5 comments on “Julia Gama: Actress and Beauty Queen

  1. Possible Top20 or maybe even Top5… not quite sure how she would be recieved by the Latin Audience…
    Her backstory could be a double edged sword… Her command with English and Chinese connection would be highly favored by the Miss U org specially with their ongoing deals w/ China… it could help her land a slot in the TOP 5… but All the Asian hate right now could also prevent her from getting past TOP 20… Lets see… I’ll keep a good eye on her..

  2. Julia Gama, 28 years old and 5′ 10″

    Miss World Brazil 2014 — Top 11 Miss World 2014
    Miss Universe Brazil 2020 – ?

  3. Gosh… I’m having Lala Guedes hangover. 🙂

    Cotton!!? So, that’s the new thing to grow in the Amazon after corn, soya, and oil palm?

    (Guys, who produces more beef cattle? Brazil or Argentina?)

    I prefer her to Andrea Meza… Facially.

    I thought Peru or Chile had the largest concentration of Japanese immigrants…Turns out it’s Brazil. But, I don’t think they’ve ever sent a Nippo-Brasileira (misspelled?) to international pageantry.

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