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  1. Sure Top 20… I got no clue after that…
    Least desserving Miss Thailand recently IMO..

  2. Sorry but she’s not faciallg beautiful, If there’s a black woman who deserved a higher spot, it’s Jamaica

    • @ Lurker Higher spot than First Cut of 21?… Advance the one you wish to hear speak.

      I have not heard Monique talk. I’m unsure if she’s the same level as Kaci or Davina. Nova for sure can ‘defecate on the microphone’.

      Canada and Jamaica… I would like to see in a future Earth edition Elemental Court! 🙂

      Ta’s, may pambato dapat (quite recently as in the last few years ‘di ko lang maalala which) ang GUAM sa Earth na Teutonic beauty, pero ‘di siya tumuloy for some reason. Hope she returns…

  3. Ganda nya sa pictures for sure pero sa candid, mabilis matatabunan ng co-candidates to. But if there’s one thing I applaud Thailand for, it’s their team support. Grabe yung preparations and luxurious items na pinoprovide for her. I don’t think magiging front-runner to kung hindi sobrang lakas ng suporta ang binibigay ng org sa photoshots at gamit. However, I still don’t think mananalo to, kung si Veena sana sealed na crown for them.

  4. Not my cup of tea. She’s too cartoon-ish for my liking. Sorry!
    My favorite Thai queen so far is Porxild.

    • @ramon Kasi ho totoo na 5’7 yun 5’7 sa thailand. Dito Kasi Yun 5’5 ginagawa 5’7

  5. Sure top 5. Ang hands ng face maliit ang mukha tapos button nose.
    Tinik ito underestimate Ng iba magaling sa opening statement at pagkakaiba Kay fahsai at maria ehren ni amanda di sya takot mapuna ng gobyerno
    Pwede pa top 3 yan at matapatan Ng di komplikado na tanong mananalo mu
    Negosyo mu
    Nakuha na Nila market ng pinoy won’t be surprised if amanda winning . Thailand was generous enough to be the host 2018. If hosting did matters well I’m looking at the next miss universe

    • @ bonsaihater The ‘mahirap at madali’ng tanong’ are Top 10 material. The ‘Final 3’ question is usually the generic type that checks for the candidate’s FOCUS.

      “What should we be teaching young women right now”? That could be anything. For ZT, it was LEADERSHIP.

      (I forgot the exact question in 2017. But Davina Bennett specified her charity work.)

      Folks will eventually want to know just what you specialize in. You may still be open-minded and magnanimous as a queen. But there must be one subject/topic you can talk passionately of at length. It is something you possess the expertise, gravitas, and experience for, to gain credibility.

      What’s that for ACO*? Or for any candidate for that matter?

      (* – Amanda Chalisa Obdam)

      • @flor in a perfect world one can seek for amanda obdam is passionate about but I’m giving only my mu insight on whom I think will be highly possible to be crowned. I had a tete a tete w a Filipino national director Ng Ibang bansa . He said he expects thailand to win coz muo badly wantsto crown them since 2017 but they tend to hold back in the q and a. Muo wants ehren or demi. Muo as a business who is not doing well wanted a queen who can bring in advertisements sponsorships .Wala daw Kita Kay zozi. Sino pinaka madami sponsor now? Tuk tuk. This queen doesn’t hold back her thoughts . Looks wise maganda talaga. Hindi pinilit na manga.

  6. I love Amanda (although I love Chalita and Fahsai more), but I do admit that she lacks in content whenever she speaks. Her delivery in English is great, but the content is questionable. Her answers are very generic during MUT. Chalita is still the best Thai representative.

    • @ Abcde Imo, may content sila, ‘di lang nila ma-i-deliver ng matino. Kung sa courier rider, naligaw… 🙂

      Poonlertlarp was asked about a significant social movement in her country, and she gave a ‘flat’ reference to her generation needing to ‘soon take over’ from the older. Paweensuda was made to choose between ‘privacy’ and ‘security’, but her words was nothing special that precisely I don’t remember what she said… And Suansane gave the tried-&-tested-safe-Thai-reply, ‘HRM The King’.

