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  1. I like the color on her.. it is complementing her. she looks fresh and classy at the same time. Kind of interested to see her in an EG of this tone. this might really be the color meant for her.. lets see. this one looks good on her.

  2. I asked a designer na isa dapat sa gagawa ng damit ni rabiya. Uminit ulo nya madalian nga. Tapos Alam ko na bakit may moons na naging tad bigger pano daw maliit pa sa xxs ang size ng damit reklamo ng mga designer pano nila bebenta or paparenta if isosoli uso pa naman plus size . Yun malaki pwd liitan .yun maliit mahirap remedyuhan .Bigger moons can make her fit in sa usual sizes. Akala ko tuloy may mommy issue yun nag decide na gawin ganun

    • @ Kimi95 Then all the more we should commend Rab for her tenacity, her “whatever-it-takes”.

      Atty. JV Salud is right. Very competitive ang bata. Doesn’t easily get bogged down by challenges.


      (Sino ba ‘yun’g pawnshop na lumikha ng “Filipina”? Get ready to be schooled by “The Power of Unity”!)

      • @flor yes I admire her for making this adjustments. May tao naman talaga mahirap mag gain.some even go the ice cream everyday route para tumaba.
        i wish all her hardwork will pay off.
        I pray na the least tough 5 . Ng makarampa naman

  3. I hope her finale gown ends up becoming one of those iconic gowns that are unforgettable… like the ones worn by:

    Oxana Federova
    Catriona Gray
    Zozi Tunzi
    Barbara Crespo
    Riyo Mori
    Rosemarie Brosas
    Desiree Verdadero
    Monica Urbina
    Rosario Silayan & Pia Alonzo

  4. Wrong cut… needs to be more form fitting…
    It’s 1 – 2 inches too long… Her waist should be cinched… great design… half-baked execution.


    • @ Closer2Fame Baka sabihin na naman, starlet kung form-fitting… 🙂

      “… Madame Oditte, I want… just,… just two centimeters shorter. In the front. IN-THE-FRONT…*”.

      (* – A scene in “The Return, a film by Karl Lagerfeld, where Geraldine Chaplin sizes up the dress executed by the seamstresses on Ana Mouglalis.)

      • @ Closer2Fame You’re not the first to say that. ‘Malayo ang finished product sa sketch’.

        One of us also said this of Look 004, which I think was that blue one she wore in LA with the ‘Hollywood’ sign as backdrop. I didn’t like that… But I like this pink… 🙂

    • @ miss tissa You know sino’ng ka-height niya?

      Si Manding. 🙂

      Pipe (!) gave both ladies’ height at 170 cm. That’s just short of 5’7.5″… (Hhhmmm…).

      Let’s assume na pantay nga sila. But what is MUT doing that she looks leggy? I wonder if her Swim pasarela at MUT 2020 Finals can provide clues. But yeah, Rab should be mindful of posture as this comes first. ILLUSION OF HEIGHT, PLEASE. We Pina(o)ys adore stature, don’t we?

      • @ Flor si rabiya Wala pang5’6 . Hindi ka height ni manding . Thailand being buddhist declare real stats not chos chos stat
        Nasanay na ko sa phil team plus 2 inches

      • @ bonsaihater1 OK. So, maybe Pipe made some hasty assumptions… Rab is shorter. I’ll take it.

      • @flor yun posture ni rabiya din. Naopabayaan Nila. It makes her look smaller. Posture posture at Wala sya5’6 Sabi Ng insider 5’5 1/2 the most while amanda is true171 5’7 1/2. Diff Ng 2 inches
        Sasabihin Ng iba matalino si rabiya. Well the matalino needs to penetrate the top 5 evening and swimwear round .
        Yung nilalait na manding sureness ako makaka top 5
        Nothing against sa di matangkad. Tingnan si jehza huelar at bella ysmael both like rabiya height pero posture talaga at grace. Jehza even have the body proportion fitted for a bq

  5. I love the styling. I just notice that Rabiya is always tilting her head when posing infront of the camera. I want her to sometimes straighten her head. She would appear more queenly if she straightens her head

    • During the finals, I hope she avoids tilting her head when posing. The back of her head(occipital) should be vertically aligned with her buttocks. Doing so will make her more queenly.

