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  1. Confident walk is winning walk Which can be achieved by wearing comfortable shoes. JB deserves appreciation from pageant girls.

  2. mukhang madali majira ang shoes
    manipis mashadow

    congrats baby jojo

  3. Why dont Catriona model JB’s shoes? His support for Cat in 2018 was incredible…they even had vlogs together in Thailand. Para rin may participation si Cat in this year’s Miss Universe edition.

  4. Ayaw DAW magsuot ni Amanda Obdam ng JB shoes. Magdala RAW siya ng high-end shoe brands. Gaano katotoo ito?

    • Sabi pa nila naghihirap na nga ang Pinas nakuha pang mag sponsor para lang sa korona, dapat daw dinonate na lang nila slum area daw.

      • @ Arnie Ganu’n daw? 🙂

        Naalala ko noon’g nag-Ondoy. ‘Eh, ‘di mag-donate daw ng clothing kasi nga marami’ng nawalan… Ta’s, ‘yun’g spokesperson ng isa’ng socio-civic group overseeing it said may mga nag-donate ng fur coat, ‘americana’, boots, wedding gown… Etc. etc.


        (Pilipino talaga… Masyado’ng magaling.)

      • Mga Thai daw ang nagsabi hehe, Miss Sponsor na daw si Rabiya kasi puros Pinoy Sponsors – LAZADA, MISS O ba yun? tapos Bragais, plus Chavit, at totoo ba na may Pinoy Judges din?

      • @ Smooth Bae I will assume you are referring to my comment in the other post about LAZADA being a possible donor/patron for Rab’s “Read for me, feed me” campaign in the future…

        All the better if she (c/o MUPO) can snag foreign sponsorship! Besides, isn’t Boss JG already doing business in SG as Creative Director for MUSG, and with Aerian Essentials as a client?

        Now since we are in this topic of the ‘JB’ brand finally hitting GOLD, we all saw that interview (??? source) where he shares getting a call from Boss fafa MG of MUPO, asking if he was interested to supply footwear for MU… IT’S GOOD THAT MU RECOGNIZES MG IN THIS MANNER, that they apparently are consulting with him on furthering the brand with fresh sponsorships. 🙂

        Tito Ungkol, when you feature JB in S5, please ask him what was going through his mind when he wept (“iyak na ako ng iyak”) at the thought… What exactly weighed so heavily in his heart to cause such a deluge of tears? Because the ONLY time a guest of yours cried was in S1E1…

    • @ paul First of all, let’s be clear na HINDI MANDATORY ang paggamit ng shoes ni JB.

      Apparently, discretionary… So, if Manding opts not, then that’s her right.

      And everybody else’s.

      Ang ginawa, kung sino’ng interesado should inform JB in advance kung ano’ng size at kulay. That’s it. Ganu’n lang. At least nga naman du’n sa candidates na not as well-financed ang campaign as MUT, malaki’ng bagay. 🙂

  5. First and foremost, THANK YOU to Tito Norman for sharing.

    Next, THANK YOU to ET of P101 for the video.

    OK. So, it’s probable… JB will personally select from among those candidates he is stalking who his brand ambassador will be, come first week of May. Hope she’s LEGGY. 🙂

    Guys, did JB use an accent modification app? Why does he sound Mexican?… In contrast, BB’s is very clearly Filipino-sounding.

    Herr Pageant, when will BB’s Swim line take the stage? Is Galleria Sorsogon his muse? Updates!

    • Flor kung gusto ni BB kumita ang kanyang swimwear line, DAPAT si Rachel Peters ang kunin nyang MODEL (MUSE). She has a va-va-voom figure, very pretty and appealing.

      DAPAT Flor APPEALING ang mukha sa mga costumer. Hindi yung matatakot silang bumili dahil sa mukha ng gusto mong muse. He, he, he…

    • hahaha! yeah na-notice ko rin yun…biglang nagka-accent si JB! BB was a good interviewer.

      • @ Fitzwilliam I got wind of an interview of him on VERY WANG YouTube canale. There, he spoke both in Tagalog and English. The interviewers sounded Filipino…

        His Filipino is ‘as expected’. But his English, yeah ang weird kasi para nga’ng may accent na iba…

        And about your question regarding a collaboration with Cat, I understand your sadness; after all JB practically led that support team… He was at IMPACT, he was there every step of her way… In deference to both parties, matipid sila sa detalye para iwas-gulo na lang at maka-move on agad. Apparently, vested interests were at play… Cat had to sever ties with JB. He took it HARD. Yown!

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