10 comments on “Mariangel Villasmil: Pastry Chef, Baker and Beauty Queen

  1. First time to see her in this post and did not read anything yet to know who she is. I already guessed it’s Miss Venezuela.

    They really have a formula. In some ways, parang predictable na.

  2. Glamazon. She is the typical Venezuelan beauty queen. Tall, sexy, facially gorgeous, graceful, and with beautiful pasarela. These attributes of Venezuelan beauty queens usually help them win crowns. She would be one of the 5 finalists.

  3. I wonder about when Venezuela sends blonde contestants to MU , whether they are true blondes …
    I specifically wonder about this delegate …

    • Hi, she isn’t. She’s a natural brunette. The last “blonde” miss Venezuela is 2004. Then before her 1997 marena bencomo. Im talking about universe ha.

  4. PANGIT DIN si Miss Venezuela. Uso na talaga ang pangit ngayon. Mabuhay ang mga pangit!

    • @ paul So, pangit sa ‘yo si Batchelor? ‘Eh, hawig sila….

      What about Stephanie Zreik? How do you find her beauty?

      (For me, Edymar is the most beautiful Venezolana reina de belleza!)

      (If Argentina’s Akselrad won’t make it due to her CoVid, I guess I’ll cross the border back over to…)

      I like THIS; ‘di multi-hyphenate. Kung pastry chef, pastry chef, period! 🙂

      • Flor sino yang si Stephanie Zreik? Sorry dami ng pangalan, hindi ka na kabisado sa dami. He, he, he…

      • @ paul Sthephany Zreik is ME-Air 2020.

        ‘Pag nakarating daw si Blogger sa Caracas, siya bahala… 🙂

    • Pangit pa sya sayo??? Makes me wonder how you look like.
      God bless you and heal you and take away any hatred you might have in life.

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