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  1. Guys, you saw, na, the ad for ‘San Miguel ethyl alcohol’ starring the MUP queens with Mdme. SSL sub-ing for Gumabao?

    Ungkol T, ba’t wala si volleybelle? Conflict of interest somewhere? Her clientele against GSMI*?


    VERY GOOD move by the gin maker. Attuned to the times! ‘Di lang calendar ni Telle… 🙂

    (* – From the logo of St. Michael the Archangel)

  2. Scorg in reading your posts, I am using Reader Response Theory/Reader Response Criticism. Thus I am “entitled” to my own interpretations to your text/messages/reactions, etc.

  3. Parang ganito ang gusto mangyari ni Scorg:

    Miss Universe – Canada (inner beauty should prevail)
    1st Runners Up – USA (another inner beauty)
    2nnd Runners Up – Philippines (beautiful both inner and outer beauties)

    He, he, he… Good morning to all.

    • @Paul, I’m not rooting for Miss Canada. How did you come up to thet conclusion? I am rooting for Rabiya all the way. She has the inner beauty that shines through that pleasing outer frame. Her photographs capture the inner soul that bespeaks of compassion, empathy, steely determination, and drive. No one comes close to her in that ability to project the inner beauty in any photograph. That is her differential advantage over the rest.

      Again, I am positive that this year’s MU edition will be a battle of inner beauties. As I said in my previous post, this will be a significant year for pageantry to prove it measures up to the extreme challenges facing the human race. This can only happen if it chooses a phenomenal spokesperson to be a harbinger of hope and a rallying point.

      • @Paul, first time to come across this subject. You gave me one interesting subject to research about. Thanks.

    • This year is an opportune time for MU to showcase the redeeming social values of pageantry. All ittakes is to choose a spokesperson whose inner beauty not only shines through the outer frame but outshines the outer beauty that the eyes normally see.

  4. Someday, future generations will ask pageantry organizations: what did you do during the tumultuous days of the pandemic, when death and economic destruction was stalking humanity at every turn. How did you advocate the celebration of beauty amidst the hundreds and thousands of deaths, job losses, business bankruptcies, and schooling stoppages. And to the spokesperson, the Queen, how did you uphold the supremacy of beauty in the midst of pervasive social, political and economic ugliness wrought by this pandemic?

    The one who deserves the MU crown this year is she who has a ready unequivocal solid succinct answer to the question. Generations after her reign, she will be remembered for the inner beauty that glowed during the dark days of the pandemic, not so much for her outer beauty which is literally skin-deep. This I beleive is the historical significance of this pageant in a year like no other.

    • Again, Scorg REITERATES (in the two long paragraphs he wrote) that the NEXT Miss Universe winner should come from Canada. Miss Canada has the INNER BEAUTY. Outer beauty… For sure maganda ang gown ni Miss Canada dahil si Michael Cinco ang gumawa nito.

      And to the horror of Fabian Reyes. Ha, ha, ha… Good morning to all.

  5. Rabiya is slowly crawling up as FRONT RUNNER, saw Peru, Brazil…..may laban si Rabiya ha….infairness. Mukhang si Santol, India ang talagang tinik sa ikalimang korena

  6. So impressed with her beauty here.
    And the confidence and humility will surely impress the judges
    I think she has a big chance of doing well

    • yes I agree… have a look at Armenia , her English is not so good , but she has the most pretty girl face and demeanor … I am putting her in my top 5 for Europe !

      Peru for me is not going to succeed high enough , … the delegate last year is much much more superb

  7. Gone are the days when international beauty competitions were all about beauty and world peace.

    In this age of social media and advocacy- driven campaigns, beauty takes the back seat to smart, relatable, empowered, advocacy- driven achiever women and to the dynamics of business revenues.

    With waning popularity in the US, an all- time low in TV ratings, difficulty in snagging high- profile sponsorship deals and inability to snag host venues outside the US, Miss Universe is now shifting from crowning uber gorgeous, smoking hot glamazons to selecting charming, articulate & empowered achievers with riveting back stories and with huge social media following.

    Be that as it may, I am still hoping for a miracle though. That a universally appealing beauty will be crowned or is that wishful thinking.

    Peace everyone

    • So Cool Brew how about this one –

      Miss Universe – Peru
      1st Runners Up – Curacao
      2nd Runners Up – Philippines


    • Great insight
      I never thought of that
      Though I think the result would have been better if Ara articulated her thoughts more clearly

      • @Fabian, Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, one of the judges for MU 2013 was reportedly miffed with Ara’s reply.

        He should be for he was expelled from high school and look what his expulsion gave him?

        International stardom, millions of fans and Best selling albums

      • CB, wasn’t Miley Cyrus a judge too ?
        Ara should have probably qualified her answer in deference to the judges though Ara didn’t know their history

      • @Fabbie, you’re right. She should have phrased her response to win over the judges.

