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  1. I’ve followed Katarina’s journey since her ANTM days to BBP then MWP and she did improved a lot. I admired her even more when she visited war-torn Marawi several times. She’s one of those queens who remained true to her advocacy even after she has retired from pageantry…she’s still active with Save the Children Foundation. Thank you Tito Norms for having Katarina and Voltaire in your show.

  2. Reminder for those who are near the ceiling age, SUMALI na this year as your last hurrah in pageantry.

    1. Bea Patricia Magtanong – MUP, MWP
    2. Laura Lehmann – BPP, ME
    3. Emma Tiglao – MWP, ME
    4. Michelle Gumabao – Pwedeng-pwede pa sa ME & MWP

    Good evening to all.

    • Michele Gumabao for Miss Earth, para siyang si Miss Earth Wisconsin 2020.

      • Wow…. Definitely another crown for the Philippines if she joins… Walang issue pulitika…

  3. Wala na tayong magagawa sa mga nangyari na. Hindi na natin maibabalik ang nakaraan.

    I still remember what I posted here last year. She should have joined the 1st edition of Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) because she was still qualified age wise (and even up to the MU finals on May 16). Baka siya pa ang nanalo as 1st MUP because Katarina is an excellent communicator aside from being very attractive, polished and well experienced in pageantry. Baka siya pa ang naging candidate natin ngayon sa MU instead of Rabiya.

    She could have also joined Miss Philippines Earth (MPE) last year. She could have optimized all the possibilities last year, but she didn’t.

    So move forward na. Wait for Mrs. World, Mrs. International and Mrs. Universe. Pero kailangan niya munang mag-asawa at magpakasal. O baka ma-organize na ang beauty contest for women in their 30s (30-39) na tatawaging Miss Thirty (or 30s) International.

  4. It is time to let go of the issues about MWP and Bb Pilipinas 2017. My gosh it’s time to move on and talk about the present and how the present could affect the future.

    But to jump in on this, Rachel Peters was just a step above Katarina that night, plain and simple. Rachel was more polished with her banging body and pasarela up to Q&A. Tapos na ang laban. No need to ihalungkat ang nakaraan.

    I was very disappointed when she did not make the cut in BWAP because of the technicalities brouhaha. I really blame it on both parties- BWAP and Katja and her handlers for not paying attention to it. Maybe they know about it but decided to ignore anyway thinking that they’ll get special treatment from Lola Julia….

    • She just got lucky with the Q&A. lol Luck was on her side. Aside from being the plainest MUP, she also the least facially beautiful. Probably the only MUP since 2010 that I didn’t support because I know she has nothing new to offer and I was right. BORING.

      People said that she’s a good communicator kaya sayang na hindi nakaabot sa Top 5 kasi “nanlalamon ng mic”. What? She didn’t have that much interview videos for us to judge. She choked on her MWP, so 50-50. She’s just good in English.

      • Agree- I thought that her Aussie upbringing and her English really carried her through. However, we cannot deny that Rachel’s body was competition ready while Katja’s has so much work to do.

  5. Ano vah naman at dami na namang nagmamagaling na mga vecks 🙄
    Paano maging finalist c Kata eh sa H2H challenge pa nga lang eh ligwak nah😊
    Kakahiya nga sa co-judges ni Meagan kc alam nman ni Meagan na ligwak c Kata pero vote pa rin cya para di mabash ng mga vacklang boba dito hihihihi
    May mga technicalities pang sinasabi 😆hello defense mechanism hihihihi 👅

    • Hi Bong. Good you remembered that. Lol. H2H pa lang ligwak na. In any contest, the frame of mind of some people with the result is either “nanalo or dinaya (or na technical)” Lol.

      And they have the gall to drag Rachel Peters in the spectacular failure of their candidate. The interview above was okay. I have no problem with Katarina. UNTIL some nincompoop started saying Katarina daw should have been the Ms. Universe candidate in 2017. Huwaw.

      World Peace.

      • Rachel Peters is the most boring Miss Universe Philippines from 2010. She is plain af. Nincompoop your ass.

      • Dear ABCDE, I suggest, ituloy mo na yung name mo. Add letter F until letter U.


        World Peace.

      • and you’re the nincompoop who reacted…had you been kinder, you wouldn’t have placed yourself in such a bad light, revealing your true colors for everyone to see.

  6. Katarina is one of few androgynous-looking Pinay beauty queens.
    I knew she would win when she competed at 2017 Bb Pilipinas and 2018 MWP
    Good that Voltaire guested the show. We got to know Katarina deeper through Voltaire’s perspective.
    After learning about her story, I’ve come to like her even better. I could not imagine her juggling 3 jobs while attending highschool. Wow! No mean feat for a teenager!

  7. Still bitter about her Miss World loss despite saying it’s what you do after which really matters. Not surprised she lost in Miss World. She is immature!

  8. Katarina has always been a free spirit. She just didn’t seem particularly focused at Miss World.

    It’s unfortunate she didn’t make the cut at Miss World. The evening gown that Francis Libiran made for her deserved more air time. It was a masterpiece, really stunning.

  9. Saying that Katrina SHOULD have been Ms Universe Philippines 2017 is just plain empty arrogance and an insult to Rachel Peters who made a decent finish and placement in Ms. Universe. That was the context of my reply. Katarina on the other hand, who never even landed a semi finals finish in Ms world (a beauty pageant far second to Ms universe ) because of a very, lousy and lazy performance and lol “technicalities “ (What does it say about her preparedness to be called out on a valid, important technicality ?) , is being hailed to be worthy Ms universe candidate ? Baloney.

