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  1. She’s lacking the charisma and likeability, tbh.
    Her “competitive” personality could be the reason.

    • I agree.

      We don’t want someone who has the fire to win.

      We want someone who is less focused on winning the title–& more focused on being likeable & winning friends.

      You know, who cares if she doesn’t place, as long as she wins Miss Congeniality.

      • i think that’s what MJ Lastimosa did…she did win many friends and trips abroad.

      • Awwww, hehe, I was being medyo sarcastic & with due respect to wintermelon, I don’t agree with his/her/their opinion at all.

        I personally wouldn’t want our representative to think she’s in the game to win Miss Universe’s Next Best Friend.

        For me, I feel she should go in with the mindset & competitive fire for the title.

        Flor Tula, per usual, being gracious & the bigger person versus me na pumapatol sa haters hahaha. I’ll achieve your beautiful zen state someday @Flor. Namaste 🙏🏽

      • You can be “competitive” without trying too hard or going over the top.
        As for charisma and likeability, they come naturally. It’s either you have it or you don’t. I just don’t see the same amount of those from her as compared with the other previous winners. Again, this is just my personal opinion and observation, and yes you can take it with a grain of salt. 😊

    • @ SQ & @ wintermelon Oooohhh… I LOVE ‘hopia kundol’. Yummy much!

      Q (at Prelims) : Why you should win?
      A : I enjoy making friends… I’ve already made quite a few here. Can’t wait to make even more!

      You guys don’t like ‘gigil’ (gumption)? Patay… ‘Easy-organic-sweet’ ones like Cameroon or Laos will. Or another European, like Iris. Kung sa bagay… Para wala’ng away. #StopTheWar. 🙂

      • Oops, my reply to you got posted above instead of below your comment @Flor Tula

        Namaste again 🙏🏽

  2. Wala sana akong paki sa yo eh. Pero feel mo bang i-join sarili mo? Ipa-patent mo para di magaya. Yang ipinagtatanggol mo lahat ng pangalan inangkin nyan noon at pag nagamit ng di sinasadya nagwawala si bakla. At ipinagmalaki pa kung saan sya nakatira. Ayun na nabuko tuloy lahi pala sila ng nanggugulpi habang binibidyo. May tama nga.

  3. dami ganap
    wala naman points ito

    buti pa mga ibang kandidata tahimik pero aariba sa prelims and finals

  4. Ok, I feel like Rain X Em are starting to give us tiny flexes of what they can really do as stylists.

    Look 7 is already giving me life, so am getting excited for the next looks to come.

    If this is “hindi pa nga sila naka-start,” then imagine what they will give us when the competition has actually started & they kick into full competition laban mode.

    The beauty look is perfection. The color & design of the dress (very minor 0.25% quibble with construction sa right upper chest area) & the gladiators are fire. Shoepatos is my new favorite name of a shoe brand. Wala lang, nakiliti ako sa name.

    I get that they’re holed up in the ‘burbs & the background is meh. But I agree that safety is the priority consideration. I think they’re being strategic & minimizing risk as much as possible by avoiding location shoots.

    Also, if I remember correctly, I believe that Amanda is vaccinated. She was allowed to get vaccinated since she’s representing Thailand abroad. I’m not sure if Rabiya & the MUP team were given the same consideration.

    Anyway, for me lang, I’m not really interested in Florida or the American South naman, so medyo indifferent ako sa photo shoot background. Pwede New England in the fall, or the Northwest in spring or fall. The US in general is a boring place to tour (this is me lang). There’s only so many times you can go to Costco kasi, LOL.

  5. This great! This is one of the best look of Rabiya.

    Bakit yung mga sketches ng mga designers ang layo palagi sa actual? 😁

  6. The other blue ‘look’ was 004, no? That sheer & flow-y one against ‘Hollywood’?

    Guys, between this and that pre-departure animal print dress, which is ‘more acceptable’? 🙂

    (‘Origami’ effect here looks ‘arts-&-crafts’. Kahit Calvin Klein ’90’s minimalism na lang sana, ta’s the pleating would have been sufficient ‘fun/drama’. Overdone, again. Pinoy talaga, averse to distillation.)

    (This year thus far, the only blue that has worked imo was Kelley’s own pre-departure, long and the bodice crystal-encrusted, towards steel-blue… That shade of blue, in hindsight, while looked drab with Pia’s Andrada in mind was EXACTLY what that embellishment needed to shine!)

    • (Cont.)

      There’s a nice ‘denim-blue’, the NatCos of Bb-Negros Occidental that while full-on exuberance registers harmonious. The various elements – pinstripe pants, ruffled train, beaded bodice, and puffed sleeve – were BLOCKED so that it looked like ‘separates’ nicely put together by a competent stylist. Saint Laurent would approve! 🙂

      (Source : FB of Dann General-Seterra)

  7. Wow. Lovely. I love her pose. This is the kind of pose that she must execute during the finals. She looks very modelesque and at the same time very queenly. Just the right combination. There is some degree of balance and symmetry with this pose. I love it.

    • I love to see Rabiya’s hair in ponytails. I hope she would have this hairstyle while delivering her speech. During the semifinals.