        I think the same thing happened to Shamcey with her OSQ but we all know that the highest she could have gotten was 1st RU. Leila was simply unbeatable that night.

  8. Sabagay since 2019 hindi na talaga physical beauty ang main factor in winning a beauty title. Mga halimbawa:

    Miss Universe 2019 – Best Communicator, Most Eloquent

    Miss World 2019 – Best in Talent, Top Singer

    Miss Grand International – Best in Public Relations, Speak Thai (the longer, the better)

    In the Philippines, thousands are going gaga over Abesamis and Galeria.

    So as what Scorg emphasized, let us NOT expect a beautiful girl to win the MU 2020. 2nd runners up lang si Rabiya kay gwapa man siya. He, he, he…

  9. Rabiya captivates here especially with those eyes. I have a quibble though with her advocacy on education. A university degree won’t be a guarantee for success later in life. And this mentality isn’t shared by other cultures who believe that success is a combo of many things.

    Remember Ara’s final OSQ where she responded that education is the ticket to success?

    It won’t sit well with self-made people who got their education from the school of hard knocks.

    Perhaps, she could have shared that although education is not a guarantee for success it is valued by most Filipino families.

    Just an opinion. Peace

  10. I don’t know why everyone is saying that the winner is almost certainly a Latina because of the location of the pageant… the Americas is not too strong this year and if there is going to be a winner from the Americas, it has to be no one else but Curacao at this point, although we have not seen her on stage

    I think the no. 1 and 2 can likely be from Europe… and I hope Rabiya finishes at least in 3rd place or 2nd runner up , but of course the higher the better. No question, Philippines and So Africa are again neck a neck in the Asia Pacific group this year… I cannot until we post our top 21 , prediction time !

    • I definitely think Latina will win again. Their last was in 2014. Or maybe Europe again. I love Cambodia though she’s an actress. Pwede sya maghollywood.

  11. My gut feel is that this year’s MU crown will not be won on mere physical attributes. This is an extraordinary period in human history, unprecedented in impact on the economic, social, psychological, and spiritual life of nations. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, including the choice of the spokesperson for this global platform for empowered women. I believe this MU edition will see a paradigm shift on the concept of beauty, to weigh more on the inner side. My hunch is that MU will look for someone with a demonstrated capability to be a harbinger of hope and a rallyng point to millions suffering from the fallout of this pandemic. For what good is a stunning face, captivating body, and jaw-dropping pasarela when the reign will mostly be spent in the cyberspace? I believe the one whose inner beauty– intellect, compassion, drive– radiates from her outer countenance will get the crown.

    • Ang ibig lang sabihin ni Scorg sa kanyang mahabang paragraph ay – Miss Universe 2020 is Miss Canada!

      Ganun lang yun. He, he, he…

  12. She has one of the prettiest faces among this year’s MU candidates.
    I like that she talked about her desire to be a champion for education. That was impactful.

  13. A Top 5 finish is not impossible…
    I just hope that he slays the Q&A since the Latinas have a huge advantage having a translator and with the bulk of the audience who speaks their language… I want to see abs during the swimsuit round… I can’t wait to see the national costume… I hope it is a statement piece that is impactful and bordering on bordering on controversial with hints of activism..

  14. Rabiya is glowing and becoming magnetic as the pageant nears. Medyo lumalalay lang ang kanyang mga dress lately. Marahil nga itinatabi ng kanyang team ang mga pangabog na dresses para sa pageant proper. Sana talaga ‘yung kanyang evening gown ay isang pasabog gaya ng gown ni Cat noon, kase kung ang gown na isusuot ni Nova Stevens ay ‘yung nasa background nila ni Michael Cinco nung nag-selfie sila, at hindi ‘yun mahihigitan ng gown ni Rabiya, chances are ay mangibabaw na naman ang black magic at maiuwi ng Canada ang Mouwad crown.

    Si Ayu Maulida, pasabog ang send-off presscon, huh! May pa-insenso (ba ‘yun?) Medyo natutulisan lang talaga ako sa baba n’ya. Si Amanda naman, uma-awrang Catriona Gray. Mukhang palaban si inday. At si Vietnamn naman, hindi magpapakabog sa dami ng damit na dadalhin. Gosh, paano n’ya masusuot ang mahigit 100 na dresses in two weeks? Kakaloka.

    I am still in awe by the beauty of Czech Republic. Sobrang Diyosa n’ya. Sana naghanda s’ya ng bongga, para kung matalo man n’ya si Rabiya, eh, hindi masakit sa kalooban.

    That’s all.

    • Gosh, why did I write Catriona when I should put Rabiya? Lol. Please understand. I am not infallible.

