15 comments on “What ambition means to these 69th Miss Universe candidates

  1. The contenders whose inner beauty easily shines through are Philippines, Australia and India. The three happen to have Indian lineage. I have this uncanny feeling thay will be in the top 5.

  2. 109th Leader Board✌️

    TOP 5 Iceland-Philippines-Cambodia-Chile-USA

    TOP 10 Nepal-Australia-Peru-S. Africa-India

    TOP 15 Romania-Mexico-Canada-Barbados-Venezuela

    TOP 20 Jamaica-Vietnam-Indonesia-Colombia-Thailand

  3. If Australia reaches the Top 5, it’s game over. She speaks like a Miss Universe winner.

  4. The Asia Pacific Africa region this year is the smallest group with 21.
    It is a shame that Bangladesh dropped out and we could have had 22. And most likely, Bangladesh would have done well in the Up Close personal video as she is an actress and model …

    • Sana makapasok sila sa top 21, Philippines, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Singapore at Malaysia.

  5. Na bother ako sa joseline make up ni rabiya. Tutal nag pa hiku na sya pwd wag na lagyan Ng noseline. Di maganda in motion(make up na nose line)

  6. Rabiya still has that “orator” vibe that some people do not like. Ganun yata talaga sya magsalita, at walang problema dun. Besides, the girl’s really engaging when she speaks. Yun ang importante.

    • Yes, that is her clear strength. Yung tipong titigil ka sa ginagawa mo at makikinig sa kanya. Yung iba kasi ok naman ang sinasabi pero boring pag magsalita. You can really feel na Rabiya is very passionate about what she is talking, that she means every single word of what she is saying. Pag makatapak to sa Top5, almost sure win na.

      • Having the same observation din…She really have this innate charisma.

  7. Australia Philippines Mexico and Belize are the stand outs

  8. Australia, Mexico and Belize speaks well..
    Surprisingly, Colombia speaks English…

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