21 comments on “Francisca Luhong James for the 69th Miss Universe

    • @ bong700 Great body on her. So agree. 🙂

      Pero, ba’t sabotage? Ta’s, may pa-dila-dila ka pa… You know something we don’t & you’re not sharing, no? Kainis.

      (Dila ‘yan, dili ba?)

  1. sexy slender slim arms … but not much on the facial beauty
    I will be happy for her if somehow she makes it in the top 21 AS LONG AS she does not bump off any of my prioritized favorites …

  2. After she failed twice to capture the crown in Miss World Malaysia in 2016 and 2018 she finally captured a crown – Miss Universe Malaysia 2020. I hope her experience will help her to capture the crown of Miss World, the Universe rather. She is beautiful, talented and tall 5′ 9″.

  3. ‘Ah! ‘Iban’, it is… An old Cathay Pacific TV ad… 🙂

    (Barry White’s ‘Love’s Theme’… Great memories.)

  4. She’s giving me a Teresa Licaros vibe with these photos. I hope she does make history for having a placement. For the longest time pala, dark ages sila…super happy siguro nila to see Ms Malaysia win Best in National Costume only to find out that it was a mistake. 😦

  5. How is she “full-native of heritage” if her surnames are Chinese and English in origins?

    Anyway, goodluck reaching the Top20.

      • I think what she meant is that both her parents are “born & raised Malaysian citizens”.. I’d be more supportive if she’s descended from pre-colonial royalty… but I don’t think she is.

    • Nakakaloka naman po. Hindi po lahat ng “Ayala” at “Araneta” sa Pilipinas ay Spanish descent po. Learn history. Look at the appearance of her parents and see for yourself. They look very Malay. Hindi po lahat ng “Fernandes” of Sri Lanka and India ay anglo indian. Baka her parents are christian converts.

    • Hi. Baka ibig nya sabihin full “Malay” syag. Most malaysian beauty queens kasi most of the time is Chinese, South Indian, Western descent or mix mix between Malay and Chinese. Yeah baka ganon.

    • Actually In Indonesia, Suharto forced Chinese Indonesians to “localize” their surnames I don’t know Malaysian history pero hindi basehan sa surname mo kung ano ang ethnicity mo. look at the Philippines, lahat hispanisiced ang surname eh less than 5 percent lang ang may “Spanish blood” sa atin mostly hacienderos.

    • Hi Closer2Fame,

      Malaysian naming conventions are different from Filipino conventions, where the children take the father’s family name as their last name. In Malaysia, it is a patronym naming convention, she takes her father’s first name as her last name. In this case, Francisca’s father’s name is James; hence, her last name becomes James. Many cultures actually use a this kind of naming, e.g. Iceland.

      Luhong is also a traditional Malay name, and not Chinese in origin like you imply. It is not a combination of Lu and Hong, but one word, similar to Galang in Tagalog.

      I hope this helps with the confusion.

      • Yeah only malaysian chinese follows the traditional naming like what we do to ours. Indians and malays are different. As stated above.

  6. reminds me of ara arida sexy without trying. yung mata lang sexy na

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