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  1. Dust bag?!!!
    Sana may sobrang gandang gold box to uplift the value of the brand… yung tipong may tumutugtog na music pag binuksan and may laser cutout art na pwede mo ipa frame at gawing wall display na pag pinicturan mo sa malayo eQR code pala that leads to your beautiful website complete w/ links to FB, IG, twitter and Tiktok accounts…ganun!

    Jeez Jojo… I should be your marketing guy!

    • Onga pala… Don’t forget to fill the gaps w/ gold tinsels made of biodegradable plastic sprayed w/ scents infused w/ Cinnamaldehyde, Vanillin and Tetrahydrocannabinol…

      Now that’s an experience they would never forget …

  2. sana ini-replace ng Pagoda Cold Wave lotion ang Chi Hair Care
    San-ing and Ever Bilena to follow 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽😘😘😘

  3. What this proves is that the Philippines does not only produce world-class beauties. It also produces world-class products and branded services that make women (and men!) beautiful! After JB footwear and O’ Skin Care, what’s next? Gowns? Casual Wear? Cosmetics? Bags? Hair styling services? The list can go on and on…

    The Philippines is indeed on its way to being a one-stop shop for everything pageantry. And why not? Here in this glorious islands, the celebration of beauty goes on non-stop– pandemic or no pandemic!

  4. Based on the IG story ni BDO Manager na ni-like ni Norman (char!), nag-umpisa pala yan si Jojo by sponsoring Yvette Santiago then eventually nagustuhan ni SMA yung mga zapatos hanggang sa buong Binibining Pilipinas na ini-sponsor niya!

    Talagang sa negocio, hindi lang pera ang ipupuhunan mo kundi pati pakikisama, lalo pa’t kung libre dahil nga sponsor ka!

    The good thing is may makinarya na talaga tayo sa pageantry! From swimwear by Dr. Swim of Joms Ramos to footwear of Jojo Bragais, not to mention, daang fashion designer na talaga naman world class ang mga creation, hindi na natin kailangang mag-angkat ng pageantry goods! I hope including the raw materials are from the Philippines! Kung pure leather man ginagamit ni Jojo, segurado ko, in one way or the other, it must have been sourced from Bulacan! As for fabrics, yung lang milya-milya ang layo natin sa Indonesia and Thailand dahil talagang gamay nila textile production and talagang quality mga materials nila!

    I hope Jojo will become the next Jimmy Choo! He was able to master the art of stilleto making! Nakita ko yung mga bags niya and some it are fabricated from Coach (Bleeker Backpack) and Prada (body bag)! I know kasi meron akong original non!

    Sana huwag magkaroon ng snag yung mga zapatos kapag rumarampa na yung mga bilat! And kung freebies na nila yon, tignan niyo naman may dust bag pang kasama!

  5. Whatever deal has taken place, I am positive this is a win-win situation. It is very difficult crack open the international market. I’m sure JB saw this as a huge door that just swung open before his very eyes at the right time and place. Let us hope and pray that this will be the start of many wonderful things to come for his brand. He is not just bringing his creations to the world. He is bringing the entire Philippine brand to the world.

    In this segment alone, the Philippines already won. What more if Rabiya wins– it’s B2B of sorts.

  6. exposure is exposure
    sa papalaubog na pageant na ito
    sana bilhin na lang ng Thailand ang MU
    sa phuket ang HQ

  7. I heard from the grape vines that the deal is just a cent compared to Chinese Laundry’s.
    I just hope that JB will get the proper exposure to the ever demanding but very competitve international market.

  8. That’s a very big investment on the part of JB. He must be from Money
    I hope he recovers from it
    He is yet to recoup the money he spent on Cat who ditched him in cold blood

    • hahahaha tomoh ka dyan @Fabian … ano na pala ang balita dun sa isa? May nangyari na ba sa career nya after ditching her original mentors and JB? #AimHighBragais

      • Parang may pattern si Cat of ditching people who helped her greatly.

    • @ serge If a BIG business entity gets a whiff of the PROMISE of JB’s venture/efforts, they can infuse/invest, bringing the brand to heights of “dizzying success” (‘Pour La Premiere Fois, Chanel No. 5 canale) while granting him full creative control and a comfortable-secured life for himself. 🙂

  9. First: Miss Universe, next: Hollywood, soon: the World

    Hoping he will be the next Christian Louboutin


    ‘Eh, beke nemen ang dahilan kung bakit sa Pi(g)noy humihingi ng tulong ang Universo ay dahil we are price-competitive. I imagine mahal sa ASAVA (and I did mention before their works are WOW) and the like… Quality pa rin naman!

    ‘Di na natin kasalanan ‘yun. Tayo na nga nagmaganda’ng-loob, tayo pa masama??! ‘Eh, ‘di tapatan nila presyo natin… Whether its goods or services.

    We are accommodating, eager-to-deliver, go-that-extra-mile, and serve-with-a-smile. We add VALUE.

    • (Cont.)

      So, the first two pairs – silver and other color – are complementary. So, kung may padagdag, may bayad na ‘yun… Unless like was discussed before, may ‘pa-buenas’ si Boss JB. 🙂

      (This late post also means nasa ere na siya. Ungkol, updates please once he arrives in FLA.)

  11. Jojo Bragais winning at life & making the country proud.

    And doing all that while looking gwapo as f—k.

    Congratulations to him & I hope this will take his business to the next level of success. I think we can all agree no-one deserves it more.

    Also, did I mention na he’s gwapo?

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