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  1. I don’t know why the need magpa enhance Ng twins si rabiya di Naman say flat chested to start w. Toning Lang Naman kailangan Ng katawan nya. Sa join can someone enlighten me why ginawa syang mukhang candidate for braces. Lahat Ng ortho nakakusap ko Sabi dapat pag nag veneers malaking babae malaking ipin
    Maganda pa pag hiku Ng Ilong nya Yung iba di Naman needed nasaktan pa si rabiya

    • @ bonsaihater It may SIMPLY be that she wanted it. There was an opportunity to change for the better (hers), to finally have things she thought would be nice on her, so she went for it. 🙂

      You won’t be a beauty queen forever. You may as well avail of whatever perks the crown offers, so you can look back and be able to say ‘it wasn’t for nothing’.

      (Kung ako lang, ANDAMI ko’ng gusto’ng pabago sa mukha. Kahit ‘yun’g ‘heightening’, na can add as much as two inches…I am not loving what I see in the mirror, especially now na tanders na.)

      • @ flor and bonsaihater. Being flat-chested significantly reduces the candidate’s chances to get the MU crown. I do not know of any MU Titleholder who is flat-chested

      • @ serge I kenet… believe you just said that… So unlike you.

        You are usually more diplomatic.


        I will assume this is due to swimwear endorsements? And MUO cannot ask their Swim sponsors to bring back the maillot? American actress in the ’80’s Darryl Hannah was ‘plat’, wasn’t she? And she pulled it off with aplomb!

        I will understand breasts as a statement of femininity. But like skin tone, they are diverse. Paz!

      • @flor. Don’t get me wrong. I know what is in your mind. I am not implying something. I am just plainly stating probability and statistics. In the first place, Rabiya is not flat-chested

      • @4M. Almost, but technically not. Famous celebrity whom I find technically flat-chested is Keira Knightley

      • @ serge NOT exactly ‘plat’, but getting there… I saw ‘not-at-MU’ swim photos of her.


      • Yeah. From Lara to Zozi, lahat may “okay na boobs”. In Rabiya’s case, she is not really flat chested but her breasts is small. Like from a 14 years old girl.

    • “What is the point of this post … isnt it to get feedback from people?”… that according to you. NO , this post is about Rabya not about Laos!

    • @ Fabian Reyes I WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT… 🙂

      Thai and Lao may be along the lines of ‘dialect’ as their folks are mutually intelligible. We saw this when Manila recently hosted MrWP, the Thai rep translating for his ‘no-English’ Lao co-candidate.

      Laos shares boundary with China, is also Socialist, and I read somewhere that a sizeable trans-border illicit exchange of all sorts of things happens… Laos also appears to be a strategic ‘Belt-&-Road’ partner-recipient (if such a term is convenient to use). A BIG issue/controversy is the dramatic drop of the seasonal (water) level of the Mekong (like right now, I think as it is the dry season?) allegedly due to China’s MULTI-dams upstream (this one from a News outfit online). Knowing these, what do you think her ‘Opening Statement’ should draw on for a core?

      Yes, the country is beautiful! Go google ‘Luang Prabang’ and ‘Vientiane”. Like a “less tourism-marred BKK”… There appears to be official/government patronage for the promotion of and training in the old art forms. The country is also a ‘visa-run’ option for Westerners intent on staying in ASEAN a bit longer… Best of all, its forests and mountains may be the final stronghold for Indochinese wild things. It’s floral emblem is Delonix regia, the ‘fire tree’ which interestingly traces its roots (pun?) in Latin America.

      Yes, their rep to MU 2020 is beautiful. But in her way are the more sophisticated Cambodia and the more “street hustle” Thailand… (Does Phuket pop culture result in their youth being worldly?)

      And while we are in the area, Vietnam seems to have fallen off radar. And how’s Malaysia doing?

      • Luang Prabang and Vientiane are ok if you are into bucolic vibes. Been to both cities and I almost died of boredom. The cities remind me of the small town where I grew up minus the western tourists and the French colonial structures scattered around. They are good for one-night-one-day stay only. I love their cuisine though which are mostly spicy with a french twist.

  2. Good thing they went very early to Florida. That is a very good strategy. I hope Rabiya’s team will be covid-free until the start of official MU activites. Best of luck.

    • Arriving very early in Florida indicates that Rabiya and company are concerned not only about their own health but also the health of everyone involved in MU.

