15 comments on “The multi-lingual Elisabet Hulda Snorradottir

  1. Without a doubt, she is beautiful, talented, a linguist and tall 5′ 10″. I am sure she will be one of the finalist.

  2. Pangit din si Miss Iceland. Ang daming pangit – Venezuela, Mexico, Canada…

  3. I like that attitude, I wonder if it’s typical Scandinavian…

    Most folks, kids in particular, get scared/intimidated when they see how vast the world is. Not her.

    Blog Man, ‘to tropahin mo rin! Para may sasalo sa ‘yo paglapag mo sa barrio nila. 🙂

    (Napag-usapan na natin ‘yan. Afterwards, tutuloy ka ng Caracas… Puwede naman’g mag-USA in between; suyurin mo kahabaan ng East Coast, Nueva York to Florida. AT HUWAG KALILIMUTAN ANG ‘BITBIT’.)

      • Yup, IMO, she’s plain jane to me but her catching the Virus gave her a story juicy enough for interviews on top of the continuous vulcanic eruptions going on in Iceland at the moment.. more interviews, more publicity… more publicity… more business for MUorg.

  4. Great personality and story! I think a fresher take on styling could make her a strong contender. She has to stay away from looking like a Real Housewife.

  5. noticeable need to lose some arm weight , arms of MU top tiers are slim and sexy … new make up styling works for her … but she is not in the top 5 most beautiful faces in the Europe group … we’ll see the interview and stage performance …

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