    WORLD PEACE. I’ll say it again W::.O:::R::.L::.D:::..::P::.E::.A;:.C::.E::..

    • Hyprocrite. Not considering the fact that she was unplaced because of the org’s negligence is also arrogance. It was the org’s fault, not hers. Rachel was just lucky that Katarina was given a simple question during BBP that’s why her answer, even if it’s great, didn’t sound as explosive as Rachel’s. Rachel – the most boring Miss Universe Philippines from 2010-present. Katarina is not perfect (just because of her walk), but I’ll choose her over Rachel at any time of the day.

      • The org’s fault? MWO no. MWPh yes. Im sure the rules and technicalities had been discussed during the Franchise negotiation.
        I am a fan of both Katarina and Rachel Peters (Im a sucker of naturally sosyal girls) but Rachel was the clear winner that night. No doubt about that and I still believe even up to this day (I dont see any problem with that at all) that she deserved to be in the top 5 during that fateful night 😀😀

      • @JustPassingBy

        Yes, I’m referring to MWP Org. How can they not know (or not inform Katarina) about the rules regarding the BWAP project? They’re the ones to blame.

        2017 was one of the weakest MU batch. Personally, SA, TH, and PH are in my Top 3, but Rachel seems to be uncoordinated during the EG segment. Would I still put her into the Top 5? Yes, replacing the overrated Jamaica who should’ve been eliminated after the SS segment.

        I might be biased, but I had an encounter with Katarina and she was so kind. She might have a bitchy facade, but she’s pure. Also, look at Katarina’s improvement from BBP to Miss Intercontinental… I could only imagine her performance at Miss Universe. On the other hand, I didn’t see any improvements in Rachel from BBP to MU. She’s the same plain boring Rachel.

      • Alright I agree on placing Peters in place of Jamaica in the top 5 but I must disagree that she is plain ang boring. She is just cool, calm and collected. By the way, do you remember any past MU winner who has the same personality as that of Rachel? Im trying to figure out if her personality was the real reason of being cut after the gown segment because she was divine and sexy.

      • @JustPassingBy

        The reason was her head (or eye contact to be specific) was all over the place. Ang kalat ng EG presentation niya.

    • Mind you, it wasn’t lazy and lousy…she came well prepared given the short time since she only had 2 months (Crowned MWP October then MW was December)….she even invested a lot in her BWAP video risking her safety in visiting war-torn Marawi which at that time was being ignored for help. Her video showed to the world the true plight of the people there especially the children. She’s a dynamic and intelligent speaker, she improved a lot in her pasarela, she’s beautiful and charismatic. It was not just for her but the true measure of a queen is someone who remains true to her advocacy even after she has passed on the crown and Katarina is proving us that through her work with Save the Children Foundation as ambassador. https://www.savethechildren.org.ph/about-us/our-ambassador/

  10. there seems to be some talk about “appointing” Bella, niece of Margie, as the Pinas delegate to the 70th Miss Universe… for me, I kinda think this will not be a good idea… if they are going to appoint someone from the top 5 , they can appoint any of the other runners up , especially Michelle Gumabao if still age-eligible, except for Bella because she is more suited for Miss International or Miss Earth.

    they can also appoint Alaiza Malinao. It would be much better.

    • For me, Michelle Gumabao is a big no.

      The alpha female b-tch fit she threw after MUP was messy & graceless.

      There’s confidence & then there’s ego.

      In my opinion, she crossed the line to ego.

      And it was not a good final look.

    • Michelle Gumabao? Please she is too matronly for Miss Universe. Sorry about that.
      I can say Bella would be the best appointee ifever.

    • Huwag nang ipilit iyang si Michele Gumabao na ilang beses nang niretoke pero mukha at katawang kargador pa rin.

  11. Episode 8 na pala…

    Two more to go, ta’s 9 May break, resume 16 May… TA-DAAAHHH! 🙂

    Good aga, Senyor Ungkol. YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT ON THAT DAY. L-I-V-E from Seminole!

    (Time for fafa Direk para ipakita’ng-gilas ang kakayahan niya.)

    • (Cont.) Buti pa si Katarina, naka-move on agad… THE SAME ISSUES STILL…. (Groan).

      Sige, makasawsaw na rin. Tutal, pagkainit-init. 🙂

      This would have been how I might have dispatched the BBP Class of 2017.

      Rachel would have won Perfect Body. I simply cannot understand how Australia… Maputi lang.

      E5 to Intercontinental. SHE WAS THE ‘LINDA CARTER’ OF THAT BATCH!

      Clenci, Ibe, and Chanel (of course, we are not referring to Mademoiselle) would stay as is. You guys do want you want with Rodriguez and De Leon.

  12. She should have been sent to mi that year. She was so pretty like a young alice dixson.
    The problem she gained weight in mw. She also did not follow me instructions for bwap video

    • ,,, buti na lang hindi. Lol.

      (Ms. World nga hindi nag place, Ms. Universe pa?)

      World Peace.

      • Harsh. You should remember that she didn’t place in Miss World because of a technicality. But had it been a pageant where she is judged based on her performance onstage, I feel she can place. Remember she placed first runner up in miss Intercontinental and since then, she has improved a lot. She is a good speaker…she has depth and substance. How about you?

      • Stop abusing the term ‘World Peace’ coz your thoughts say otherwise.

      • Si Catriona nga hindi nanalo sa Miss World, sa Miss Universe pa? Ayyyyyyy.

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