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  1. She used to look more stunning before her makeover 🙋🏽‍♂️ Now she looks very SAD 😭
    She lost her spark and charm. 😰

  2. Which country has the longest placement streaks in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth?

    • In Miss Universe its still USA. In 2004, when Ana Karina Añez of Venezuela was nowhere in the top15, I remember Daisy Fuentes commented, ” and this is the 1st time Venezuela missed the cut, after 21 years!”

  3. The look is good but the outfit is borderline slutty…if it’s tad bit longer it would have been appropriate.

  4. two Sash Giants , who don’t seem to appear in anyone’s radar this year to be the predicted winner , are suffering from low favorability , and they are Venezuela and Puerto Rico … they both might not even make it to the top 21 …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Politics alone can account for that. Besides, you think the American public-at-large will care for ‘them again’?

      I like Villasmil facially. But doesn’t the MV brand look ‘stuck in a rut’? How did you feel about their virtual Nationals (that crowned Mariangel)?… Did OS bring ‘the formula’ with him to Argentina? Akselrad is also Teutonic, and economy-wise Buenos Aires might even be worse than Caracas. Still, I’m somewhat tired of ‘always Vene’… Maiba naman kaya?

      PR will have their place in the sun when they host MW. And facially, Soto to me looks old. Like Kunsorntornrut old… But I will pick Polfah over Estefania anyday!

      RIGHT NOW, WHICH LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRY WILL AMERICANS-AT-LARGE BE FASCINATED WITH, sans immigration and trade-and-commerce issues? Crown THAT country! 🙂

      • I think the MUOrg will not waste the recording of the Natl Costume show next month so that instead of 74 candidates all on stage performing for the opening number and introductions and hardly physical distancing, they will use the costume show as part of the opening number just like in the prior years…

      • @ jaretwrightlover Exactly! Just like what happened at MUP 2020, with the candidates spread out across the vastness of BCC. 🙂

        (STILL my fave was TMPerez’s ‘dark farfalle’ in high-clingy boots. She looked like a Batman saga villain.)

  5. grabe 18 na bansa na pala ang ng withdraw sa MU, kung di pa naman makapasok sa finals to si Rab ewan ko na lang.

    • What are they trying to achieve with those facial expressions ?
      She looks like she is in the middle of a sexual act.
      But she is facially beautiful and that’s what matters the most

      • para mgang future pornstar ang packaging. susko matagal ko na sinasabi

  6. I dont know but i think MU2020 will be from the Americas. Since MU already nailed their market in Asia and Africa region, it is already time for them to reinforce their market in the Americas. Another factor will be the pandemic and current issue that MUO is in a not so stable financial status, it would be best for them to have a winner within the region where MUO is stationed. Lesser expenses and paper works rather than having a winner from the other side of the world, the earth, the universe rather.

    • Of course, Peru will be the host country in 2021. That’s already a given fact that MU 2020 winner is latina. Rabiya is fighting for the runner up placement. I wish she would win tho

      • @ Chuva Chuhu ‘Di po ba ay Costa Rica ang host ngayon’g taon/edition? Y Peru? May change?

  7. My top 20: *in Random order*

    Romania- Miss International RUp
    Brazil- actress/model in China
    Chile- soap opera star

    Puerto Rico
    Great Brittain- successful economist & singer
    Barbados- Multi-media Marketing Ceo
    Cambodia-Film Actress

    Costa Rica-dislexic

    South Africa

    *I’m so dissapointed with Russia… 1st Casualty due to bad behaviour.

    *Iceland could possibly make the cut if she’s cleared w/ Covid

    * China’s delegate is açtually gorgeous & a very good speaker… but allowing her to reach the Top 20 could be like feeding her to the wolves…

  8. Buti na lang ‘di in-implement ‘yun’g ‘Mobstar’ poll approach, na puwede’ng mag-Rate Down (‘swipe left’?), para mangyari ‘numbers battle’…

    Kasi pagdating sa NatCos, two countries from the ‘P-Group’ imo deserve thumbs-down. TOO BUSY. TOO MUCH GOING ON. Creators were obviously TOO EXCITED. 😦

    Most of us want the Continental Grouping abolished for the Top 21. But I want it for the NatCos… if MUO likes, ‘yun’g ‘bests of the continents’ ang isabak sa botohan ng fans ULIT for ‘Gran Campion’.


    (Parang MGI, with multiple rounds of voting. Prize for ‘Gran Campion’? Complementary SARS-Cov2 vaccination. But that means her USA VISA will have to be extended so she can go back home right after her second jab. Para may saysay ang NatCos showcase, ‘di lang pa-‘borlas’.)

  9. Ganda nya dito. She can be fierce and sweet.

    Iba ang vibes ko kay Mexico. Naalal ko si Ximena nung 2010.
    Possible top 2, Philippines & Mexico.

