11 comments on “Pageantry Norms S4E9 Teaser

  1. Ang tagal ng finals night. Kailangan makoronahan na sila:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International: Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International: Karen Laurie Mendoza
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe: Justine Felizarta
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental: Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism (Whatever): Gab Basiano
    Runners Up: Mercedes Pair and Patricia Babista

  2. Pinakamaganda sa akin c Ading Cariño. Puede matransform sa MI kc innocent and mahinhin Ang Aura nya unlike the others na…. Shut up n lang daw kung walang magandang sasabihin kc magrereact na nman Ang mga vacklang fangit DITO🤗😱 hihihihi

  3. Tatlo’ng KF at isa’ng A&Q. Right?

    The Japanese believe demons can only travel in straight lines. So, bridges and pathways are deliberately made bent/angled or crooked. That long and winding road these Bb’s are treading will ensure their safety. 🙂

    The Japanese also believe perfection attracts demons. So, maybe gems are left unfinished, so as not to incur curses…

    Honey Be gives Resham vibes! For now from what LITTLE I know, I will assign as International > Sultan Kudarat, Grand International > Oriental Mindoro*, Intercontinental > Isabela, and (The)Globe > La Union.

    Then, I’ll watch, and decide if my gut feel is DEEP enough. That this assignment is reasonable.

    * – Ungkol, same Team/AP as Doktora Adee, po?

    • (Cont.) Ungkol, titigan mo ng matagal si Hariotte Lane. Sino’ng makikita mo?

      Amelinckx. 🙂

      Universal talaga beauty ni Boholana! Kahilera niya sina Yana Haenisch, Bianca Tirsin, & here.

      • @ Norman Maayo’ng aga, po.

        Am I right? Covered mo na sa PN’s ang A&Q? Hannah, Carina, Cindy, Pat, Shaira, &…. I forgot…

        You will reserve 2M for the last installment, po? And there’s one more Independent you haven’t…

        I am hankering for Tiques(2x), Pair, Rosal, & the Bulacan Cluster (can you do them together, po?).

      • @ Norman I will guess one of these subjects will be Season 4 Finale.

        1. JB
        2. That Pinay gown designer for MU.
        3. Rab, Anshika, & BB together. First is already in Florida, ‘yun’g dalawa pa-viaje’ng USA pa lang.

      • @ Norman This was really nice, po. 🙂

        I’m keeping my initial assignments. Good to go!

        (You will be judging for the M-Ilocos? All the very best!)

    • (Cont.1) Also, temples are left unfinished for the same reason…

      “The essence of woman is to transform lives”. – Maria Alejandra Vengoechea, MI 2019 3rd RU.

      Don’t me! Daig “essence of woman is motherhood-childbirth, sharing-caring…” ni Sushmita. 🙂

      I like best the speech of Evelyn Namatovu. She mentioned tangibles-figures. No wonder she’s done plenty of ambassadorship for the organization! But is surely helped that Africa is a Japan aid donor.

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