  8. I would go for SAFETY more than the uppity location shoots or venues na pinupuntahan nya,RISKING HER SAFETY!!.. THE THINGS THAT MATTER IS WHAT REALLY THAT COUNTS!.. the media hulabaloos on her recent OOTD’s,good & sour,whatever is the tinge,..are all discordant,muffled sounds underwater.
    These socmed scuffles prior to the Main pageant offer no worth to WHAT THE JUDGES PUT ON THEIR ELECTRONIC SCORECARDS!..So,by that alone..LET THE GAMES BEGIN WHERE & WHEN IS SHOULD MATTER THE MOST!! GO TEAM PHILIPPINES!!
    Just let the team do their stuff..cuz,at the end of the day…SILA ANG MAY NAI- AMBAG SA PREPARATIONS NI RABIYA!

    • Uy, chill ka lang! Wala namang “socmed scuffles” na nagaganap. Nagcocomment lang!

      We are here to support her, regardless of what you think! Wala man aqng naiambag personally, I’m praying for her and wishing her well!

      Go, Rabiya!

  9. I am just wondering if there is no budget yet allocated for our lovely Miss Philippines to visit some places. I notice every pictures that Miss Philippines have right now is showing only the front yard of the house. Some Miss Universe candidates are enjoying visiting tourist spots and having a good time wandering in different cities. We love you Rabiya! Mabuhay Philippines!

    • I agree with you. Multiple pics na ito sa “sidewalk” or front yard, plus the recent one sa “desert” overlooking the Hollywood sign. I understand na we’re not trying to editorialize all the pics, pero kung classy ang OOTD nya, parang I want to ask “Ano ang ganap? Saan ang punta?” Dahil pre-pre pageant activities pa lang ito, I’m sure these are all outside of the MU schedule of events. They’re free to roam. Pero kung may interview sya, why not sa loob ng hotel or something? If indeed she’s in Fort Lauderdale, there’s a very quaint neighborhood by there, 10-15 mins away, called Fort Lauderdale by the Sea. Pero sa harap ng mga bahay?? *Please understand that i am not hating at all!

      I’m not sure kung gusto ko sya sa tourist spots considering the pandemic. Sa Instagram ni Amanda (Thai), I think nasa Miami sya. I’m actually relieved that Rabiya is not there since Miami/Dade have been very relaxed with their restrictions since the very onset. I rather she be safe than sorry.

      Okay na aq where she’s staying for now pero sana, appropriate naman yung backgrounds sa OOTDs nya.

      Go Rabiya!

      • Tumayo ka sa likod nya para may background na atribidang bakla. Kahit picture mo lang nakasakay sa walis tingting habang lumilipad.

    • Knowing how most Filipinos were overly cautious with Covid, then it should not be a surprise that Rabiya’s pre-competition background were mostly sidewalks and backyards. Besides, the biggest attractions of Fort Lauderdale are beaches. And with outfits like those posted, Rabiya will be totally out of place, especially with mask and face shields.

      On the hand, with nondescript background these outfits and overall “Rabiya” presentation sure stood out. And I think it’s a subtle strategy with her team to elicit critiques regardless how crass from heavily opinionated Filipino pageant fans to find the most winsome image.

      • I agree with you, XYZ. I’m just torn. I understand the precautions and I’m happy that she’s staying and opting to be safe, away from the beaches for now. Parang nauumay lang aq sa mga kotse behind her. Very obvious na around the neighborhood! Meron syang earlier pics na same but they focused more sa mga palm trees and “nature” background maski na alam nating nasa sidewalk lang sya.

        Yes, I am not expecting na with this outfit ay nasa beach sya. I’ve stated several times the word “appropriate.” But I understand. As of now, limited ang choices nila because they want to expose her pics but nowhere to go. That’s why I’m torn.

        Go Rabiya!

  10. Oh yeah… lovely! Tamang tama yung make-up and great hair style. My worry is baka naman ma-overexpose na sya sa dami ng lumabas na photos. Sana maging advantage yung strategy nina Jonas, otherwise baka pagsawaan na sya ng mga fans and non-fans. Pero support pa rin ako sa’yo no matter what. 🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️

    • Business is more important kasi. Wapakels kht macompromise yung campaign to win the title. Basta makumpleto ang Phenomenal brochure featuring phenomenal model, nvm the over-exposure. 😂😂😂

      • 🙋🏽🙋🏽‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Asus! Ilabas mo na lanh mga kamag-anak mong nakulong nanggulpi ng trabahador. Sabi mo dun ka nakatira di ba? Puro baliw pala nakatira sa lugar nyo kasama ka.

      • It’s so sad how this other Anonymous is just spewing hate for the sake of. Too late na ba sa iyo to get some decency and class? Geez, why did I even ask the obvious?

      • Vaks, wala sana akong paki sa yo eh. Pero feel mo bang i-join sarili mo? Ipa-patent mo para di magaya. Yang ipinagtatanggol mo lahat ng pangalan inangkin nyan noon at pag nagamit ng di sinasadya nagwawala si bakla. At ipinagmalaki pa kung saan sya nakatira. Ayun na nabuko tuloy lahi pala sila ng nanggugulpi habang binibidyo. May tama nga.

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