  10. For Asia Pacific Africa , no.1 let’s call on Miss Philippines !

    South Africa

    I cannot decide , perhaps it is going to Thailand … I am not too impressed with Obdam

    (* I am already decided on my Americas group and my Europe group)

      • Australia and USA , if they make it , it will have to be by wild card or by popularity vote. Neither of them are or deserve to be in the top tier of their respective groups …

      • @ jaretwrightlover Imo, neither Branch nor Thattil have the numbers for a Poll placement. Only by Wild Card (judges’ discretion)…

        But now that you’ve mentioned it, recall Chaling who, back in 2017, made first penetration on fan votes…

        … “Thailand works out two hours a day. And girl, it shows!”… “This dress/gown was… after one worn by the Queen of Thailand (HRM Sirikit?)”… All good enough to make it to the first Q&A. 🙂

        My point : pageant-vote-rich ASEAN countries are in the best position to take advantage of the Poll. They can (PROBABLY???) afford to be lazy in the Prelims, knowing their paisanas y paisanos will save the day… Conserve the energy and ammunition for the Final. A luxury, indeed.

  11. With or without fan voting, Rabiya is now a Top 10 material!

    Among the Southeast Asian candidate, she made sure that she will stand out!

    Everybody knows here that Michelle Gumabao was my top choice to wear the Philippine sash but Rabiya showed her persistence and humility so bakit hindi ko siya susuportahan! She made herself like a foam, ready to absorb every detail that will ferry her to the top spot so I can not ask for more!

    All we have to do now is seat back and relax and let Rabiya deliver result!

    I saw her wearing a black gown on high bun with dangling gold earring and kabog ang Bisaya!

    Come preliminary night, I hope Jonas will replicate the same entrance Pia did in 2015 for Rabiya, yung nakapamewang then smize! Yun ang bagay kay Rabiya then nakalugay lang ang buhok! Then in evening gown, high bun naman!

    Hindi ko na bet si Amanda, chaca pala niya without make up! Yung isa naman shupit mukhang kabisote!

      • 2015, 5’10” na rampadora sinusundan ni Pia c/o Laura “Bitchesa” Spoya. Heavy favorite din that time si Peru.

    • Agree ako sa high bun hairstyle ni Rabiya sa evening gown portion. Pero dapat parang high bun nung kay Megan Young at hindi nung kay Patch Magtanong, huh! Rabiya looks elegant sa high bun, at nakakatangkad din ‘yun.

      Until now, wala pa ring hint kung ano ang evening gowns ni Rabiya sa preliminary competition at sa finals, pati na rin ang isusuot n’yang national costume. Masyadong mataas ang EQ ng MUP Team, huh! Nakakaloka na. Samantalang ang dami ng inilalabas na fake news sa Youtube about the gowns na isusuot daw ni Rabiya, pero alam mong edited at click bait lang. Mga bakla talaga, qiqil n’yo q, huh!

      Sa Asia, there is no doubt na si Rabiya ang ultimate frontrunner. Ganda kase talaga ng fezlak ni vokloh. Kaya I am confident na aabot s’ya sa Top 3. Mas nakikita ko na mauungusan ni Sarita Reth si Amanda sa ranking. Kakaiba ang oriental beauty ni Cambodia. Besides, nararamdaman na ang power ng Cambodia sa social media. At, nagbu-boom na ang beauty pageant awareness sa kanilang bansa. What about Laos? Well, she’s beautiful but looks bland. Walang X-factor si ganda. Eh, si Indonesia? Naku dzai, ipatapyas n’ya muna ang baba n’ya. Eh, si Vietnam? Hahahaha! Walang s’yang ganda.

      That’s all.

      • @ ana winter..

        those descriptions.. Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam.. 😂🤣🤣🤣

      • @lonewolf, Sarita’s beauty is very oriental na pang-alta, parang Crazy Rich Asian s’ya. Since Filipino-trained naman s’ya, mukhang na-polish ang pageant skills n’ya.

        @andy, honest observation lang naman ang sa akin. Pero, ‘yung catwalk skills ni Vietnam, parang H’hen nie din. Confidence kung confidence ang labanan.

      • Nakaaaliw kang basahin Ana Winter-Lund. Patuloy sa gawaing ito. Congratulations!

    • Dagdagan ko pa. Yung ilong ni Miss Thailand ay parang kamatis na namamaga hahaha

    • Ako I always support filipino candidates. Yung iba lang dito na di maka move on sa national pageant ang mga naninira sa kanya. I wasn’t a Maxine fan or Rachel but i supported them in international pageant.

      • Neither was I a fan of Gazini in the nationals, but I supported her all the way in Miss Universe. That is precisely because she represented me, us, and all the Filipinos because she carried our flag. But it is not a fault to give honest criticism. And hate? No. That’s very unchristian.

        That’s all.

  12. Rabiya is undeniably beautiful – but I think her biggest weapon is her speaking ability. She can go head to head against Australia and USA. If those ladies are the top 3, it would be so difficult to choose – but I would not be surprised if Rabiya comes on top. To be honest, I really love all her delivery during the nationals. She should continue to build on those and never mind all her detractors who have nothing to contribute anyway.

