13 comments on “Estefania Soto Torres: The Beauty Queen is an Influential Academic

  1. Very gorgeous with very good credentials. She is at par with Rabiya and Miss USA

  2. WOW! Estefania Soto Torres is the youngest to compete at the Miss Universe 2020., 29 years old and tallest at 5′ 11″.

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe One of us said MUGreatBritain is overage… 29 ang age ceiling?…

      Well, let’s just look at it this way. It’s unusual, the times. And if MUO strictly observes the ruling, lalo’ng mababawasan ang makasasali… Anyway, ‘eh ‘di huwag overage ang koronahan nila para wala’ng away. Kung participation numbers lang naman ang habol, choosy pa ba? 🙂

  3. If Argentina and India aren’t able to compete because of COVID19 , then I hope they allow them to join the 70th Miss Universe later this year or early in 2022 …

    They both deserve a much higher placement than this PR

    • Argentina is competing. She just posted on her IG account that she left for Florida yesterday.

      • Argentina has one of the best credentials and trained by Osmel hence sure TOP10… plus covid therefore possible TOP 5… highest placement could be a runner-up since her country’s economy has always been shit…

      • Yes. But Argentina? Hmmmm perennial economic turmoil. They boast themselves to be “white” but they cannot manage their economy well.

      • @Diana

        Exactly! She’s not gona win but her highest placement could be a runner-up and that is due to her own merrits and trainning from Osmel.

  4. Not even in the TOP 10 prettiest MU Puerto Rico I have seen but definitely one of the best credentials..

    I see a sure TOP 10
    And a possible TOP 5 if she get’s lucky enough….
    But definitely not the winner this year. Sorry.

  5. Gwapa siya kaayo uy. Will she be the 6th Puerto Rican to become Miss Universe? Abangan…

    Pwede 1st runners up si Miss Peru or Miss Curacao.

    Basta 2nd runners up si Inday Rabiya.

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