      That’s all.

      • Nagtaka rin nga po ako Miss Ana. 🙂

        Binasa ko nga ulit po. 🙂 Stay safe!

      • Please, Tito Norms. My heartful thank you.

        Stay safe too, Alex2. Mwah!

      • It’s okey lang, miss Ana, umaawra rin siyang Catriona. As for Canada, when ZT won, I was not ecstatic nor sad. Pero naman, this time around…Sorry po sa fans…Nova is a great model pero mukha namang komedyante, parang di kaseryo-seryoso ang personality. Top 10 for me, okey na si ate Nova.

      • @rambrats, I like your name. May nami-miss tuloy ako. Char!

        Nova Stevens has a good back story to tell, something that media would want to ask her about. Kahit ako I am not in awe by her beauty. She looks like the common black women in Africa we see on CNN, BBC, etc. Pero her black magic might work at some extent if she plays her card well, tapos may Michael Cinco pa s’ya sa preliminaries. Pasok agad ‘yan sa Top 21.

        That’s all.

    • Magtatayo daw ng tiangge si Vietnam sa labas ng venue after ng pageant kaya madami dalang dresses! 😂😃🤣

      • @ miss tissa Basta may ‘ao dai’ with plum blossom decor, I SO WOULD. 🙂

        Naalala ko tuloy nu’ng nag-post si Ungkol na Pilipinas ang mag-ho-host ng MU 2016, si @bong700 daw magbebenta/maglalako ng kakanin at ‘sa malamig’ sa labas ng venue… Kasi for sure mahal pagkain sa loob ng PICC (this was before it was announced that SM MOA would be).

      • @ Aries – What’s wrong with being kargador? You think being kargador is lowly and ugly hmmm? Eh mukha ka ngang butiti eh!

  15. 1) Beautiful face. Articulate enough to express herself. She’s been able to manage / minimize her widening eyes when she speaks. Go Rabiya. It will only get better.

    2) One of the negative things being thrown at Rabiya is the impression that “she is not yet a woman but still a girl – in demeanor, in speech, in built”. So I don’t understand why her handlers had to put three teddy bears at her back in this interview. Common sense naman. You are just perpetuating the girl image.

    3) And yes, our propensity for Poverty Porn. From pageants (“the life in Tondo, it’s sad and its poor”), to reality shows to Filipinos joining talent shows abroad. Can’t we just for once change our National narrative?

    World Peace.

    • wag pagkaabalahan ang stuff toys. sa content magfocus. note that the dress she was wearing is the same dress for day 2 when she arrived in USA. maybe that time, that is the best spot available to do recording. Spare the small non essential details.

  16. MU Venue Winner
    2014 Doral Latina
    2019 Atlanta Black

    2020 Florida most likely a Latina. Philippines 2nd Runner Up.

    • Very good commentary. I want also other countries making it to the top 20 such as Laos, Curacao, Nicaragua, Italy, Nepal, etc.

  17. 1) Beautiful face and articulate enough. She is able to minimize too the pandidilat ng mata while speaking , which is kinda creepy. Go Rabiya.

    2) While her handlers very well know that the one negative thing being thrown at Rabiya is that “she is not womanly enough or that she looks like a girl compared to the others”, they had to put three teddy bears as a background in this interview. Common sense naman, you are just reinforcing that negative image.

    3) Yeah. Poverty porn is an off-repeated slant that we Filipinos like to use. Be it as advocacy in pageants, the reason why one is joining a singing contest, etc.

    Agree that Peru may be the woman to beat this year.

    World Peace.

  18. First of all, I meant to say, “… GIVEN that his own daughter is being CONSIDERED”. In reference to ‘Inday Sara’.

    @ paul & @ john manalo Wow! They both like Viviana Vizzini. FORZA ITALIA. IN BOCCA AL LUPO. TUTTO TUTTO! 🙂

    I was thinking of some nice Introduction Videos to reference for future pageants… I like when there is some FUN-COMEDY-LEVITY involved… Makes you sound less intimidating, adds to your MAGNETISM… Guys, review those of Resham Saeed for Supranational 2019 and Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria for MUP 2020.

  19. Okay na ako sa ganitong MU ranking:

    Miss Universe – Peru or Curacao
    1st Runners Up – Curacao or Peru
    2nd Runners Up – Philippines

    Top 5: Canada & Thailand

    Top 10: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa

    Top 21: Australia, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Nepal, Nicaragua, Romania, USA, & Venezuela

  20. Facially stunning , Jonas is really good at making this great transformation for our reps

    • Facial beauty, dito nakaLAMANG ni Rabiya kay Bella. Kulang sa ganda si Ysmael.

