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  1. daming hanash dito oh di siya kayo na ang may tunay na boobs, kaloka ang mga pa girl dito che.

  2. HERE WE GO AGAIN. (Groan)…. Nawa’y matuwa na kayo dito, guys. 🙂

    Class of 2019.
    BBP-Universe > Samantha Lo
    BBP-International > As is… Top 8 ain’t bad. Besides, Japanese like ‘mahinhin-neneng’.
    BBP-Grand > Gazini Jordi
    BBP-Intercon > As is. It was Tiglao’s time. She’d been incubating at Nationals level long enough.
    BBP-(The)Globe > As is. 2nd RU ain’t bad. IT WAS OUR BEST FINISH OF THE YEAR, C’MON!

    As per MUP 2020, TOO MUCH ISSUE WITH THE ‘JOBS’ DONE. So, it would appear her chances are made nil by the procedures?… Kung ganu’n, MUPO, in allowing them done, just made a BIG mistake on their maiden (pun intended) voyage. But precisely of the backl(u/a)sh, they will learn it the hard way. 😦

    MUPO, or any pageant organization for that matter, apparently finds it difficult to decline sponsorships by cosmetics procedures clinics and professionals… One of Angkol’s hospital sponsors was… SHOULD PAGEANTRY END ITS ASSOCIATION WITH ‘THE KNIFE’ IF ONLY TO BE CONSISTENT WITH THE SELF-LOVE/ROLE MODEL RHETORIC?

    (Kasi, to be factual, may nananalo naman’g ‘retokada/o’. ‘Di nga lang madalas. Pero, puwede.)

    • @flor I really don’t know huwaiiii?
      The need of breast augmentation that was not proportionw the frame. Paulina vega, zozi,demi, doesn’t have huge moons. Catriona even is proportionate . Pwd pa kunwari b to c. A to c. But a to d e f
      Hindi na trump era

      • @ bonsaihater ‘Yan’g analogy na ‘from a to f’, naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g Australian (female) vocalist na hindi katangkaran AT NAGPA-REDUCE dahil sa laki (natural siya’ng ‘supermoons’) ay may strain na sa spine (I think she had scoliosis, so she opted to give it a a go). Na-mention ko na rin siya by name here dati… So in this case, f to a.

        For all we know, Rab wanted big ones… What can we do? There’s always pre-surgery consultations and discussions in these procedures so the customer knows what she/he can expect. Hindi na musmos si Rab. Surely she knew what she was getting herself into. And when you affix your signature on the line that says, “received items in good condition and am fully satisfied”, that’s binding. 🙂

        It would be sad if the judges at MU look down on specific candidates in this regard. We might be pleasantly surprised how gutsy Rab can be; her moons are but symbols of her looming audacity.

        Trump Era notwithstanding, it’s called C-H-O-I-C-E. It’s the toxin we ingest from partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But, let’s not turn it into a morality play; let’s just be happy with our bodies however they got to be what they are.

  3. For me, it doesnt matter if someone goes for body enhancements. My question though is the intent. Is it rooted in boosting one’s confidence to feel better, to be more confidently beautiful with oneself? Or is it because one wanted to please or fit a mold one assumes the world expects of him/her/them?

    Similarly on interviews, is one responding to express or impress?

    Though winning is a goal in every competition, grounding provides fuel in order to fly and courage to break free and soar with clear direction and disposition. As I see updates on Rabiya, I am beginning to wonder if her grounding on herself is staying strong and intact. I hope she is spending time connecting with herself, just being quiet or meditating, and listening to the true voice from within. There will be a lot of voices, it is important to listen to them as they are feedback. Nevertheless, may Rabiya able to listen deeply to be able to discern what she will make of these voices.

    I dont want to compare her with the others, but I cant help but notice how the photos of other contenders seemed to be more relaxed (in a good and fighting form).. experimental and avantgarde but not overly done, trying to prove something.

    I will keep you in our prayers, Rabiya. May you be showered with wisdom in listening to the voices including your own, the values you hold true, for you to make a step, to respond, to act with grace, love and authenticity/truthfulness like a true queen. Good luck, Rabiya. 🙂

    • @ Stella Marquez de Araneta Madame, the term/jargon/parlance now for ‘push’ is FLEX. 🙂

      Do continue with sending your very best to Japan. That’s the derby we need to maintain-sustain a placement streak at!


