10 comments on “Watch: The Send-Off for Ayu Maulida to the 69th Miss Universe

  1. The scales look good and expensive.
    The parts of the costume I didn’t like are the top portion of the tail, and the belly.
    The belly gave the illusion of a pregnant lizard.

  2. This isn’t a komodo dragon-“inspired” natcos. This is a komodo dragon costume period.

  3. I hate that Head Costume … gross … I simply just hate lizards with sharp venomous teeth in general

  4. I like her NatCos. Good choice. Komodo dragon is a reptile endemic in Indonesia.
    She could be a finalist.

  5. Indonesia will do well this year and Thailand too. For the Philippines, I’m still hoping we crack the top 5 again.

  6. The elements of her national costume are disconnected on so many levels. I can start with the headpiece against the “gown.” Next is the abdomen part against the surrounding fabric. Sorry if I misused some terms; i don’t know much about fashion.

    • @ Nakakalurker I’m FULLY feeling you on this one.

      It’s a literal lizard pelt! 😦

      That tail… OMGosh… It’s an entity in and of itself.

      Lest fans say I’m demolishing what surely is a labor of love on the part of her country folk, I have in mind the following so they’ll understand where I’m coming from – that dinosaur suit worn by MEco-Thailand 2021 (who came in 3rd to our Kelley’ red Louis Pangilinan at NatCos) and the gecko suit of Anthony Clarinda (is he from Curacao, guys?) at MUM.

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