      Contrast these with Bint’s “a simple pharmacist like me winning MI, can be a cheer for all women”. THAT WAS AN INSTANT JAB TO THE JUDGES. If she were a TV ad, she sold it! And win, she did.

      (I don’t remember what Ann Porsild said. Generic MW-type expression of goodwill. But Boss GPVL still liked it.)

  7. The Introduction Video is like a combo of those of Rachel Peters and Laura Gonzales-Ospina. Island girl with ‘family-is-my-team’ mantra. 🙂

    A Battle-of-the-Brands! TPN is saying to MUPO, “you see?!! We were able to secure Turkish Airways”. It reminds me of Vietnam Air’s NZ campaign with H’Hen Nie as l’etoile…(Guys, you saw her poolside video in multi-color braids reminiscent of le fou in Dior’s Printemps-Ete’ 2021 HC?)

    I will work through @ jaretwrightlover’s selection (below). Kung ME ‘to at ‘Beauty of Face’ ang 2/3 ng Prelims score, my Final 5 would be Thailand, Peru, Czechia, Armenia, & Russia. LOLZ. My ‘white supremacist’ bent is evident. And of course, Klara Vavruskova has been there…

    Be reminded Manding is NOT incredibly tall. Recall nu’ng Open Forum early on in MUT 2020 na tinanong siya kung balakid ang pagiging on the small side niya? Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g matangkad na nag-withdraw dahil may previous jobs siya na conflict-of-interest sa TPN na hindi niya i-di-nisclose… ‘Yun’g kahawig ni Michelle Dee. Sino nga ba ‘yun? Senior moments. 😦

    JUST IN TIME…. Cheraim Chaiyantus… Mister Blog, please ask your Thai-based pageant contacts if she will give pageantry another try. And while you’re at it, tell them to convince Praeww to e-mail Nias Pilar, at sigurado’ng pasok pa rin siya du’n* age-wise.

    (* – The Miss Globe)

    • (Cont.)

      That Betta splendens* (‘pla kat’)-inspired NatCos is utterly messy, like thin-pale rags hung up to dry. I hope this is NOT the version we see next month, rather a NEATER one.

      She said she would emulate the swimming manner of the fish, which I am very interested to see as it will revive memories of Gazini’s silver Cary Santiago Pithecophaga jeffreyi, the way she twisted her neck abruptly onstage in imitation of the bird suddenly catching sight of a potential meal while perched.

      (* – I have wonderful memories of this little beast as a pet over the years. It does not ask for much and with religious care can stay around for quite a bit. I find it amusing that in all my visits to its home country not once did I spot in, whether in the fields or in shops.)

  8. Love her!! Thailand has been steadily warming up these past few years in MU and this woman may just be the one to breakthrough to the Top 3 and even win the crown.

  9. I am not too impressed but right now , I am giving her the 5th position in the Asia Pacific Africa region

    South Africa

    For Europe,

    Czech Republic

    For Americas,


    • USA (for Americas) , Australia (for Asia Pacific Africa) , Iceland (for Europe) can be wild card entrants

      • @ jaretwrightlover & @ john manalo Or Nepal, for that matter. 🙂

        (Bear in mind, Kathmandu will host the 71st MU edition. And Boss JG helped bring that about…)

      • The wild card group for the 69th MU will live up to its name and really be ‘WILD” as in it’s anybody’s game …

    • there’s going to be a surprise, almost sure, for every group just like last year 2019 … Nigeria (for Asia Pacific Africa) , Portugal (for Europe) , Dominican Republic (for Americas) ,… who will they be for the 69th MU for each of the groups ? … hard to guess….

      *In 2018, there were no surprises in the Asia Pacific Africa group, but in Europe and Americas, there were surprises … I was surprised with Jamaica, Hungary, Ireland, …

      • Instead of Nigeria, I would have rather got Kenya
        Instead of Portugal, I would have rather got Spain
        Instead of Dom Rep, I would have rather got Argentina

        The wild card group in 2019 was just about excellent !

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