11 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 4 Finale with MGI2020 Abena Appiah

  1. Tito , I think this imhas been your best episode . Abena is so lovable and you yourself shine here .
    Everyone should watch this episode in its entirety .

  2. She and Zozibini have something in common. Both are videogenic. they both look prettier when in motion especially when talking. Both talk with so much sense.

  3. I donot see any KF imprint on Abena’s performance
    I am confused !!

    • @ Fabian Reyes Unlike SamBer, Abena did not start with KF from Day 1… Nito’ng after Earth na lang ‘ata siya na-involve; she said in the video she got a call from the camp to try at Grand.

      So not having been with KF from the start (MU 2014?) may mean that kahit paano she retained something of her own style. I only saw the first thirty (30) minutes here, so I might have missed something important…

      Pero even just from how she makes an effort to learn a little of the host countries’ languages (Tagalog and Thai) shows na may sarili’ng diskarte siya. And that she’s willing to go that extra mile that can make a difference. Maybe this kind of attitude won for her the acceptance into KF. 🙂

  4. MGI is so lucky to have this Queen. She’s the real deal and miles above their previous winners.

  5. Kung Sa Miss Earth siya nanalo, I’m sure pining Puno Ng comments ang post na to at 5 stars ang rating. Mga pinoy talaga bias. Pag Miss Earth, kahit Miss Philippines ang may best answer, dapat Hindi Manalo ang gusto Ng pinoys.

  6. Daming Bitter DITO. Walang masyadong comments. Hihihihi 😃
    C Auntie N parang naaarouse habang nagsasalita. Kulang na lang taas baba taas baba sa upuan na parang may titing inuupuan at humihiyaw, humahalinghing sa sarap bwihihihi 😱👅😆
    JawsKuh pooohhh 😊

  7. I love Abena’s hair here. It just looks so modern & sexy. Queen 👑

  8. What a vibrant personality! Abena’s win made me rethink of my view about MGI as a beauty pageant. I just hope MGI will give her the platform to “walk the talk” about its “stop rhe war” advocacy. While the advocacy is admittedly within the realm of politics, which is a delicate area to get embroiled on, it can focus on culture wars– homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, vaccine -phobia, mask-wearing vs personal freedom, ethnic cleansing, etcetera.

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