  4. If Bella will be appointed at the end of this year. I do hope they don’t use the buy 1take 4 they put on rabiya.parehas sila ng height at frame and look at the final result
    Since Tomas here said tama nga maman wala ng magagawa well this is for dec edition.

  5. Guess, ano ang national custome nya?
    Teacher! Teacher Uniform!
    At least, yung bago.

  6. Ok na sana except that the breast part should have been covered. Majority of Filipino women are still conservative I believe.

  7. Rebyu sa bagong larawan ni Rabbiya

    1. Ang DISENYO ng gown (by Kirsten Regalado) ay siyang KARANIWANG GINAGAMIT sa mga PAGTATANGHAL sa pagtatapos ng Pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika. At bakit kailangan i-highlight ang dalawang boobs? He, he, he…

    2. PANGIT at HINDI AKMA ang ESTILO ng BUHOK sa kanyang gown.

    3. Ang MUKHA (emosyon) ni Rabiya sa larawan ay parang bago lang siya naka-recover sa CONSTIPATION or DIARRHEA. At bakit laging lumalabas (LANG) ang dalawang NGIPIN sa harap? It reminds me of a cartoon character.

    4: Kulang sa accessories.

    5. The photo itself (by Filbert Kung) is BLAND and MEDIOCRE.


  8. I just hope that the people behind her (yes, I am referring to you Mr Gafud and Ms. Supsup) are listening to the feedback.

    I agree that there are trolls and bashers here who just like to give negative comments about Rabiya. Mema lang. But read carefully, because there are numerous, decent commenters here who have been selecting their words carefully not to hurt Rabiya – – and yet in essence, are saying the same things : Anong kabalbalan ang ginawa nyo kay Rabiya? Lol.

    > The platito boobs are horrendous. I hope talaga photoshop yan at drawing lang. It is screaming of fakery. As someone said, para kayong nag buy-one, take four ng boobs.

    > The “blank stare / half open eyes with matching parted lips showing two prominent upper teeth look”. PLEASE!!! Anong peg yan? She looks like a third-rate adult star who is about to receive some milk of human kindness. Rabiya is a decent girl, an educator for that matter. Di nyo naman sya napulot kung saan saan lang to make her look like this. Istap na.

    > “I am a phenomenal woman”. Nemen. Her spiel was obviously scripted. Written for her. Rabiya dear, “phenomenal” is an adjective that should be BESTOWED by others to you. One doesn’t call herself phenomenal. It was so cringy, You let others call you phenomenal. And it usually comes with age and achievement. Lea Salonga never called herself phenomenal. Or Miriam Santiago. Pia called herself “confidently beautiful”, and that is fine. She’s confident and beautiful. And she was top 3 when she said that. But phenomenal? At this point?

    > Stop with the “100 Look Book” if what you will show will just make her look pathetic and trying hard. Mind game ba eto para manindak ng other candidates? Hey, Ms. Philippines has 100 outfits prepared!! Kabugin na kayo!!! The effect is just the opposite. Kaka-umay. Next time, add achara sa photo. Pang alis ng umay. Haay.

    I’ve said to myself before to refrain from commenting about the things that can not be changed (how does one remove fake boobs and teeth at this point? Useless). But please there are things that can still be done : styling, packaging, words fed to her, and yes, adding achara to her photos.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas You want to know who is listening, dear? She said so herself, that she “would rather a listener” to Rabiya’s ‘I’m-a-speaker’ persona.


      (You’ve nicely summarized the arsenal ‘Ms. Listener’s’ supporters can use against Rab. Gosh…)

      (I’m going to wait for the next round of online ground war this will spur. Pero kung sa bagay, I now realize I might have said enough about her NatCos as reciprocation… But it’s true, I love that fish!)

    • I am a phenomenal woman is really the epitome of Filipino shallowness…. Let’s just accept it. This is ingrained in our culture. We love using catch phrases and taglines all the time. confidently beautiful with a heart.

      It’s very cringy, yes I agree but at the end of the day, this is a typical way of Filipino branding.

      I do agree, it doesn’t quite sound good on international stage….lol Parang nakakjologs na.

