29 comments on “Rabiya Mateo channels her inner Priyanka Chopra

  1. I like all the photos. My most favorite is the one where Rabiya is wearing a head piece. I love her eyes. They are so expressive

  2. Who is the most bashed (masquerading as constructive criticism daw) Philippine representative to MU from Venus till now??? Even Pia and Catriona (c/o Fabian Reyes) were not spared…. even if they won.

    Whoever will be the next representatives … kahit Bella pa yan o Magtanong…will not be spared. Bashers/critics can not even post their true names or photos.

    Noticed so many new commenter names in this blog recently… makes me wonder are anyone of them attractive? Even bloggers /vloggers are not that coventionally attractive (i did not use “ugly” c/o Paul) but at least they post their true names and photos, and as much as possible present unbiased/non-partisan opinions.
    Filipinos are indeed the best pageant fans… ang gagaling, kanya kanyang opinion…parang mga nagRepresent na sa Philippines internationally…. but also the worst.

    • JOHN huwag masyadong dibdibin ang mga hindi magandang usapan dito at maer-ang ka talaga. I have learned to deal with the bashings, (bad) criticism and the like. Ilang beses din akong tinira rito nang walang pakundangan. Ginamit pa ang mga pangalan ko. At kung anu-ano pang kabulasdugan.

      Pero may mga resident commenter dito na itinuturing kong mga online kaibigan because they know how to respect (me) no matter how bad my posts/comments are. These include my schoolmates Flor Tula and Scorg. I also befriended Ana Winter-Lund who is an excellent commenter. I have come to accept Fabian Reyes because (aside from we belong to one university system), nakatutuwa rin naman siya and said that I am reasonable at times. Ha, ha, ha…

      I also like Serge because he is kind and an old soul (like me). Thomas is always straightforward with his comments but I like his frankness. And several more. Since pinapansin mo na rin ako, so I like you na John, and because I find your posts/comments as good ones and worth reading naman.

      O sya, sya. Magandang sa inyong lahat.

      • ok boomer! fond of cliques and not welcoming to new blood. with people like you, how can this pageant community grow? fyi, respect is earned not given. peace out.

      • Thank you Paul for the compliment. Indeed, as you grow older, I learn that the only way to understand life is to see it through the perspectives of many. Otherwise, you become indifferent and intolerant. Chill Lang tayo.

  3. The last photo can be an editorial piece for W magazine and the likes.
    Love it💙

  4. Priyanka Chopra? So pang-Miss World, Hindi pang-Universe. 2nd runners up lang si Rabiya sa MU. Join sa MWP next year for Miss World (specially) if she likes (idolizes) Priyanka. He, he, he…

    Join sila ni Bella Ysmael sa MWP next year. Tingnan natin kung sino sa kanilang 2 ang makakakuha sa Miss World Philippines title. Ano tingin mo rito Flor?

    • @ paul MU Runner-up crossing over to MW, I haven’t heard ever happening. Much more likely for Rab will be some kind of show business stint, even a brief one.

      I seriously doubt Bella will of her own volition endure Nationals again. IF WE WANT TO SEE HER ON THE GLOBAL STAGE, THE ONLY WAY IS AN APPOINTMENT. Costa Rica 2021 or Nepal 2022. This is the most straightforward and sensible way to go.

      Sa akin lang, bakit pa kailangan’g pagsabungin ulit ‘yun’g dalawa? The mere fact they were ‘Last 2 Standing’ means they have nothing more to prove to anybody. 🙂

      (Besides, kung ‘di sila ang gusto’ng i-launch ni Boss ALV, sayang lang oras, pagod, at pera nila.)

      • Miss Bermuda was 1st runners up in 1979 MU, then joined MW the same year and won the title. And many other MU ‘runners up cases’ who crossed over to MW and made placements (runners up as well).

        So si ALV ay para ring si JM? Natuto sa MW? Cooking show for his own talent agency and that tv network. Ha, ha, ha…

        Why appoint Bella? Masaya siya! Magpakahirap siya uy. Hindi pa naman siya kagandahan. Mas gusto kong i-appoint ang schoolmate natin Flor. She deserves the MUP title more than Ysmael (and that Ganados).

