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  1. RABIYANIHAN! Fans are entitled to one (1) Free Vote and can show their support by voting for their favorite delegate(s) multiple times a day during the designated period. Instructions to access the voting page are as follows:

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  2. pag pahingahin nyo si ineng
    haggard na haggard
    ang mga pinagawa na baba

    paghilumin nyo muna

    labas ng labas
    puro covid

    wala naman points ito

    ang may points and judges yung sa florida mismo


    • Sa dami ng pasabog na pictorial ng team ni rabiya malamang pagdating ng pageant proper ngarag at hulas na ang beauty ni inday!

  3. The best strategy for Rabiya and her team can be summed up, I think, in one word… “mangibabaw”

    Rabiya should “mangibabaw” in sexiness and fitness in the swimsuit round

    Rabiya should “mangibabaw” in elegance and beauty in the evening wear round

    Rabiya should “mangibabaw” in excellence and authenticity in the personality and interview round

    If these can be successfully executed, Rabiya will have a clear shot at the crown , or most definitely will find herself in the top 3 … landing in the top 3 will be a genuine victory all by itself !

    • IMO, she could easily go viral by giving a political statement that would unite our people… and siempre hindi against sa current admin… kung anong topic yun? I have no idea… Let’s see if her team could figure it out… I suggest tackling pre-colonial history… 😚

      • @C2F, any political statement is divisive, especially in today’s rabidly partisan political environment and culture wars. The only safer ground is a position where you believe the silent majority agrees. Interesting topics could be “masks vs public health”, “gun ownership vs public safety”, “personal freedom vs hundreds and thousand COVID 19 deaths”, “fossil fuel-driven industrialisation vs hlobal warming”. It is absolutely necessary to construct any opinion on a less controversial frame, to soften the impact of a pushback. Wordsmiths and communication specialists could be of great help here.

      • @ scorg I’ll weigh in for the anti-fossil fuel movement VIA SHIFT TO NUCLEAR POWER.


        Kaya lang, pang ME na ‘yan… You know what, @ Admin (sino ka man)? YOU SHOULD TELL MEO TO INVITE @ scorg to serve on the MPE 2021 virtual Prelims Interviews. Alam ko naman nasa inyo contact details namin… Si @ Luke, puwede for NatCos kasi Marketing ang forte niya.

      • I really prefer pageants to be more celebration of beauty and sisterhood among the delegates , BUT I am almost certain that the final question will be something controversial or political in order to establish the relevance of the MU as a beloved tradition and as a platform for making changes for the better in the lives of people in all nations… there, I sounded like a top 3 finalist making a speech !

        why can’t we have simple but probing questions just like in the past … remember “What Makes You Blush ?” … & do you remember “If A Man From The Moon Landed In Your Backyard, What Would You Do To Entertain?”

      • @ jaretwrightlover

        I once ate food intended for someone else. Then, there was that time the host quietly asked me to go easy on the rice, “kasi marami pa’ng bisita’ng susunod”… (My answer to the first question)

        I won’t entertain him. I will be very upset because he landed on my prized plants (… second one).

        But if I must, I would regale him with stories of my travels, both local and foreign. Because when you’re high up there in space, all you see is this green-white-blue orb; you are too far from the action…. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!

      • Yeah, I agree w/scorg…. I don’t think her team could tackle any socio-political issue that could please everyone or at least the majority… it would be a huge risk for her since she is already skating on thin ice due to her last controversy…

        The Q&A would definitely be controversial though.. Seems like Cannabis would be brought up again in 1 of the questions since it could “IDEALY” solve all the issues you mentioned… from Global warming to the Pandemic… Other possible question could be simillar to the MGI question about the lockdown…

  4. Whether I like Rabiya’s overall presentation on these cards or not is totally besides the point. What is so commendable is the fact that thriving Filipino designers are given invaluable chance to showcase their talents and ingenuity to international audience. I hope this will continue and inspire unheralded Filipino designers to step up and take on the challenge head on.

  5. I like the styling and outfits. Rabiya is radiant in the upper 3 photos but she looks tired in the lowermost photo.

    • I agree….who wouldnt get tired with her uber hectic schedule? Sana she would have time for rest before heading to Florida….my worry lang is hindi pa nagstart ang competition, pagod na pagod na sya.

  6. In order of increasing preference (merely mine), 002 < 004 < 003 < 001.

    MT's rhetoric is bs. 🙂

    Mr. Ungkol, M5 will make something for Nova Stevens, po. Didn't he also make something for MUCanada back in 2018? Is he under contract with MUCO? Duration of said contract?

    I WANT AN EVENING LOOK FOR A CHANGE. How about night-time poolside party-cocktails?

    • I don’t think M5 is in contract with them. Negotiations are made on a per Queen basis just like Marta Magdalena Stępień last 2018.

    • M5 should make one for our own deligate…
      Like for Patricia Magtanong next year…

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