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  1. Yan ang tunay na beauty ni Rabiya without the excessive photoshop ! Yung mga lookbook pictures niya ay kuha lang ng mga jalalay niya kaya yan talaga ang beauty niya.
    Kung last year puro feathers ang galawan ni Gazini, this time naman drapery or kukurtinahin ang galawan ni Rabiya… I cant wait as laman ng maleta ni Amanda Obdam!!!

  2. My Top 10:


    Puerto Rico
    Great Brittain


    Costa Rica

  3. Ang Ganda pala ni Peru NGayon
    She’s definitely a top 5 material along with si many latinas

    • Gumanda na si Peru kay Fabian Reyes. Natakot na kasi siya kay Canada. Ha, ha, ha…

  4. Di ba LAGI kong inuulit-ulit na HUWAG magbigay kay Norman ng UGLY PICTURES (with ugly dress, teeth, etc.) for posting. Di ang daming PINTAS. At hindi naman nakatutulong kay Rabiya. Again, HUWAG gayahin si Abesamis at Galeria.

    Good Sunday to all!.

  5. TOP 5
    … get ready to be surprised. Any takers? 😇

    • Sir I like your prediction because it is a mix of traditional powerhouse countries and non-powerhouse countries. I honestly prefer a beautiful stunning lady from a country that has never placed, lalo na kung napakadeserving naman, over a “run-off-the-mill” barbie.

      Cambodia – Russia – Philippines – Chile – Curacao

      P.S.: Ako yung paborito sina Miss Malaysia 2016 and Miss Cayman Islands 2016 noon weird ba? 🙂

  6. Much as I would like to be true to my promise and just support her, the sad truth is that most of the “negative comments” posted here, while mean and bitchy sounding, have grains of truth:

    > Don’t post na lang anything that would not even add to our confidence. Kailangan ba talagang pilitin that she has 100 outfits?

    The white abay-sa-kasal in some 3rd-class province look is pathetic. And the red kukur is uninspired. Wag na kasi pilitin na meron syang 100!

    >. But my biggest wonder really is what did they do to her face? Especially the mouth and TEETH area? The face photo in the white dress, I am sorry to say is…let’s be kind here, not fetching at all. She looked like a sad chipmunk. My gulay naman. Who are those bright minds behind her look? I really do not understand that two heavily veneered front teeth.

    > The devil is in the details. I’ve commented about the three teddy bears prominently displayed in her previous interview. I was lambasted by sone to not focus on small things. Image is everything dears. I don’t understand why these supposedly “image-gurus” would put three teddy bears behind our candidate who have always been accused of being not woman enough, ne-neng nene (implication: can not do yet a grown-up job) during a crucial interview segment. Nasa talampakan ba ang mga utak nyo? Lol.

    Haaay. In the name of everything nice and kind, stop playing with her looks and image at this point. Please help her because you have the rare opportunity to do so. I don’t care about the million dislikes I get from this.

    World Peace.

    • Thomas first class ang category ng province namin kahit bago pa lamang siya (20+years). And one of the TOP 10 richest provinces in the Philippines. Probably the richest in Mindanao.

      Pasensya na kay ang Iloilo Province (Rabiya’s home Prov.) is not that rich. At dyan nanggaling ang aking mga magulang. He, he, he…

    • Problema naman kasi sa karam8han…MANG AAWAY NA AGAD AT LALAITIN KA…Truth is…her eyes speak of loneliness…i wonder why?

  7. She used to look more stunning before her makeover 🙋🏽‍♂️ Now she looks very SAD 😭
    She lost her spark and charm. 😰

  8. Most of the aspiring Filipino designer, super ganda ng sketch, but bakit pag nakasuot na ang chaka chaka na ng datingan, the red one is pang batis look while the lace one is pang abay sa kasal look in the province! 100 nga ang baon na damit kung kukurtinahin din lang sayang lang ang excess baggage 🧳

    • @ PAQUITA X Yup. The white. I straight up would cut off that train… Again, white ain’t her color.

