3 comments on “1-on-1: Miss Universe 2019 and the 65th Universe

  1. Eee-rees Meet-nah! Credits to Steve Harley for the pronunciation. 🙂

    Feel-eee-pawn (that’s Philippine, in French).

    I agree. Chocolate can win over anything. A French chocolatier featured on YT said as much… His atelier is renowned for the chocolate Easter eggs where the shell is real chocolate you crack and peel… The egg itself is a solid sphere of the yummy brown stuff.

    Ngayon ko lang napansin na may sampaguita pala ‘yun’g base nu’ng bouquet niya. If that were MUT, of course, the jasmine would be strung, in pendent strands after being wound at the base, or look again at Cat’s when she won at IMPACT.

    I was unable to watch MU 2015; I was outside at the time. I only found out who won when I scanned the headlines of the dailies at the newsstand next day – “Vive Le France!”, they went.

    Guys, if you’ve seen ‘ylang-ylang’ as accompaniment to sampaguita sold as garlands outside Catholic churches, that shade of greenish-yellow on ZT is almost the same color… Kamia (white ginger) sometimes replaces it.

  2. Naalala ko nung prelims na habang umaandar yung camera para ipakita lahat ng contestants, biglang nahagip ng camera si Iris.
    Sobrang ganda nya at sa kanya lang napunta ang atensyon ko.
    Nung finals ko na nalaman na sya pala si Miss France.
    Ang sikat kasi nun si colombia, ph at venezuela

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