9 comments on “Monika Grigoryan: From Armenia to the Universe

  1. Gwapa pod is Armenia Flor. I like her dahil natural ang pagkaganda. He, he, he… Just like Miss Laos effortless lang talaga ang beauty. Not like many of the Latinas, forced ang pagkaganda.

  2. Marami daw ulila sa Armenia?

    “… Many children grow up without parents…”.

    (What’s with that kaya?)

    The natural landscape looks amazing!

    Since Iris was featured today, I wonder if MUO can gamble on crowning a European again… I mean, Laos is essentially Belarusan. 🙂

    The really nice thing with the Europeans is that, as one of us said of Cristina Lassasima, effortless/pressure-free ang awra nila. “Organic” beauty, as that person added.

  3. Breath of fresh air! Ala Olivia Culpo, very approachable ang beauty. I love her!

  4. One of my top 5 in the Europe group … if she really performs well on stage and just be as authentic in the interviews as possible , she might just spoil everything for everyone in the group of frontrunners !

  5. Beauty, talented and amazing height 5′ 5″ will definitely a perfect formula to win the crown. She might be the first Armenian to win crown to any international pageant.

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