supporting fellow Filipino. Best of luck Rabiya.

  2. I can only imagine the discipline not to overindulge in such send off… Oh my god. I would lose my shit just staring at these foods. lol

  3. That cake is seriously badass.

    I’m sorry, Rabiya, but the cake version of you is outshining you in these pics, no contest 😅

  4. As I was reading the article and saw the cake my first taught was that if it was JP who would have made the cake for Rabiya. We use to work in the same building in NYC before he moved and pursued baking as a career in Fort Lauderdale.

  5. nice send-off … very filipino-style , yet set in a foreign country , to mitigate possible home sickness…

  6. @ Miss Queen Wannabe & @ Fabian Reyes ‘Di bala, nu’ng 2017, a rowdy-supportive Thai-USA community rallied as well for Poonlertlarp? 🙂

    The spread looks to-die-for! Ikain niyo naman kami’ng mga slapsoil dito sa ‘ina’ng lupa’. Thxalot!

  7. Dahil sobra ang inggit ng mga kababayan natin pinutakti nila ang pagpupuna bawat larawan nila ni Miss Thailand sa kanyang Facebook. Wala tayong magagawa kung hanggang dito lang ang kaya ng gastusin ng Philippine Team. Siguro kung hindi inagaw kay Madam ang pamamahala ng patimpalak ibang kuwento ang mangyayari. Harinawa manalo ka Miss Philippines para itayo mo ang bandila ng Pilipinas.

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