      The red, buti na lang wala’ng embellishment otherwise it would have been reminiscent of the garb of the Sto. Nino brought to that brook for washing. But I still like it kasi bagay talaga red sa kanya.

      If you read @ jaretwrightlover’s comment below, she (bilat siya, no?) noted that top and trousers are two different shades of red. Do you see it? Me, barely; my eyes are poorly now. Or, it could simply be that while the same pigment was used it registers differently if different fabrics were in this ensemble. So, maybe the trousers are more stretchy-clingy-form-fitting, hence some synthetic thread woven in but then does that make it effectively more matte than the top which I imagine would be a shiny-soft natural fiber such as silk??….

  9. As the Album gets bigger, it will be harder for me to remember everything…

    Updated, in increasing order, 002 (green with long-sheer extensions to the ‘butterfly sleeve’ and ribbon at the back) < 006 (white one, here) < x (forgot what it was but I felt it was not her best) < (the pink one at the O-Skin event, with spherical little bag) < 005 (red one, here) < 001 (departure at NAIA 1).

    (There should be none of that bs rhetoric anymore, in the text…)

    @ Fabian Reyes You liked her beauty in the 002, which was what she had on in her Introduction Video. That was indoors; the room was quite dim and maybe the make-up was shimmery to compensate? This is outdoors in the Floridian Spring sun; in the bottom photo, the patch of direct sun on the palm trunk is the give-away.

    @ 4M Yes, po. She has worn them… The garage door and driveway for the red (unless that's a digital/virtual backdrop) and the grass/foliage/palms-&-fence for the white are proof.

    I will assume she's putting out the less flattering or more fussy pieces now to save the more sleek-&-sophisticated ones for the competition proper… 100 pieces… If MUO asks her to stay in the USA a bit after the pageant, if not outright crowning her, PLENTY of reserves and in any case puwede ihabol ng designers via courier.

  10. Puede magpakatotoo tayo. Kung hindi maganda. Huwag ng ipost. Mukhang mas maganda pa sya sa mga interview. Mas malaman natin sa interview kung maganda cya at mananalo ba talaga cya. Yun lungs 😳😲😱

    • @ bong700 ‘Eto ‘yun’g mga looks that she ACTUALLY wears to MU-related efforts. Kaya in-Album ni Ungkol at may three-digit number assignment each. So, ‘001’ to ‘100’ in practice. 🙂

      MARAMI’NG pasavogue studio shots online. But if Ungkol does not include in his Album, not counted.

      Now, whether we do get to see all 100 is another matter…

      You prefer her in interviews? This one here with Mr. Regalado and that one with Olivia Quido-Co are. And in both, she sports her better looks (the red and pink ones, respectively). So yes, you are very much correct in your observation…

      … Which establishes what colors work with Rab. RED IS STILL BEST. White is worst; it makes her look ‘not-her-best’. Remember, guys, that glam shot also in white where she got comments here concerning poor styling in general by Pinoys in that the entire purpose of ‘nude’ is defeated when sheer undergarments are thrown in? KAYA NGA NUDE, DAPAT BARE SKIN.

  11. Facially , she’s very underwhelming
    If this is how she’s gonna look on MU stage , she won’t make it through the first cut.

    • She used to look more stunning before her makeover 🙋🏽‍♂️ Now she looks very SAD 😭

  12. I am curious, has she actually worn these? I haven’t been following a lot lately and I dont think i’ve seen her worn these yet.

  13. Definitely the red ensemble ! I love the slightly different shades of red for the top and bottom !

    Her hair on the other outfit with lace does not look right for her … they should cross it out , never to use again ….

  14. Auntie N, mas interested ako sa interviews nya sa Florida. Not this edited pictures 😱
    Salamat po Auntie 🤗

  15. She doesn’t have to win you know 🙋🏼‍♂️ We have already had four MU winners afte all. 😘😘😘

  16. Diko feel yung puti, pati pose nya hahahaha tok sweet and disconnected

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