    • @serge maybe scoliosis. Kaya nga na stress ako sa twins dagdag bigat pa yun Pano mag straight body

  6. Great look, ang very fresh nya, so pleasant to the eyes! Pang prelim close interview ang OOTD. Go Rabiya!!!🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️

  7. ANOTHER BORING CREATION from Nono Palmos. In particular, I do NOT like the high-waist BELT. The overall look, style and color remind you of the 80s. Kulang na lang ang HAIR TEASE para complete 80s look na.

    • @ paul Maayo’ng aga, Dude!

      The look card says, “update a timeless silhouette by opting for a STRIKING color”.

      Wasn’t the ’80’s about either acid/fluorescent or blush/pastel colors? But yes, parang mga sketch nina ‘Magnificent 7’ (Christian Espiritu, Oskar Peralta, Inno Sotto, etc.) of ‘Moda Manila’.

      Sino ba mga models noon? Lou Bunyi, Apples Aberin, Suyen Chi…Tina Maristela medyo ’90’s na?

      • Correct Flor. Nauso na rin ang Fuchsia noong 80s. Di ba naging popular joke sa mga beauty contests noon ang – What is your favorite color? Answer: Fuchsia! Spell Fuchsia? AY! RED na lang. He, he, he…

        Ping Federis, Lingling Gonzales, Melanie Marquez – early 80s
        Suyen Chi, Desiree Verdadero, Bong Dimayakyak – mid 80s
        Lou Bunyi, Apples Aberin, Patty Betita – late 80s

        80s kamo, huwag kalimutan sa Nanay Renee Salud. Ito talaga ang kanyang panahon. He, he, he…

  8. Beautiful. This one is definitely a hit. Classy. Gorgeous face. The best look so far.

    Keep it up Rabiya.

    World Peace.

  9. This one is my favorite of all the looks so far. The others always had one or a few elements that didn’t quite come together for me. In fact, I was starting to wonder if our stylists’ tastes level just isn’t as upscale or luxe compared to the stylists in Thailand & Vietnam.

    However, Rain Dagala did say in an interview a few days ago that they haven’t even really started, they’re not in competition mode yet.

    This look gives me hope that Rain & Em can hold their own vs the stylists of Thailand.

    • I agree, SQ. Parang always may “wow” factor ang Thai reps, thanks sa stylist nila. I’ve yet to see any Pinay delegate na CONSISTENTLY on point. Either may obvious kulang sa outfits natin or may excess (too much fabric/trains lately). How about LESS IS MORE sometimes?

      That being said, hindi pa ito competition proper. ‘Hoping lang na on point na sila when it matters the most.

      Go Rabiya!

      • @Anonymous. You’re right about our delegates & the lack of consistency when it comes to their styling. My favorite wardrobes were Maxine Medina’s (except for the gown she wore at finals) & Kylie Versoza’s. But when it comes to high-end fashion-forward looks, Thailand’s & Vietnam’s stylists are next level.

        Scrolling through the parade of hate that Rabiya gets every time a look is posted, I was thinking na it’s so easy for us to express what we dislike. But can we say what we actually want? For me, I remember that comparison is indeed the thief of joy & perhaps that is the problem–when we compare our representative’s wardrobe to Thailand’s & Vietnam’s, medyo nawawala ang joy.

        But what has been missing from Rabiya’s styling & presentation so far that is meron sa Thailand & Vietnam? For me, it’s the luxe factor. Thailand & Vietnam’s wardrobes are packed with high-end designer brands. Their styling always has an upscale sophistication (the “wow” factor as Anonymous puts it) & they always look expensive even in every day looks.

        I’m wondering if the tastes of our stylists is a reflection of the economy/market of the Philippines vs Thailand, and if it’s a question of financing? After all, Thailand is an upper middle-income country compared to us na lower middle-income. Thailand has 31 billionaires on the Forbes list (32 if you include the monarchy) compared to the Philippines’ 17 billionaires–i.e. almost 2x the number of ours. In addition, Thailand has an aristocracy. So perhaps the stylists there consciously aspire to a high-status presentation, since hierarchy is inherent in Thai society. There’s hierarchy naman in every society, it’s just formalized there with rankings & titles like HRH. Ang titles natin are related to showbusiness like Yaya Dub, Chinita Princess, or, ewan, Star for All Seasons.

