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  1. Since she has been with Nawat for almost a month now. I would like to know the real Nawat behind the camera through her perspective

  2. I’m saddened that (even up to this day) some Filipinos have yet to learn how to respect the results of a competition (I really see a big problem with all of that). At least be sensitive to the feelings of the proclaimed winner. The problem with us Pinoys is that we are very sensitive but can be very insensitive towards others in times of defeat.
    IMO, Abeena has edged Samantha in so many ways through out the whole competition. When Abeena came out with that evening gown, I knew she would win and true enough that she even scored higher than Samantha in both the EG and SW portions.

  3. Eto, for those of us still disputing how Abena’s answer won over Samantha’s more accurate answer … when has the smartest, most academically & intellectually qualified candidate ever won in recent Philippine presidential elections?

    2016 Duterte vs the smart Mar Roxas

    2010 Benigno Aquino vs the super smart Gilbert Teodoro

    2004 Macapagal-Arroyo vs Poe (ok, this election is a question mark, since the Arroyo camp possibly rigged the election–Hello Garci, anyone?)

    1998 Estrada vs the smart Miriam Santiago, the brainy Juan Ponce Enrile, the cerebral Raul Roco

    1992 Ramos vs the smart Miriam Santiago

    WIth the exception of 2004, in which the “smart” candidate won (but was the election rigged?), the winners of our presidential elections have not usually been the brainiest candidate, but the one who is somehow able to appeal to the emotional core of Pinoys.

    And that’s how Abena won MGI 2020.

    I rest the case I think I have. LOL.

    • Such misguided logics here. Are you seriously trying to create an analogy between a set of pageant judges versus how a nation of ~100 million chooses its leader? First, pageant judges barely have a couple of minutes from the time the finalists articulate their answers to making a decision, while during an election, people have months to observe the candidates form some judgment, and ultimately show up during election day to cast their votes. Second, what goes through the pageant judges’ minds, and whatever external factors influenced their final decision, we had no knowledge or certainty about (unless you’re an omniscient human being). So claiming that the judges decided mainly through emotional appeal is a rather faulty inductive process.

      P.S. Mar Roxas. Seriously?! HAHAHAHAHA

      • Certainly, we have no definitive idea why or how pageant judges vote as they do. We can make educated guesses after the pageant as fans, and theorize / speculate as to how or why one candidate was able to win. But, yes, we have no way of confirming–unless the judges are interviewed after the pageant & explain why they favored one delegate over the others (as the judges in Miss Universe 2015 did).

        However, what did Abena do that Samantha did not? She delivered a few phrases in Thai. We can say that nakuha niya yung kiliti ng Thai judges, pageant owner, & audience. So even when Abena’s answer did not conform with CDC, WHO, & public health guidelines for the rollout of the covid vaccine, she was able to win the hearts of the host country by speaking in their language (is “kiliti” the same as emotion? I’m not sure it’s a direct translation). The answer that induced “kiliti” won over the answer that was technically correct.

        I stand by my point that the presidential candidates who are “highly qualified” based on their academic credentials or technocrat backgrounds, i.e. the “smart” ones, rarely, if ever, win our elections (Teodoro & Santiago primarily come to mind). Now why is that? By all means, offer your opinion / analysis. Yes, it’s simplistic to say Pinoy voters vote purely on emotions. It’s always a complex of reasons, isn’t it?

        Go ahead, you may dispute if Mar Roxas is smart. It slipped my mind that Santiago also ran in the 2016 elections. I’m not particularly invested in Roxas. He has the Ateneo, Wharton, senate, & technocrat background that, on paper, appear to make him highly qualified to be president. But he definitely lacked the political instincts & savvy to connect & appeal to the voters. I may recoil at some of Duterte’s policies & cringe occasionally at his style of governance (as I did with previous administrations), but I actually understand why he won.

        I was being facetious. Did you see the last line I wrote? I didn’t say, “I rest my case” (definitive / conclusive). I said, “I rest the case I think I have” (provisory). Chill lang.

  4. Abena is such a goddess here.

    I wish she won for Ghana, rather than the United States though. African countries rarely get the spotlight in international pageants. It would’ve been such a big deal for Ghana to leave its mark on the pageant record books. Although am sure Ghanaians & West Africans still take pride in Abena’s accomplishment, the same way we Pinoys claim secondhand pride in the accomplishments of overseas / hyphenated Filipinos.

    I know a lot of Pinoys aren’t responsive to Abena’s beauty. It’s too Afrocentric for us, who’ve been conditioned by our long history of colonialism / neo-colonialism to worship western standards & perceptions of beauty. In our culture, dark-skinned women with Afro-textured hair & features are figures of mockery, who function as the butt of jokes.

    But I hope as the Fiipino middle-class grows & have more opportunities to travel abroad, that we will be open to not just travelling to the usual places like Europe or the United States (boring!) but also be adventurous enough to go to different parts of Africa. I would personally recommend it as eye opening & amazing.

    Episode 3 of this season of Top Chef was fascinating to me because the elimination challenge explored the cooking of the African diaspora. One of the judges noted that in all previous seasons of Top Chef (we’re in season 18 now), the cooking challenges have usually focused on 2-3 cuisines–French, Italian, with Japanese occasionally in the mix. But now we are opening our eyes to different cultures & different cuisines.

    So this is the moment we live in. Sophisticated metropolitan areas in the West are opening its eyes to different cultures, different cuisines, and different standards of beauty. Unlike Miss Earth, Nawat was savvy enough to recognize & participate in this pivotal moment of cultural change.

    Thanks for attending my TED talk. LOL.

    • @ SQ Now that you mentioned it, Skelly and Apriel should get shampoo endorsements. 🙂

      Why shampoo? Kasi Pina(o)ys, I observe, are fixated with hair. Just look at the MANY TV ads on the stuff! But, always fair-skinned ‘artistas’. By putting in commercial models with richer skin tone, we emphasize that silky hair is ‘kutis-blind’.

  5. Should the CDC guidelines follow your answer to the tie-breaking question that won you the crown??? Cheret!!!! hihihihihi

  6. I like the straightforward pageant trajectory – increasing success with steady plunge in the pageant hierarchy – unplaced at MU, semifinalist at Earth, finally victory at Grand.

    But Grand organization targets a higher rung in the pecking order in five (5) years, daw… I highly appreciate the display of the mean scores, the vital stats shared (height was in centimeters but figure numbers in inches, odd but better than nothing), and the handsome-if-vociferous host. Keep these up, please! 🙂

    Age, too, was shown, I believe… Also, maybe OK to give astrological sign? Indicates birthday and love compatibility.

    My question to her is, ‘what is the one thing the USA has perfected, OR that no one does better’?

  7. My.question is: Are you offended when people tell you that “you won because of your american passport since it’s very clear in the finals night that Sam gave the best answer.” Divahhh mga Vacklah. Zazamfalin ko talaga c Uncle N sa injustice na ginawa nya. Divahhh Auntie N 🤗 hihihihi

    • Sam isn’t supposed to be in the Top 3 based on the Top 5 interview. The Top 3 should’ve been Brazil, Guatemala, and USA. We should be thankful that Sam was placed in the Top 3 with a so-so answer.

      • @anonymous Triple tie nga raw di ba? and it wasn’t a so-so answer…Sam deserves every inch to be in the top 3 and she gave the best answer among the 3. She need not resort to gimmickry by answering half of her question in Thai!!!

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