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  1. Dito nlang ako magcomment para dumami nman Ang comments dito hihihihi 🤗
    JB and Miss O are major sponsors of MU plus plus plus Apong Singson hihihi = MU Crown divahhh😊
    Tagal ng gustong ibigay ng MUO ang crown sa Thailand pero kulang sa intelligence Ang mga merlat na pinapadala🙄
    Mukhang masasapawan na naman sila ni Queen Rabiya 👑
    Fingers crossed mga vecks 🙏

    • @ bong700 Although ‘di dapat dito, we value your contribution and I’m grateful you brought up this matter with Thailand… Kasi, there’s a recent ‘incident’, apparently an IG post by ‘Manding’, na na-misinterpret ‘ata ng mga Indian fans as an affront to Adline… Seems there is a gutter expression involving ‘curry’… But, Ms. Obdam already spoke on the matter, to defuse.

      Remember noon na pinag-uusapan natin nu’ng kasagsagan ng MUT 2020 na ang isa’ng dahilan kung bakit maaari’ng ipagkait kay Praveenar ang korona is the fact that she has no Thai blood? Well, even Mr. Tinio clocked in to say that no anti-Indian sentiment exists in the Kingdom, and we took that as it was.

      But that recent incident made me think that just maybe there really is… And what if MUT 2020 did turn out to be the Indian?

      (Basta ako, sana si Punika na lang. Imagine that. She and Tirsin would share the honor of a third and final attempt on the international stage!)

      (I really feel kulang pa sa ‘hasa’ si Manding. Pinilit ng MUTO/TPN, palibhasa Inglisera (Canadian). I don’t know if she even placed when she tried MGT. At least si Emy, may time to grow-&-groom…)

    • Fingers crossed with an ample supply of Prayers!!.. Knocking on Destiny’s Child!( not the song!)

    • @ Ivan Sir, there’s a NUMBER of posts devoted to Rabiya; you could go there to unload your chichi or ask for the latest. Besides, it’s probably 0055H in the East Coast at the moment… Please let her get some sleep, po. 🙂

      (We are concerned for Kelley’s welfare and we want her to get home safe and sound.)

  2. Maganda ang gown at bagay sa kanya. She should try once more in pageantry – Binibining Pilipinas.

    • @ paul Mahusay magdala ng gown ‘to’ng bata’ng ‘to, kasi matangkad, balingkinitan, at maputi. TIPO NG MGA HAPON….

      Gow! Ta’s, si Tyra Goldman at Kiara Markwalder sa MWP, no? 🙂

  3. The MEco-Intl candidates planted saplings as part of their Activities. Hopefully once the planet has reigned in the pandemic and in the somewhat-distant future, Kelley and her fans/family/friends can return to Sharm El-Sheik Resort to find a GROWN-MAJESTIC tree. But that will only happen if the organization can task someone to tend to the young plants as they age in strength and vigor. Also, the assumption is they chose tree species suited to the soil and climate of the area. All the best!

  4. tito Norms, Kelley Day should be your next guest in your show…what an experience she went through in Egypt! But I’m so proud of her!

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