20 comments on “Laotian-Belarusian Christina Lasasimma for the 69th Miss Universe

  1. Sakto lang ganda nya IMO.. possible Top 20… pero pag pumasok to.. isang Asian powerhouse malalaglag sa Top 20 if not Cambodia… She could either replace Thailand, Indonesia or India…

  2. Chill lang ang beauty niya. Halatang halata na walang pressure na-set sa kanya. Very organic at unforced

  3. I wish she’s very well trained to place Kahit top 21 lang. Malay natin baka magaling sa interview and being natural and confident is a 🏆 Winner 👍

  4. Juzme! Fraiche!


    Naalala ko tuloy si Ponsaph Ponyothap, MI-Laos 2017 Top 10/12/16 (?) who was given abundant visibility as she was positioned right behind the coronation action…

    … Also I recall Supaporn Ritthipreuk, Poonlertlarp’s 1st RU at MUT 2017.

    (Maganda rin si Thitaree Kasorn, no? MUT 2018 1st RU to Ning Sophida Kanchanarin.)


  5. She is so gorgeous. I am giving her a fighting chance. If frontruneers falter, she could snatch the crown

  6. The TOP 3 Most Beautiful ASEAN candidates are Laos (1st), Philippines (2nd) and Thailand (3rd).

    Remainders are Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. He, he, he…

    Miss Laos is also the most beautiful among ASIAN contenders. Facial wise in the Asia and Africa Region, her competition is only South Africa.

  7. Nice, very pretty and well-spoken. This batch is strong, even with less ladies than previous years.

  8. If India is not allowed to travel abroad and/or if she is still infected, there are at least two contestants that will fight for her slot in the top 21 and Laos is one of them … not too impressed with her video

  9. Anak ng teteng… ang ganda naman nito. Kung face lang ang basehan, mas malaking chance nya sa Mouwad crown kasi super ganda mo neng! Kung nasa time ka pa na si Trump yung may ari ng MU, tyak pasok ka sa banga neng.

  10. Miss Laos is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES in the upcoming Miss Universe. Right packaging, effective styling, strong stage presentation and dramatic pasarela, all these are essential factors for Christina to shine comes the preliminary competition. I hope Christina can also communicate well so that she will have a better chance in making it to TOP 20.

    I love Miss Laos and I am rooting for her.

  11. Ganda niya 🌐👑 Sana hindi “powerhouse” country ang manalo. The rabid hunger for a Miss U crown combined with the outrageous competition prior to the pageant itself makes one cringe. 🕷

  12. eto yung hinde kailangan magpakita ng
    lumuluwang dibdib pero mapapalingon ka sa ganda

    • I may be wrong, but in the second picture in which Christina is wearing the blue dress that generously displays her cleavage, it looks like her boobs are also surgically enhanced.

      At any rate, it would be so refreshing to see her make the cut. Would it be the first time for Laos? If any Laotian candidate can do it based on facial beauty, it would be Christina.

      • Tinitigan kong mabuti, even before I read your comment. True, parang enhanced. Mas naging prominent maybe because of the color of the dress? Yun ang point natin minsan; her other covered up pics are sooo undeniably gorgeous. I’m not sure kung bakit may necessary cleavage exposures pa, EVERY TIME, unless it’s for a swimsuit pictorial. (Not just her!)

        Anyway, she will be a standout.

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