26 comments on “The 69th Miss Universe: My Pre-Registration Picks

  1. Asia: Australia, Thailand, Philippines and India
    Americas: Peru, Puerto Rico, Venzuela and USA
    Europe: Romania, Czech Rep, Russia and France
    Wildcard: Canada, Colombia, Laos and Indonesia
    Vote: Vietnam
    Personal pick.

  2. TOP 3 India, Philippines, Peru

    TOP 5 India, Philippines, Peru, South Africa, Brazil

    TOP 10 India, Philippines, Peru, South Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Curacao, Mexico, Nepal, Chile

    TOP 21 India, Philippines, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Jamaica, Curacao, Mexico, Nepal, Chile
    Romania, Thailand, Cambodia, France, Iceland, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, USA, Canada, Great Britain

    Popular Vote: Indonesia

  3. Very gutsy prediction- No Peru and Canada
    Tito Norman, what is your basis for excluding these 2????

  4. Thank God you did not include Canada.
    Czech Republic is stunning.
    USA is…. meh. India has a strong chance of making it into top 5.
    Top 5 will be dominated by Asia. Mark my f-word.
    * Thailand
    * Philippines
    * Laos
    *El Salvador

    It’s a battle between Asia and Latina.

  5. I will be watching out for Australia educated Ms. Nepal

  6. My winner, 1st ru & 2nd ru in each of the groups:

    a-Curacao, Chile, Jamaica
    b-Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal
    c-Romania, Czech, Slovakia

    • My 4th & 5th placers in each group plus the possible popularity winner* :

      a-Argentina, Peru, Mexico*
      b-SoAfrica, India, Thailand*
      c-Armenia, Russia, Poland*

      • My last three slots to complete the top 21 :


  7. India,Jamaica, Australia, S.Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Venezuela, Laos, Chile, USA, Nepal, El Salvador, France, Curacao, Italy, Argentina, Slovakia, Brazil, Poland & Ms. Phenomenal.

  8. Tito Norms, ano pa ang format in selecting the Top 20 (+1)? Per continental group ba, and how many in each?

      • Ok po. So you made random choices lang po, from the entire 74 delegates?

        Parang ang hirap mag eliminate especially Asia+ is soooo loaded!

      • @ Norman Dati, du’n sa pre-quarantine business hotel (?) before the final push to Ciudad del Pino, ‘nahuli’ si VV (MUP-CDO City) kaya ‘di na siya tumuloy… Of course, si MUP-Sorsogon even earlier, on at nagpasya’ng ‘di na lang but back then wala pa’ng bakuna even though well na siya. The result – the INTEGRITY of the BCC ‘bubble’ was guaranteed (notwithstanding alleged “porosity”) – because candidates who were positive for SARS-Cov2 never even made it to venue.

        MU-Argentina and -India are like MG-Kenya (and another G-African country I can’t recall) – BIRA!

        @ Closer2Fame said a European also got… Sino nga ba siya? How is she? 🙂

        So, negative swab taste lang, ta’s two weeks, 1~16 May. Ginawa’ng contest period ‘yun’g normally ay incubation, kalokah.

        (Ngayon pa’ng kalat na ang ‘strains of global concern’. Hope Hard Rock Seminole has measures in place in the event of a confirmed case, although yes maluwag naman at maaliwalas at wala’ng media… Pero may audience, kasi ubos na daw tickets… Si ZT, mag-swa-swab taste din? And like Gazini at MUP, last day na lang siya pupunta? Afterwards, diretso uwi na siya sa SA?)

      • @Flor

        Argentina and India lang alam ko nacovid…
        No idea about the rest…

  9. Agree with Norman’s choices except for Iceland who I give 50 percent chance of making it into top 21.

    • hi Serge! Ms Iceland has an interview with Natalie Glebova, you might want to check it out so you may see how brilliant of a speaker she is. You can also check out IG account of @missicelanduniverse.

  10. TOP 5 Iceland-Philippines-Cambodia-Chile-USA

    TOP 10 Nepal-Australia-Peru-S. Africa-India

    TOP 15 Romania-Mexico-Canada-Barbados-Venezuela

    TOP 20 Jamaica-Vietnam-Indonesia-Colombia-Thailand

  11. There are only three from Europe above … Armenia, Slovakia, Russia & Poland are very strong

    • @ jaretwrightlover Portugal also, is pretty, po. 🙂

      Wow. No Canada and Peru for Ungkol Universo. Highly doubt they’ll get the Poll allocation for #21.

      Am so not feeling anything at all for Colombia, USA, Mexico, and Puerto Rico! I would replace them with Cameroon, Cambodia, Portugal, and Armenia.


      • Colombia, Puerto Rico, Canada & yes USA … to me they are long shots !

        Peru and Mexico just might make it

        Portugal is pretty , they are dangerous with Popularity vote because all the Portuguese-speaking nations unite like Brazil, Angola, Portugal ….

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