        As for Vietnam, I have no theories as to why their stylists’ tastes are more luxury-oriented. Vietnam only has 6 billionaires on the Forbes list. But when I was backpacking there 2 years ago, I was surprised to see that Ho Chi Minh City has Chanel and D&G boutiques. What does it say about their luxury market that it’s viable for these brands to open shop there? And what does it say about the Philippine market that neither of these brands think it’s profitable to open boutiques here in Manila?

        I guess we should remember that in the end, it really is the woman who makes the dress. I mean, if wardrobe were the basis for winning, then Aniporn would’ve won over Pia based on overall wardrobe (Pia was able to really stand out in evening gown, her Albert Andrada was *chef’s kiss*, although I also loved Aniporn’s ASAVA), and Maria would’ve won over Demi-Leigh based on evening gown (Maria’s ASAVA is my pinaka-favorite gown of the 2010s).

        Thank you once again for attending my TED talk. LOL.

      • Reply ko ito sa iyo, SQ…

        Not minding at all “listening/attending” to your TED talk! Especially kung bullseye!

        Mejo recently lang aq invested sa looks of our reps. Talagang invested, as in Instagram stalker talaga! I will concur na lang na approved ka kay Maxine (but maybe because sa Pinas ginanap and easier ang access nila sa gowns and OOTDs) and Kylie (she can wear a kurtina and still will look perfect, especially sa Japan). Both of them, I didn’t follow as closely. I watched Ara’s interview sa isang vlog. Although I also didn’t follow her as closely as I’m following our reps now, I understand how she was almost apologetic sa mga OOTDs nya because it was winter in Russia (coming from the Philippines). So I really understand the logic of extremes, wherever the reps are from vs the site of the event. Pero trabaho ng stylists yun to study the climate/weather, diba?

        One word I meant to include sa original comment ko about the Thai reps is “cosmopolitan.” You used the word luxe and expensive. Same sentiment sa akin but I’m not sure why I’m leaning towards cosmopolitan. Then I realized, maybe because now I’m seeing the Thai (and Vietnam) reps as a cover shoot for Cosmopolitan/Vogue Magazines while we are SOMETIMES hoping for People Magazine! ***Natawa naman aq sa Yaya Dub and Star For All Seasons reference mo!

        Yes, I agree with you too na sana may further explanation pa tayo on why we didn’t like the outfit. Hindi lang puro put down! As I said, I don’t want to see anymore trains, excess fabrics, unexplained puffiness, etc. Sa akin lang yun. No longer my cup of tea. I am also with you when you mentioned the gowns of the recent Thai Reps, especially the black gowns of Chalita’s and Maria’s. I remember gasping! Na para bang maski na I don’t like them to win, I just want them to be included sa Top 20/Top10 para lang makita yung gowns nila. **Aniporn started the elegance but I just didn’t like her because of her chin 🙂 Also not a fan of Fahsai. But they all scream elegance, thanks to their stylists!

        Another point for me for the reps: sana appropriate yung OOTDs nila sa event na pupuntahan nila. Rabiya’s stylists mentioned na “because they left early, before they received the schedule of events” they pretty much planned blindly but were wise enough to know to bring some extras (simple) na pang every day (not all gowns), in case pupunta sila sa farm, or sa Disney, or simple shopping, etc. I don’t want to see a rep overdressed for an event! I will definitely give her a thumbs down maski na how glorious she looks nung araw na yun. Dapat appropriate! ***I thought Sam was ALMOST ALWAYS on point, except for the White Laced SeeThru Gown sa Welcome Dinner, and maybe a couple more.

        Yes, let’s hope and look for the joy and the wow!

      • Everything you said @Anonymous. Spot on!

        I laugh na ang dami ko sinabi, ang daldal ko, tapus you were able to articulate the idea I was attempting to express into this—it really is a matter of Vogue vs People magazine. The impression we hope Rabiya’s looks will convey is … cosmopolitan!


        Yes to joy & wow! Kahit ang dami mga sour b-tches sa tabi-tabi hahaha (love you all pa rin!)

  10. Mukhang malapit na mabuo ang brochure. Uhmm, palagyan po ng price yung bawat pcs na suot ng phenomenal model. HAHAHAHA! Kalowka, nasobrahan sa daming paandar na photoshoot. 😂😂

    • 🤙🏻🤙🏽🤙🏾Ms Mateo really looks sad, it sin her eyes. She has lost her spark and charm when she blazed through the MUP. She’s being peddled like a FrontRow product 😭

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