8 comments on “Equine Therapy becomes Chantal Wiertz

  1. She has strong facial features. She is sexy with very good pasarela. Most probable highest placement would be top 10

  2. Guys, this was one of @ paul’s predictions…

    2nd RU – Philippines
    1st RU – Curacao
    MU 2020 – Peru

    Bear this in mind – will Chantal edge everybody out on points except Janick who will get the crown on organization and/or judges’/sponsors’ prerogative?

    @ paul Are you convinced of the facial value of your last two standing, dear/dude?

    I doubt MUO will give the crown to the Supranational Runner-up as she is already a New York resident. If I were to decide, I’d give that opportunity to someone who hasn’t been to ‘the city that never sleeps*… the concrete jungle where dreams are made of**”. Then Peru can join up with her for strolls, to show Curacao around,… Good places to grab a memorable meal, no?

    ‘International model studying food and beverage management on the side” sounds like staying at a friend’s Paris flat while awaiting calls from her agent for jobs on weekdays while retreating to the country on weekends to visit with friend who happens to be a French aristocrat whom she gives dressage lessons to in exchange for authentic/traditional meals they prepare themselves.

    I SO WOULD. Kahit ako na lang gardener ni aristocrat-frennie. I’d tend to peonies, which are just begun to bloom now. 🙂

    (* – Frank Sinatra, ** – Alicia Keys)

    • Fine with if Curacao wins. My only concern for her is to smile more often and less of fierceness. So ganito na –

      Miss Universe – Curacao
      1st Runners Up – Peru
      2nd Runners Up – Philippines

      Okay na Flor? He, he, he…

  3. we might be looking at the 69th Miss Universe and the first from Curacao ! … will possibly reign the shortest reign in MU history …

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