11 comments on “Teasers, teasers: Where are they leading to?

  1. Would the fourth MU crown have been possible without Bragais ?
    I am grateful to him for that . .. forever.
    As for his products , I am all for it . If the extra height or thickness will boost our girls’ confidence , why not ?
    I’ve seen Hollywood stars wear them .

  2. official shoes ng MU sa Florida

    nganga ang nega

    go baby jojo

    tayo mo bandila ng Felepens

  3. For our world to move ever forward, all it needs is for all of us together WALK the talk.

    This seems to be the thematic content of the teasers. Inspiring!

  4. Pageant fans have had enough of tacky elevator shoes. Me too, I hate seeing ladies wear such ugly shoes. Hindi naman kase nakakahaba ng biyas ang platform shoes. Good thing, Miss Universe Philippines banned the platform shoes sa mga kandidata nila during its inaugural pageant event, especially kapag swimsuit o knee-high skirts ang suot ng mga kandidata. Kaya the candidates looked classy, regal, and elegant.

    Kung ano man ‘yang future endeavor na ‘yan ni Jojo Bragais, go lang. Pero sometimes you have to listen to others’ opinion. Hindi talaga maganda ang platform shoes.

    That’s all.

    • Hi Po in case you’re leaving under the rock, ang best seller ng bragais ngayon ay yung “Jehza” medyo mataas parin pero not platform. Yan yung uso sa pageant girls lately. Not tacky

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund & @ Gul Panag I think we can strike a middle ground by saying platform shoes look better on short(er) women, precisely for the added elevation. But even just for the traction and cushioning they provide, taller ladies go for them. Kaya lang, baka ‘di na stable with your center of gravity raised high enough as it is.

      Taller may look more elegant. But closer to the ground is less prone to falling over. 🙂

      Ang talaga’ng nakakahiya, consorte’ng maliit pa sa reyna niya… THE 5’10” MINIMUM IN MALE PAGEANTRY MUST BE VERY STRICTLY IMPLEMENTED. BAREFOOT, NOT TIPTOEING. OR EVEN BETTER, TAKEN LYING DOWN WITH MEASURING TAPE. Hanggang Runner-up lang ang short*.

      (* – stature, not genitalia)

  5. Huwag i-spoil, ‘ka mo Herr Tinio? OK. YES, SIR!

    Puwes, IKAW ang pag-usapan… 🙂

    Dami mo’ng ‘anak’…. Daig mo pa ‘yata si ‘Nay MP. Interview-hin mo ba siya sa PN’s in the future?

    (JB has supplied shoes to a Japan Nationals before, right?)

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