5 comments on “Pageantry Norms S4E9: A Long and Winding Road to the Crown

  1. Maayo’ng aga, Ungkol T2. Ngayon pa lang namin nakita ka’ng naka-‘plum’ shirt. In fer, bagay. 🙂

    Google says it symbolizes ‘uplift’, ‘royalty’, ‘romance’, and ‘luxury’…(Pakilala mo na siya ‘min, pls).

    Pansin ko rin, naka-black ulit si Direk. Last episode, naka-black sila ni Voltaire Rappler. Uhm,… does this mean he will stock up on black shirts? Sabihin mo, huwag ibilad sa araw para ‘di kumupas.

    (Si Producer, ni minsan ‘di pa nagparamdam. Kailan?)

    OT nemen…

    As I type this and if I’m not mistaken, it’s just after 0100H on the African continent. And today as you posted on in your social media page/s, Kelley Day takes her flight FROM Egypt… Do keep us posted, kasi one of us commented na i-guest siya dito para ma-share naman niya her version of what really went on at Sharm El-Sheik… Can we expect that for S5, kahit after MU na, po? At hanggang katapusan ‘ata submission ng applications for MrWP. Boss ALV is not yet pleased?

    (I would also like to take this opportunity to correct myself in the Emma Tiglao post regarding her now-inclusion in the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation family, wherein I said Region 3 of Luzon holds the distinction of a straight/point-to-point connection from Pacific Ocean (Aurora) to SCS (Zambales). Happily, also Region 4-A makes it possible – Quezon to Batangas/Cavite.)

    • (Cont.)

      Am also looking forward to Princess Guanzon. Said Lavinia, matangkad daw ‘to’ng bata’ng ‘to… From Sablayan City, Mindoro Occidental (so far, we’ve had Oriental with Lehmann here and Dok Adee who like Maria Alejandra Vengoechea gives some young Kurleto vibe), could it be said she is BBP’s answer to MUP’s Noreen Mangawit or Nina Soriano? 🙂

      The ‘princessa’ is a CHAMELEON. In one photo, au naturel looks like Patalinjug. And dramatically made up, like Basiano.

      • @ Norman (You already got what you were asking for? Clue : a past Chinatown episode.)


        Balik usapan’g MU, po.

        We forgot to consider the view of one very important personality, in fact the single most prominent if symbolic sponsor of the pageant.

        AT KLARO’NG-KLARO ANG SINABI NIYA. MAGANDA DAPAT. @ paul is on the scent; after all, MUO would profit immensely with a queen Filipino fans would ogle like some pristine saint!

  2. They all did very well in the q and a. Amazing batch of PN guests. Carina is gorgeous and well-spoken. Honey Bae gave profound answers.
    Here is my revised title assignments
    International- Arnold
    Grand International- Basiano
    Intercontinental- Montaigne
    Globe- Carino
    Tourism- Mendoza
    First runner up- Tan
    2nd runner-up- Felizarta

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