12 comments on “Zozi with Jojo Bragais

  1. @ Lalamode Great proverb! What country is it from, po? 🙂

    @ bong700 Katrina Halili is LOVE. I also love Iwa Moto. You know who looks like the latter?

    A BBP-&-MBP alum. And like Linda (cute!) & Bernardo, hails from Philippines’ ‘Last Frontier’.

    (Lubina is also, no? From that place?)

    • @ Flor Tula, I’m not sure which country it came from but i definitely sure it’s from Crabbean.

  2. These pea-brained commenters are lording over commenters with probity in this blog. They just don’t have a birds-eye view of reality…that other Pinoys are out to conquer the world… the universe rather because of sheer hard work and perseverance. Their skin colours will remain green forever. What a pity.

  3. 😲 WOW🤗
    Legit na legit na ang pagiging World-renowned Shoe designer ni Kuya JB👍
    What about Bessie Besana. Is he a legit fashion designer. Nagtatanong lang po kc diko alam para kasing Ang dating sa akin ay “security guard dati ni mayor ay naging Mayor na rin Ngayon”.
    Is there any link here that shows how BB became a legit fashion designer 🤗 salamat po😊💓
    If none, BB deserved an interview/article here Auntie N👌

    • Ohhhh ohhhh at Isa pang ohhhh😲 hihihihi
      Nag-aral pala c Mareng Bessie sa Slim’s fashion and arts school sa makati. Legit nga c BB 🤗
      Naging designer cya ni katrina halili , miss manila 2014 hihihihi 😱

  4. mukhang bilhin na ng Felepens ang MU
    palubog naman na ito sa USA

    sana sa Quiapo ang HQ nila dun magstay ang reigning MU if ever

    congratulations ulit kay papa jojo

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