  13. Vavavoom — part of image branding. She can be fierce and sexy when the situation calls for it. Isn’t that what Miss Universe wants? And for those who think women can only either be sexy or holy, get out of your caves. Women nowadays are multifaceted. There’s nothing wrong with reveling in your body. Go Rabiya! You got this !

  14. I love it!
    She looks all grown up….
    I love the big hair….
    I wouldn’t mind a more exagerated Valley of the Dolls/Farah Faucet hairdo…

    This whole ensemble would have been more artsy high fashion and less sexy men’s magazine centerfold if she wore some avant-garde shoes and accesories… or an Aris Van Herpen inspired dress…

    Overall, still impactful specialy to the male audience…

    • Lol the only male audience who still care about beauty pageants are GAY!

  15. In oppose to others’ views here, I find Rabiya’s photos above a lot fiercer. We may not be used to seeing Rabiya in that pin up look, but for me it worked on her. Regarding her well-pushed up boobsies, I think they did that on purpose, and that is for her to look more like a lady and not a girl, and that her torso would look longer.

    I would not just settle with the animal print dress, but I understand. I believe her team reserves the best dresses on the competition proper.

    That’s all.

  16. This is just plain trashy . Where is the Rabiya we fell in love with at MUP . The one whose intelligence and wit shone without all this artifice . This is not what a modern beauty / woman should embody . Fake boobs, fake teeth, fake hair …. everything we and she doesn’t need . We love Rabiya the person but her handlers and stylist are stuck in the past . After all the world has gone through this image of a hyper made up , super glammed , phony beauty just seems so harsh. I think MU will be looking for a natural looking beauty , a woman who can stand out without all these trappings. Rabiya could still be it , IF SHE BREAKS FREE FROM HER HANDLERS AND BE HERSELF.

    • IF SHE BREAKS FREE FROM HER HANDLERS and be herself – KAWAWA SIYA AT HINDI MAKAKAPASOK SA TOP 21. REMEMBER JG IS CLOSE TO MU PEOPLE like Paula Shugart. Ano ka ba? Para ka ring si Venus Rah sa kabobohan at kapalpakan. Yung pictures niya sa taas HINDI yan kasama sa official judging.

  17. Grabe and emphasis sa boobs kaso halatang salamat doc. Yung kay Pia, natural at may class ang dating ng photos, eto……. hmmmm Goodl luck n lang talaga

    O sya boto na mga beks at iyan lang ang pag asa makapasok sa semis

  18. Not a fan of the twins job and buck tooth look for me what ain’t broken doesn’t need fixing. Pinahirapan pa si rabiya sa mga tweeks na pinag gagawa

  19. Oh no, I see a hint of boobage!

    Why is it Rabiya’s boobs seem to be so triggering?

    Personally, I’m not mad at her boobs.

    I think I’d only be upset at her boobs if they suddenly opened & the muzzle of a gun shot out, one on each side, & Rabiya started spraying bullets like the fem-bots from Austin Powers. And that’s how we found out that her boobs were holduppers pala!

    And even then I wouldn’t be upset at Rabiya mismo, but at MUP for not screening properly. This would never happen at BPCI!

    Also, I get how Rabiya’s brand is studious / academic. But is she not allowed to explore other aspects of her womanhood? Who says a woman can’t be intelligent & sexy at the same time? I mean, look at Pietro Boselli, PhD in engineering, and owner of abs that are made for sin. And no-one is telling him to cover up or risk having his intelligence or credibility questioned.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

  20. @ Raf & @ PAQUITA X Ang kasalanan dito, MAIKLI ang palda.

    Has this been something long bias-cut Vionnet, mag-iiba pananaw natin. 🙂

    Also, I have always wondered why ‘animal print’ has only ever been ungulate, reptilian, or feline. Feathers, fish scales (nicely overlapping with some fractal variation for dynamism), and the visually-textural skin of octopus or squid can be inspiration as well… Iris Van Herpen knows…


      • @ PAQUITA X Yeah, sure Mareh. Fret not… We get your point.

        If it’s any consolation, this will in all probability again get TORN APART by @ paul, not worthy of inclusion in his collection of pageantry clippings.

      • Correct ka Flor, I did not download the pictures above. He, he, he… When I like the photos, I download them and put in my pageant vault. Chos! Good morning dear.

  21. Girl, be authentic !!! Be yourself… That’s not you !!! This photo screams like a starlet from SEIKO Films in the 90’s pang ST Queen 👑 lang ang peg

  22. Beautiful lady.
    Nice shoes.
    Not a fan of animal prints though. I find animal prints tacky, something streetwalkers would wear especially in the U.S. or in Europe.

  23. definitely a top 21 , not even need the popularity vote

    The popularity vote will go to someone from Asia Pacific , it always seems that way … ( 3 out of 4 )

    2011: Portugal
    2013: (Ara) Philippines
    2016: Thailand

    There was one in 2012 but it was not revealed, but I sure bet it was India

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