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  1. i can feel an olivia culpo or demi-leigh or kiara delgado (puerto rico, 2018) vibe in her.. if she gets in the semis to the final 3, it will be about acing every round not leaving the judges reason to think otherwise.. and if the stars will align as well (i also believe in destiny). during demi-leigh’s time, I felt Thailand is MUOs choice, but she faltered and it was hard to cover. This not to discount demis performance, she was also amazing that night.

  2. Maganda Yong Looks nya..Kaya lang napansin ko sa mga interview nya na SOBRA na ang pagka confident nya which is hindi na maganda.yon lang.

  3. The top photo reminds me of Pia headshot at MU top 10 video. Rabiya we trust you’ll do your best!!

  4. Pakiramdam ko lang ‘to ha…Rabiya Mateo is Miss Universe 2020 2nd runner-up! ❤❤❤

  5. The New organisation MUP is turning Philippines ala Venezuela in terms of preparing the girls for Miss Universe. Retokada is beautiful… So the winner in the future will be open in surgical interventions for their make-overs

    • then bakit ganyan ang ngipin niya.. sobrang laki yung dalawa sa harap.. mga bulag ba sila? i really dont mind retokada pero basta maganda pagka gawa

      • tama na ang pamimintas…wala na tayong magagawa, tapos na yung preps nya…sana suportahan nyo na lang si Rabiya.

  6. Papasok sya sa Top 21 via Votes ala Ariella Arida. Then aariba thereafter. Not hoping for the crown. Naka dalawang korona na tau. I dont think IMG will give it again. Okay na as runner up

  7. Rabiya will reach TOP 5 primarily because of her OWN merits. She is very pretty (her lookalikes depending on hairstyle & make are Amelia, Cecilia & Olivia, etc.) and has a proportionate & sexy figure. She is intelligent, with excellent communication skills, and has polished pasarela and strong stage presentation. In terms of packaging and styling, I think her team is still experimenting to find out what’s really best for her. Of course, we are only expecting the best from Rabiya during the prelims and the finals. Making it to the TOP 3 largely depends on her answer to the Q&A. She should ace this round.

    Now, talking about external factors. She has to reach TOP 3 because the MUO needs to sustain viewership, TV & online ratings, and revenues up to the end of the show and even beyond. The organization cannot afford to ignore millions of Filipino pageant fans. Another reason is that (so far) two Filipino owned companies sponsor two important pageant/contestants’ needs – shoes and skin care. Again, MUO cannot be ungrateful to the Filipinos (who are very ardent supporters of MU) and these two companies in particular.

    I am not expecting a win. All I want is a TOP 3 finish (2nd runner up is more than enough). Thank you and good afternoon.

  8. Buti nlang hindi top model contest to, kasi eliminated for sure. Pang beauty queen naman siya.

  9. may score ba itong mga photoshoots? baka mahawa ka tapos mag + before sa finals.. tigil tiglan muna yan..

    • I think it’s mainly training and finding what style and make up best suit her . Ultimately , these shoots will help her present her best on MU stage

      • I agree w/ Fab… She need tons of modeling trainning because remember, she has the least experience when it comes to that aspect among the MUP Top 5(Top 6 if you include Aliza Malinao) who all had extensive proffesional modeling experiences….

  10. dami bts
    dami photoshoots

    wag sana mahawa sa covid

    ingat ineng rabiya

  11. (I think folks who make a BIG deal about ‘that procedure’ are either prissy or perv-y.)

    (Bare-chested women in some parts of the world nursing babies don’t get any flak. IS IT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO ATTACH AN INFANT TO TAKE THE STING AWAY?)

    In another matter,…

    Few, if any, called out Bella Ysmael for her VERY APPARENT ‘heart’ ink. Yet, ‘yun’g mga TAGO’NG tat nina (sige, tumingin na lang kayo sa Blog Archives para malaman kung sino-sino sila), PINALAKI as if naka-buyangyang 24/7. Where is the line drawn, haber? DON’T TELL ME DAHIL ‘ELITE CLASS’ SI BELLA…

    ‘Yun’g transgender from Spain, pinarangalan nu’ng 2018. Now-routine ‘jobs’, ‘di ma-take. WHY??!

    (Besides, it’s reversible what Rab availed of, isn’t it?)

    • Ang dami mong sinabi. Anong tawag mo sa nagpaprocedure? Bakit kailangan nya gawin yun kung naniniwala sya sa sariling ganda at galing nya? Kung naniniwala sya sa determinasyon at sipag. Kung nananalig sya sa Panginoon at sa sarili nya. Kung hindi na batayan ngayon ang mga bagay na ganyan bakit kailngan pa nyang magpalagay at makipagsabayan sa iba. Kung sa sarili nyang kakayanan kaya nyang umangat. Kung sinasabi mo hindi na mahalaga kung may tattoo o wala ang isang tao dahil hindi ito ang madidikta kung sino sya. Ano naman ngayon kung hindi kalakihan ang dibdib ng isang tao eto ba ang magdidikta na kung sino sya at magiging batayan ng kinabukasan ng isang tao. Hindi ba nya kayang magwagi sa sarili nyang merito?

    • Hi Flor.

      Inquiring minds would like to know what “procedure” are you talking about? Personally, I don’t know if Rabiya went under the knife (nabubuko lang because of comments like yours). My comment was how unnatural her cleavage above looked …. parang drawing or photoshopped, ipit na ipit na pilit tina taas. Looks painful in fact. And what is the an-an look on her chest, for crying out loud. Lol.

      I said it before and I will say it again, Rabiya is beautiful already. Don’t make her appear to be trying TOO hard.

      Unproductive criticism for me is when one criticizes something of which nothing can be done anymore (ex. Height). Constructive criticism is when something can still be corrected or prevented (ex. Horrendous styling).

      World Peace.

    • Flor ,
      I wasn’t looking at or referring to her boobs .
      I didn’t even notice them.
      It’s her facial expressions and the overall styling

  12. Comm skill, check
    Stage presence, check
    Beauty, check
    Body, check na sana iniba lang eh tapos halatang halata

  13. Is there still any doubt that she will continue the streak since 2010 of being in the semi finals at the very least ? and all these national costume reveals that are happening, they all still look like pre-pandemic voluminous costumes… I guess we will just have to wait & see what team Rabiya prepared

  14. Rabiya is beautiful as she is.

    Please stop trying so hard to make her look sexy and sultry. It just makes her look pathetic. The cleavage / orbs in these photos appeared so unnatural and painful. And don’t get me started with that white thingy on her chest that made her look she has an-an. Lol. Please stop trying so hard. She is beautiful already.

    World Peace.

    • I agree
      Her personality is more academic like Shamcey and Janine
      She is not a nymphet , so there’s no need to make her look like one

      • Mega gaga any Dani nyong input Hindi naman kayo ang nag cocompet. Like it or not just shut your ffing mouth if you don’t anything nice to say.

  15. I like the way she looks into the camera in the uppermost photo. I love her piercing eyes.

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