      • @ paul Atty. BPM is wonderful, yes. But time is not on her side. Medyo pa-age ceiling na siya?

        Bella can claim prerogative, kasi nga legit 1st RU siya! Inasmuch as that MUP contract binds Bella to the organization, IT ALSO BINDS THE LATTER TO HER. I’m sure Atty. NB knows.

        By 27 (?) June as Atty. crowns her successor, effectively released na siya from any obligations to BPCI. A&Q siya. Kung talaga’ng decidido sila sa kanya, humanap na lang sila kaya ng loophole…

        In any case, whether Bella or Patitay, I doubt any of the faneys would complain. 🙂

  5. Wow!
    Love the finger wave hairstyle.
    That overall look would have been good for prelims evening gown round.
    Gown needs to be more form-fitting though.
    I think, she would look exquisite in an Amir Sali gown.

  6. The ‘Bisaya ‘ look
    She’s like the Mommy Dionisia version of Olivia Culpo
    Almost reminds me of Miss Grand Thailand 2020-2021

    • @ Fabian Reyes MGT 2020-21 is the reigning Patchaparon Chantarapadit Namfon… 🙂


    • ang layo! something’s wrong with your eyes and perception. patingin ka!

    • If you guys watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, there’s always that contestant who crowns herself the dumb annoying bitch of the season.

      It’s amazing Fabian that you manage to be that every year without fail lol – if you’re one and the same person, I believe you started around Ariella Arida’s time, reaching your peak with Pia (who you hated), then Catriona (who you hated even more).

      If being contrarian for the sake of it- because it’s obvious that you have ZERO ability to see anything good in anyone- helps balance the fates then please carry on lol.

      • Thanks If I am that annoying dumb bitch
        I’d rather be that than lie about how I see things
        Those pics are to elicit response from the fans
        If I don’t express my opinion honestly , what’s the point ?
        Anyway, I do respect your opinion .
        Why can’t you respect mine ?

      • Ay naku, Fabian the truth is, this page wouldn’t be the same without you the same way that if there weren’t any dumb annoying bitches on RuPaul, NOBODY would watch it.

        But this is bout not respecting your opinions or anyone’s for that matter- for one thing, it’s sure a right to be able to express them, but to ask that they be respected is another thing – especially when the observations are way off the mark!

        We all love a good shade, but gurl there isn’t any Mommy Dionisia-mimicking-Olivia Culpo nor Miss Grand Thailand in any shape or form in this photo. Double check your references! Go over your receipts before dropping shade! It will only work if it has uhm, shady merit.

        But it doesn’t. So it just reduces you to a troll that everyone loves to hate.

        But going back to Rabiya and this look – it’s fine. It’s not groundbreaking (yeah, cause it was inspired by Priyanka’s MET look), but it’s just another photo-shoot.

        Let’s all wait for the real thing when she hits the main stage on May 16 (?).

  7. Speaking of ‘Priyanka’, go watch the Priyanka-Kiara lipsynch showdown at ‘Canada Drag Race’.

    Then watch Celine Dion’s version of same song. 🙂

    • (Cont.) This is a GREAT formal evening look. The velvety-satiny plum-ish soft fabric just effortlessly skimming her is utterly divine! It’s sobriety in contrast with the textural top is genius!

      As Boy Abunda would say, “I wouldn’t touch this”.

      An obviously high-fashion editorial look one of us should hopefully appreciate, will not say “pangit”.

  8. Rabiya looks gorgeous and classy .she looks like a Ms universe and a miss world rolled into one
    Pwede naman pala hindi pumuputok yun buwan at nagmukhang dyosa si rabiya. Educator yun tao she can be sexy but not the half of the moon is showing

  9. the one with the head gear , I just love it ! … that can really score high in gown competition ! but maybe they will not use it and will go with a more subtle look …

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