28 comments on “Andrea Meza from Chihuahua, Mexico for the 69th Miss Universe

  1. I don’t know. She’s giving me a little bit of Gabriela Isler vibe. I did not like Gabriela that night because i felt that she was too made up. Feeling the same way. I did hear she has good command of English.

  2. Akala ko sina Andrea del Rosario (first pic) at Lara Morena (last pic) hahahaha

    • @ AAA Andrea del Rosario is my fave ‘Hot Babe’. She starred in “Lupe, Asawa ng Seaman”, no?


      I’ve always wondered why not very many sexy star(let)s of that time crossed over to pageantry. Height, most probably. But personality-wise, were never lacking… Jen Rosendahl was relatively tall, easily 5’6″ at least by my reckoning.

      Well, that first photo looks like Ms. Meza is attempting a glam night-time US border penetration.

      • @Flor, Andrea Del Rosario had joined Miss Earth Philippines in its early inception and won Miss Close Up. She was a semifinalist. And now, she is living a very fabulous life. Hanggang doon na lang. Ayaw ko ng dagdagan baka mademanda tayo. Char!

      • @flor. The trend is to join beauty contest first before venturing into showbusiness. Not the other way around because of the risk of disqualification. If posing for a sexy magazine is a ground for disqualification, how much more appearing in a sexy film.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund & @ serge THANKS SO MUCH. 🙂

        2001, medyo praning-praningan pa ‘ko nu’n… Maybe only BBP/MU ang aware ako.

        (I recall Miriam winning 1st RU at MU in 1999 if I’m not mistaken and her hesitation with the polarizing Final Question a hot debate topic, and Russian cop Fedorova Oksana being happily discussed by male office colleagues…)

        But now that we’re on the subject of the Hot Babes, some time ago I saw on TV news one of them sharing her decision to remove her breast implants because her “sons were coming of age” (‘nagbibinata na’), so I took that to mean she does not want the boys to have an unrealistic idea of women, which I understand… She added that the ‘job’ was needed for the work (‘sa trabaho’).

        (… Which reminds me of my comment in an earlier post that Rab can always have hers taken back if for any reason in the future she might feel these no longer necessary, as the procedure is after all reversible. Kasi nga, mayru’n sa ‘tin’g ‘di OK sa ‘ginawa sa kanya’, pero guys it was her CHOICE… I’ll leave it here. Enjoy the rest of your day!)

      • Mutya Crisostomo, Karen Timbol, Rich Asuncion, Francine Prieto tsaka yong kaibigan ni Aleck Bovick nakalimutan ko pangalan.

      • @arnie. the girls you enumerated except Francine did not appear in sexy films. Francine Prieto appeared in few wholesome movies before she joined Bb Pilipinas 2003. She only became sexy star after her participation in Binibini.

      • @serge, noted. thanks. si sabrina m, 1993, si Patricia javier at techie agbayani ang mga sexy stars

  3. Trivia: OSCARS 2021 just wrapped up the movie awards season … Did you know that the director of the Oscars show , Glenn Weiss , used to be the director for the Miss Universe/ USA pageant shows ?

  4. She has the potential to be the next Miss Universe. She is young, talented with towering height 6’0″. Hopefully her success in Miss World 2017 where she placed First Runner-up will be better this time in Miss Universe 2020.

  5. Being multihyphenate makes her remarkable. Definitely, she will be noticed but not enough to be included in top 5.

  6. Have u seen her picture where she is dressed as a hoochie? That photo has been lambasted by US pageant fans. It’s a big downgrade from the virginal Andrea in an immaculate gown we saw at Miss World 2017 holding hands with Julia Morley and singing kumbaya with the winners and also rans

  7. Kulang din sa ganda si Mexico. Mukha na rin siyang young lola. I am not impressed with this Miss Mexico lalo na after the kaguluhan with Lupita Jones. Same with Miss Colombia.

  8. there’s too much in this contestant and yet there is “kakulangan” … I don’t know exactly where it is …

    • Must be the face. I don’t find it striking/memorable. Ako lang naman siguro.

    • (Cont.)

      P.I. !!! Huli ba ‘ko sa balita, guys??!

      ARE ANDREA MEZA AND DIEGO GARCY (the inaugural MrS, 2016)… ALL? 🙂

      I watched the video again, and a tall handsome dude at the back of the fam foto (0,15~0,17) caught my ‘ojos’…. Sh_t.

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