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  1. I like the color. The tilting of her head and the curtain-like garment hanging in her side are already boring.

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    110th Top 21 Leader Board✌️

    TOP 5 Iceland-Philippines-Cambodia-Chile-USA
    TOP 10 Nepal-Australia-Peru-S. Africa-India
    TOP 15 Romania-Mexico-Canada-Barbados-Venezuela
    TOP 20 Jamaica-Vietnam-Indonesia-Colombia-Brazil
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  4. Daming kuda ng mga fashion designer wannabe dito. Local designer po ang pinopromote, natural hindi pa masyado polish yan. Tsaka di pa naman kasali sa judging ito ng Miss U. Puro kumpara sa Thailand, Indonesia, eh mga branded na gamit ng mga yun. Established na. Magreklamo kayo kung pre-pageant activities na.

  5. Love yellow for Rabi. Truely, yellow is the color of joy. This look reminds me of Jennifer Hawkins, 2004 MU, when she passes the crown to Natalie Glebova, 2005 MU. May not be a direct translation since this is a more casual chic look for Rabi compare to the evening glam look of Jennifer. 💛💛💛

  6. Anlayo kumpara sa mga suot ni Thailand! Pang gurang mga suot ni Phenomenal model lalo pag side by side with Amanda’s look book. tsk tsk tsk!

    • Thank you for your comment. You could have deliver it in a well mannered way but if you cant, better dont comment at all.

      • Love u Bonnie. Comments like that should be rammed diwn the throat of the commenter. para mabulunan sya!!!

    • sorry to disappoint you but Rabiya has a totally different packaging and background from Amanda. So you can’t really compare the two. I just hope you respect and appreciate their uniqueness. tsk tsk tsk!

    • Hahaha! Di na kelangan maging fashion genius para makita yung kabaduyan mostly sa pinapasuot sa kanya. There’s no better way to say that. Gusto niyo kasi lagi papuri lang? Pano ipopromote kung mostly chaka ang taste at gawa. Well, sorry not sorry. The Phenomenal model deserves better or maybe even the best.

  7. Pretty..
    Still waitting for a grand statement/gesture that would unite our people….

    • I think it’s not their sole responsibility to do that….it’s a decision from all of us whether we will finally appreciate and unite to fully support Rabiya and her team who has been painstakingly working so hard considering the challenges of this pandemic just to please and satisfy entitled fans.

  8. Yung damo sa likod ni Ribiya, hindi man lang inayos para sa photoshoot!

  9. @ bong700 M5 will make something for Nova Stevens… Francis Libiran, WOW. Can’t wait. 🙂

    @ jaretwrightlover Yeah, the scarf-like tail does look silly-ish; the white bridesmaid look had the same thing going on… Perhaps they should have placed it at the SHOULDER? Go watch Mandy Moore’s music video for “In My Pocket”, orange top paired with copper-gilded black jeans.

    @ Fabian Reyes Sleeper from MUT 2020? PLENTY! Maya Wanvisa Goldman, Taweeporn ‘Aoom’ Pingchamrat, and the one who said at the MUT 2020 Prelims interview, “I’m just being myself… I enjoying each day”, while fighting back tears. There’s also the Runner-up na half-European but I forgot her name; if I’m not mistaken, she’s half-Dutch… Ta’s, of course, the DEVASTATING Latina-type beauty of the gentle (but sadly going overage) Praewwanich Ruangthong.

    • (Cont.)

      Alexandra Haenggi. Please confirm her extraction. 🙂

  10. this would have looked better if the bottom is more of a petticoat , and please lose the scarf like tail …

  11. Nakuh Ang daming kudah sa mga suot ni Rabiya. Eh c Michael Cinco, Libiran, almodal ba gumawa ng mga suot nya divahhh.. sosyal na mga suot ni Rabiya kapag MU2020 na sya🏆habang c Amanda ay bumalik sa Thailand na luhaan kc nagmodelmodelan lang sa Florida hihihi.

    • I will really feel sad for Amanda if that happens to her. She’s really bringing it on.

  12. I have realized I cannot expect Rabiya to dress up like Amanda Pia or Bella . She had a different upbringing
    Given this limitation , I think she has a chance to do well at MU.
    She’s really pretty here . The yellow ensemble looks absolutely good on her .

    Though Amanda has that cosmopolitan vibe , I don’t think MU will make her win MU . She’s simply not very likable .
    I think a sleeper hit will win Thailand ‘s 3rd crown, not Amanda .

  13. For me, an improvement on that also-had-drape white bridesmaid. But I wonder if it might be a tad aging for some reason – the ruching… Great togs! Earrings and hairstyle, love. 🙂

  14. I applaud the intent of MUP in promoting Filipino designs / designers in global arena, and definitely MU is one of those avenues to showcase such.

    At the same time, am shaking my head for these outfits Rabiya has been wearing the last couple of weeks. You can clearly see novice in the designs, texture, colors, execution and overall presentation. The attempt to be different just doesn’t work for me, not sure about you?

    It’s been a hit or miss, there’s no consistency, there’s disconnect and something’s missing. There’s so much rawness, roughness on the edges that will not be desirable if they’re aspiring to become the global ambassador of MU.

    Am just asking, is this the best MUP team can do for this edition?

    • Agree. Baduy snd amateurish. Indonesia and Thailand have better more polished, more sophisticated looks.

    • While I would tend to agree with you I do appreciate them for doing something a little different,. It is 100% perfectly executed but hey we all start from somewhere and giving some of these designers the chance of recognition will help boost them and hopefully continue to improve in their designs and concepts.

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