      • I beg to disagree
        Bella is pretty and very classy
        She will do well at MU

      • Totoo. Yung mukha ni Bella yung parang nakakain o nakaamoy ng maasim. Laging masagwa yung ngiti.

      • True…parang mas bet ko yung 4th runner up ipadala sa MUP sa December. Si Billie yun diba, may kwento, may interesting back story at higit sa lahat may dating, may ooomph parang si Miss Vietnam 2018 but fierce. NO BELLA she’s more bagay for MI or Earth, same goes yung second runner pang MI din sya.

      • Bella is more facially beautiful. She did not even have an awkward age like Rabiya . Bella also have the queenly stance (tindig)
        If this is ballet Rabiya beauty is a cinderella story
        Bella beauty on the other hand is multi faceted just like Odette and Odille of Swan Lake

    • Lets talk about Laos, nobody’s talking about Laos… after all talking about Laos is talking about Rabya. While you are it why dont you talk about Barbadoa or Mauritius or italy??

      • Laos is very beautiful and stunning. I hope she can speak well so that she can make to the top 20. I like her among Southeast Asians apart from Rabiya and Amanda.

  21. I think Rabiya played her cards OK. But in all honesty, I am really getting tired of hearing poverty in most of our reps videos… I get it, the Philippines is still a third world country but come on, we need to stop putting poverty in spotlight all the time.

    I like what she said about education being that equalizer amongst the social classes. It’s true.

    I just wish we saw a bit more personality more than the sob story and advocacy.

    I watched Peru as she’s been on everyone’s list. And I must say, she has the cosmopolitan vibe with her experience living in NYC. I think can make it through in the top 5 for sure but I don’t know if she can win.

    • What do you want her to say ? That she surfs ? That she travels around the world ? What’s wrong with telling the story of poverty when it’s really her story to tell ??
      Who else among our MU reps used poverty as part or her story other than Venus ???

    • What do you want her to say ? That she surfs ? That she travels around the world ? What’s wrong with telling the story of poverty when it’s really her story to tell ??
      Who else among our MU reps used poverty as part or her story other than Venus ???

    • I am a ballerina… I am a professional volleyball player…. i am a flight attendant… i am a mowdel???

    • @ Fabian Reyes & @ john manalo I think what @ 4M means is that we keep hearing the exact same narrative every time the candidates open their mouth… Nothing we do not already know.

      Did you watch Olivia Quido-Co’s interview with Manding? Same old… Mental health and self-esteem issues.

      ZT also overcame personal adversities (remnants of apartheid, maybe?). Le difference is that ZT makes hers sound triumphant convincingly. Beside her, MUP & MUT are ‘neneng’.

      BOTH LADIES NEED TO FIND A WAY TO ‘GET OUT AND GIVE THE MIC TO OTHERS’ FOR A CHANGE. Kasi, ang dating, all they do is talk about themselves. Self-absorption? Hindi naman siguro… They need to deliver their message in such a way that they do not self-allude all the time. After all, a queen has the BIGGER agenda in mind always.

      But let’s give credit where credit is due. To Manding, who paid the price of losing her peace ambassadorship by contributing her voice to the anti-Establishment social movements in her country. And to Rab, for effectively making the President contradict himself by saying women are unfit to the Presidency, considering his own daughter is being considered…

      Both ladies are like our @ Smooth Bae & @ Thomas… GUTSY. Very MU in this regard. 🙂

      • Flor , u have to understand that it’s only repetitious to us who have been following Rabiya day in and day out
        Zosi has been frequently talking about racism and women empowerment .
        The other girls like Peru and Mexico maybe talking about the same thing over and over again but I will never know that because I donot follow them
        Most people only watch them during the finals .

  22. Talaga’ng ibinangga sa huli ang ‘phenomenal women’ branding ng national org niya. 🙂

    Ungkol Norms, bigay ni Neil ‘yun’g mga stuffed bears sa basket?

    ‘Di ba, guys, may program siya na ‘Read me, feed me’? Is MUPO committed to fund that for the duration of her contract with them? As early as now, hopefully, she has attracted potential future sponsors… Maybe LAZADA can link her up with somebody (not romantically, kasi Neil na siya)?

    @ jaretwrightlover THERE’S a NOICE Final 5 – Romania, Peru, Argentina, Cambodia, & Curacao!

  23. very well done this … I also will put Cambodia in the Asia Pacific as a big contender after viewing hers.

    I was so struck with Curacao video, may be the one to beat right now… & Peru has an advantage having lived the NY City culture and razzle dazzle

    Mexico is not so remarkable after seeing hers, but Argentina is amazing & I hope she is healthy now!

    Romania, Armenia, Slovakia all are stunning as well as Russia of course but she will cannot win …

    Why is Great Britain not overage at age 29 in her profile ??? …

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