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  1. I THINK A WEALTHY KOREAN CLAN SHOULD BUY THIS BRAND, as a marketing vehicle for their “family of brands”. Yes, drop ‘International’ and focus on/target the regional mass consumer base… How to convince the Pacific Basin community that ‘K-Pop’/Hallyu is NOT the only thing?

    It can become Korea’s pageant brand, the way Earth is to Philippines, Charm is to Vietnam, and Grand is to Thailand. The country has already placed in the Top 5 of MU a few times, a Supra-Kim, and a handful of male pageant titles… It can hire Filipinos for the technical aspects, if they like.

    But that means we no longer will have the kind of wise-charming polyglots that Chaiyene Huisman was. That being said, Koreans are quite worldly and are only too happy to assimilate. I like the Barberettes for their cutey-campy covers and frivolities. 🙂

    (And if ever they consider to take the pageant elsewhere for that occasional ‘special edition’, I highly suggest… NZ. Not as flashy-flossy as its Aussie ‘travel bubble’ buddy. But if you are content with simple joys and relish the value of good governance and societal harmony, you will L_VE it.)

    • And so silly of me to forget… International is to Japan.

      Datuk Sri Danny Ooi needs to AMP UP his Tourism International. So Malaysia can join the fun!

  2. HISTORY REPEATS itself. Miss Asia Pacific Quest (the mother pageant of the current one) was cancelled for two years in (a row) in early 90s because of the Northern Luzon earthquake and Mt. Pinatubo eruption. The former and current owners/organizers have one thing in common – they have difficulty coping with extreme natural/environmental/societal events.

    I remember Mutya Crisostomo Laxa held the title Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia Pacific for two years because of the aforesaid situations.

  3. When it comes to pageant OVERHAULING, Miss Asia Pacific International comes second to Miss Earth.

    STUPID pageant name and mediocre production values should be prioritized by the organizers.

    Good morning to all.

  4. @Paul, bravo for pointing out what’s wrong with the name. Miss Asia Pacific would have been our answer to other regional pageants like Miss Europe and the Miss Sudamericana (I wonder if it persists to this day?) For me, the pageant lost its credibility and prestige the moment it added international to the title. Just my thoughts

    • Excellent reaction Cool Brew. Thank you so much. Maayong buntag diha sa Bohol. Miss na nako kaayo ang imong islang gipuy-an kay beautiful, charming ug makalingaw jud. Kung wala lay pandemya naa ko karong Mayo diha kay daghan kaayo ug fiesta bisag asa. He, he, he…

      • @Paul, pista or no pista, welcome mo diri. I’m based here in the amazing island of Panglao where the sun shine all year through.

        I can host an evening soiree here if you all can come

    • Matatakutin sila Serge just like Miss Earth, Binibining Pilipinas and (probably) MI as well. You can put in place health and safety protocols just like what MGI, MG and Miss USA did.

      Pero dapat unahin muna nila ang REBRANDING, and starting with the name of the pageant because it is SO KABOBOHAN. Then do a strategic plan on HOW TO IMPROVE the pageant’s PRODUCTION VALUES. Ka-level lang ng mga pageant sa mga probinsya or even municipalities. WALA RIN SIYANG UNIQUE FEATURES. So, so pageant lang.

      Don’t worry pag hindi ako tatamarin, I’ll write the organization a letter for them to realize their… alam mo na.

  5. Baguhin muna nila ang title ng pageant (nila) because it sounds SO STUPID. Miss Asia Pacific International actually means international-international-international. GOING GLOBAL in scope does not necessarily adding the word ‘international.’

    My suggestion is to change the title. If the cause of the organization is UNITY in DIVERSITY, maybe the officers can name it Miss GLOBAL DIVERSITY or Miss INTERNATIONALE (French) DIVERSITY.

    My other suggestion is to SPLIT the pageant into TWO. One is global in scope and that is the abovementioned. The other one is regional in scope, thus go back to its former pageant parent – the Miss Asia Pacific Quest.

    Another thing is that they to need to plan very well this year the production values of the pageant. Very mediocre in terms of stage design, digital graphics design, videography (camera angles/panning & editing), lighting, production numbers & choreography, etc. Para ka lang ding nanonood ng Miss Asia Pacific noong Carousel Productions pa ang humahawak nito. Hindi nalalayo sa Miss Earth ang quality ng production ng finals. Milya-milya na ang lamang ni Nawat in terms of production values. Hay naku!

    I HOPE NORMAN MAKARARATING ito sa KINAUUKULAN ng Miss Asia Pacific International. Magbago na sila kay 2021 na.

      • Para kakaiba Serge. Marami na ang gumagamit ng international. International(e) represents diversity.

    • HI Serge, I have the same sentiments about the organization. I have written a letter a few years back to rename this pageant and remove the international since it is becoming over-used. How about Miss Star Atlas as in Star Hellas (Miss Greece) or Star Cyprus (Miss Cyprus). This pageant has been in existence since 1965 and Miss Supra has overtake them because of the name branding.

    • Just removing the international will do. I think the description is where you could put the ek eks. Just like the Philippines being included in Miss Hispano America.

      I think only in the production levels lang mahina ang Miss Asia Pacific and we thought “goodbye” na sya then suddenly meron pa pala. And yet, it still has the brand of being a classic beauty pageant. Hanap sila ng cause to highlight, like perhaps related to the tourism of the sea, the dynamism of the area, or the preservation of the water “formations” (my mind is not working now to get the proper word. lol!) like the ocean and the marine life under it. Basta ano ba ang trigger when you talk about Asia Pacific (it should be grand because it is the largest area on Earth).

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