12 comments on “Miqueal-Symone Williams: Jamaica’s Pride in the 69th Miss Universe

  1. Nag palpitate ang pageant community because of this contestant, her natural beauty and smile. Mukha new breed of MU na ang kunin, not the vavavroom- I-trained- from-a- beauty-camp aura but more of an organic beauty with natural wit and charm

  2. She’s a black barbie. She could be a threat and might be a Wendy during Venus’ time.

  3. She’s the prettiest black girl this year…
    Definitely Top 10… possibly Top 5

  4. She has to perform exceptionally in every level of the competetion to win the crown. In other words, it will be an uphill battle for Miss Jamaica.

  5. She will be a shoo in for the black America slot. Her beauty is not as polarizing as that of Nova Steven’s and she comes across as more relatable, grounded and sincere. Beautiful inside and out

  6. She is not just an international model, she is a SELECT MODEL mainboard, Top 3 Modelling Agency in the world. She is very humble, not even mentioning this in her interviews.

  7. Well she is not as UGLY as Miss World 1993 (Jamaica) and Miss World 2019 (Jamaica). Julia Morley likes UGLY Jamaicans as MW titleholders.

  8. Jamaica , in the Americas group , is definitely much stronger and must rank higher than USA …

  9. Miqueal pala, not Monique…

    (I will assume she WASN’T an IMG model before. So, this, if ever she wins, will be when she is signed up.)

    Mukha’ng binubuo na ni Boy Tito ang Favorites niya. So far, he has Philippines, Thailand, India, Venezuela, and now Jamaica.

    I counted the days. If today will be taken as his ‘Day 1’, then 21 days from now is more or less 16 May. So, he can give one candidate a day until when he makes his Final Pick on the morning (ours) of 17.

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