  9. I love her gown. It is nationalistic and the cut perfectly fits the shape of her body.

  10. I love Filipino flag inspired gowns.. I wouldn’nt mind a 3 star necklace and an 8 rayed sun tiarra to complete the look… TECHNICALY, you may not be able to wear the Philippine flag itself.. but a flag inspired gown is rarely accurate enough to be considered as violating our laws.

    But this gown is not the best I have seen… a sculptued white ruffled neckline or white panuelo would have been better than what is white on this gown IMO…

    Anyway, I can’t wait for her better ensembles.. I am sure they saved the best for the competition itself.

  11. Im not a fan of these “too much patriotism” gowns. They look tacky to me.
    She is literally wearing the flag. Stop this non-sense please


  13. Mabenta to sa XXX films. Yung patriotic, mahinhin, innocent and suddenly undress and then, become wild in bed😱👅😃 hihihihi

  14. she cannot wear this , it won’t work in the gown competition but it looks nice…

    I wish that on the finale night , they will have a big screen zoom meeting on stage, where each box represents a country and there are people safely gathered in a remote place cheering for their candidates during the announcements of the semifinalists, finalists and crowning !

  15. Maybe the gown reads better in person, but it’s a very literal interpretation. Something that makes you go whoa that’s an unexpected twist would’ve suited her more, I think.

  16. Burning question… Does mup team like rabiya? Yun totoo? Baka may idea. Kasi lht Tayo may mata . May bagay may hindi
    Sabotage ba ginagawa sa kanya? Just like what they did w gazini? Regina george mean girl peg mup org? Kunwari tinutulungan yun pala sinasabotahe. Elephant in the room

    • Seems like what happened to Catriona on her Ms World journey is happening to Rabiya.
      Cat said she lost a bit of herself bec. of the people who took over on what she had to do, style and present herself, which is why she completely did it her own way during her Ms Universe stint.
      I wish Rabiya well on her MU journey.
      May she be true to herself, bec. that is what made her impress not only the Pinoy pageant fans but also the pageant fans from other countries during the MUP finals.

      • @raf I just felt irked at what my malaysian friend said that the team literally put oversized supposed to be enhancement for her(like someone got a discount for a size e boob so they put it there instead of just aiming for a c cup) also the teeth bothers me. Its just not the styling what they did w cat which cat doesn’t need to live w it w the rest of her life. But rabiya looks like someone working in the adult industry fr what the enhancements brought her . She is a decent teacher why not just stick w toning .make the clothes sexier or a wonder bra..they made her a diff person. I also find the no make up videos bragging when she know to herself that she had ” enhancements” it’s like saying to the young girls hey just go to the cosmetic surgeon so you can make this I woke up I was born like this

    • @Kimi From day 1 Gazini was plainly and simply the wrong choice for MUP. Kita mo naman pano nagkalat yung tao sa MU stage. Duh.

      • Totally agree! Why they chose her over Patch is difficult to understand. Patch would have given SA a fight, at least. Gazini is pretty, but maybe suited more for Miss International; she is way prettier than the current winner.

      • @smooth bee yes I thought of that gazini really have a pretty face. She could have done well in mi. Even supra. They really did not assign the girls in the proper pageant.
        Patch could have placed better coz mu is not that critical of facial beauty ( nakukulangan ako .sa ganda ni patch pero madadala Ng mahaba na leeg at kalmado na aura)
        Just like what I felt w maxine and Nicole cordoves should have switched places coz nawat will appreciate maxine beauty and Nicole cordoves could have reached top 3
        @aj gazini was overtrained . Ang Dami chef nasira na yun niluluto. Di na nya Alam sino susundin

      • Miss Universe was really way out of Gazini’s league…naawa ako sa kanya lalo when she guested in Boy Abunda’s show and she was grilled with all these pageant questions….may comm skills talaga dapat ang ipadala sa MU. Doon sa batch na yun, it was really Atty Patch who should’ve been sent..

  17. Fight lang Rabiya! Remember that more than just competing for the country, you are REPRESENTING the country. Pick up what is constructive, ignore what’s toxic. Be confident but not overconfident. Be proud without bragging. Last but not the least, be phenomenal in action rather than words. #forthecountry #loveyahrabiya

  18. Filipina gown pop out as Thomas put it 2 moons. Sigh she even keep making videos of her w no make up but she had a hiku nose enhancement and palakol veneers enhancements .
    Phenomenal woman who should influence young women yet she is encouraging young women to have enhancements and try to trick the public that she was born that way. Dati natutuwa pa ako sa pagiging pabiba nya now kaka disappoint

  19. Mannerism ba yan ng bibig nya? Ok lang paminsan minsan na nakabuka yung mga labi, pero mostly ng mga picture nya ganyan ang porma ng mga labi…
    Sana try naman nakasara lalu na hindi naman nakangiti.
    Tama yung mga comments, phil. flag inspired filipiniana ang suot nya pero nakaluwa yung dibdib at nakabuka ang bibig?