  3. South America or North America mananalo


    nasa top10

  4. Are those grandma’s pants?
    Lol , she is not being graded yet .. so it’s fine

    • they took a red eye flight. Let her wear what she’s comfortable wearing. Geez.

      • 4m ,what is the point of this post ?
        Isn’t it to get feedback from the people?
        U make it sound like you are the only one with the right to comment about Rabiya’s look .

      • no, you are free to say what you want and i’m also free to offer a rebuttal. i am giving you more context as to why she may have worn what she wore that apparently does not seem to suit your taste.

    • Fagian Reyes wants the candidate to wear long gowns when traveling on a red eye flight. Ha!

    • High-waisted mom jeans are actually the jeans of choice of Generation Z, having been recently worn by Gigi & Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner.

      Gigi & Kendall are older than Rabiya by one year, while Bella & Rabiya are the same age (24 years old).

      If we follow 1997 as the birth year of Generation Z, Gigi, Bella, Kendall & Rabiya are technically late millennials, since they were all born in 1995-1996.

      But celebrity style icons who are unquestionably Gen Z (born 1997 onwards) like Zendaya, Yara Shahidi, and Kaia Gerber have all been seen wearing high-waisted mom jeans as well.

      I’m sorry, Fabian, I know you meant to make a joke at Rabiya’s expense. And I don’t mean to be unkind, but I think perhaps the joke is on you–? My apologies for pointing that out, it’s so ageist kasi.

  5. I hope it is smooth sailing from this day forth … we can’t forget that the virus is still out there
    I hope all the candidates will be able to compete , 75 on record but if there are last minute joiners, the more the merrier ! … & new countries joining are always great !

    • Bangladesh was removed from the website

      Bulgaria, Croatia and Myanmar are still not on the list

      So possible 71 delegates for Miss Universe 2020

    • The coronavirus has never been isolated nor purified. If there’s a real deadly virus floating around we’d all be dead last year. If coronavirus is real, the only way to be protected is to wear a hazmat suit. The evil health industry just started diagnosing the flu as covid to usher in the global reset, totalitarian control of the people of the world and they use the covid injections to reduce the world population to preserve the earth.

  6. I’m so excited for Rabiya and what she has in store for us! hope she gets enough rest before the Miss U pageant commences. All the best Rabiya!

    • ….ng kuwan mo? I’m sure mother already knows that, you don’t have to announce it to the world dude! Hahaha!

      • @ Ramon Lua Na totoo’ng maliit si Rab? Yeah, you’re right; she’s on the short side and we have come to an agreement on that. But so are Australia and Cambodia, among others. El Salvador also looks ‘ka-height’ ng pambato natin. It’s a non-issue; MU, unlike (The)Globe DAW, has no height restrictions…

        It’s good na rin na you brought this up.

        I hope she isn’t made to wear anything that would swallow or engulf her in fabric. In the first place, such would be a pain to pack and move… But of course that’s what her on-site team is for.

        Nga pala, may chichi na itutuloy daw ‘yun’g NatCos ni RG (+). Pero ‘yun, MALAKI at problemado kung paano igagalaw ni Rab, even put it on by herself kasi nga ang patakaran you have to manage your own NatCos to minimize contact with others in line with social distancing…

        (Which makes me wonder how ‘Manding’* will manage? I bet it will be an abridged version. Let’s see.)

        (* – from VS, a pageant Admin and v(b)logger)

  7. Hi, my name is Mel Inciong, a big fan of your blog. I live in Fort Lauderdale. Anyway, here is the video I took of Rabiya this morning upon arrival in Fort Lauderdale. Also a couple photos. Xoxo

    On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 9:01 AM normannorman.com wrote:

    > Norman posted: ” Left photos shows Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya > Mateo, Jonas A. Gaffud and the team boarding a Delta Air Lines flight that > left LAX around 10pm Sunday night in Los Angeles. By now, their plane > should have already landed in Fort Lauderdale. Tr” >

      • @ Norman Boss Tito, isn’t Desiree Verdadero-Abesamis currently in Florida? Also, Alice Dixson?

        They will watch at Hard Rock Seminole on 16 May? You will get in touch with them. po? 🙂

        (And Lubina is in California, right? Sheila DeForest is in Colorado… Sino pa, po?)

  8. Welcome to the East Coast, Queen!!! Get some rest as it is a 3-hour difference. Need you completely refreshed, Just less than a month to go!

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