    • Palakol veneers yan Ms tissa also known as chipmunk veneers. Di na daw ma close bibig

  20. Rabiya is prettier, I think, when she’s smiling or when her mouth is not hanging open (paired with a blank stare). For some reason she has many pictures with this kind of expression. They should probably also put her in clothes that make her look longer, like her departure outfit which was very flattering. The headroom in this photo also makes Rabiya look short.

  21. Lamang talaga yun taga santolan .pinanganak na maganda yun . Ito na enhance na di pa rin kagandahan .day di porket sustagen twins Pak Kay pia bagay din sayo. Like a tween putting pads on her boobies now

    • Amanda? Sorry. Amanda isnt that pretty pag walang make up. Raw pics can attest to that. Medyo walang depth din sumagot. Ang para sa akin na deserving lang na makapasok sa top 5 and top ten na Thai reps ay sina Chalita at Tuktuk Thailand.

    • maganda lang si amanda pag may make up tsaka napanood mo ba yung Q&A training nya? hindi makasagot and panay walang lalim ang sagot. Magaling lang mag-english.

      • Ang alam ko full make up sila lalaban at walang depth sumagot Sabi mo. Si rabiya ano pumayag paglaruan at pagtripan . Does that make her smart? Being convinced that this enhancements will benefit her
        Yung taga santolan di namandohan Ng krung krung team. Yung atin? Well Kay catriona talaga trono di nauto Ng we want the best for you
        Nasa top 5 Naman si rabiya for sure inamorata yan Ng mayaman na donor number 1 tayo sa lazada

  22. The RW&B… Thanks to the ‘farfalle’ sleeves, we know exactly which country flag.

    THIS bi-color division of the dress down the middle is what I would have wanted for Manding’s ‘pla kat’ NatCos… I don’t believe the fish has been bred in such a way that opposite flanks throw different colors; it can be the direction for future hobby breeding.

    See how that white trim on the upper half LIGHTS UP the ensemble like a shot of wondrous clarity? A similar fin pattern has been bred in Siamese fighting fish. Interestingly, breeders refer to it as ‘butterfly’, where the outer rim/edge of fins is a solid band of color, pushing back against a body of another color. Which is exactly what we have here!

    A good thing there are no accessories. Just a girl and her dress. 🙂

  23. Philippine inspired flag tapos luwa ang dibdib. Hays buti sana kung totoo kaso halatang pinagawa.
    Sorry to say, this all paluwa ng dibdib ni Rabiya are all done in bad taste. May ganyan din si Pia dati pero may class ang dating.

    I hope her handlers stop packaging her as an inspiring bold star. Para syang laging ng aantay ng kaniig.

  24. First of all, I saw her video without any make-up and she’s gorgeous. Beautiful. So natural and fresh looking and full of life. She looked like a young Penelope Cruz. Congrats. More like that please. The only turn-off for me was her statement “ I am a phenomenal woman”. WTF. Masyadong hard-sell. Where did that statement come from? Is that the tag line na ba of Ms. Universe? That statement was so non-sequitur if she was promoting promoting natural look.

    Which leads me to the picture above. The concept of wearing a flag-inspired gown has been done since time immemorial. Her gown is not a wow but okay na. So-so. Which leads me to her fake looking so-so. Lol. Why do you keep on cheapening Rabiya? Those boobs look so fake (I hope it was photoshopped and not the result of some botched procedure). No natural boobs would look that ugly. Parang dalawang bowls na dinikit sa dibdib nya. Pilit na pilit , its pathetic.

    The gown would have looked classier without the obviously fake boobs. Our flag has one sun. Not two moons. Lol.

    World Peace.

  25. Her figure looks really great here. I think her body overall is ready. I am not sure what else to do with her facial expressions. She seem to stare blankly at the camera nowadays na parang walang spark.

    I think some people have commented feeling the same way.

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