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  1. She looks good in these recent photos.
    I do sometimes miss the fresh look that she had during MUP.
    I thought she looked really pretty during the swimsuit portion of the MUP finals.
    Best wishes on her Ms Universe journey.
    She has a lot of pageant fans from competing countries trolling her.
    Suportahan nalang natin ang kandidata natin at wag na dumagdag sa mga trolls.

  2. YOU ARE CORRECT FLOR. Beauty Pageants and Modelling Tilts are very much very related to each other (cousins) BUT STILL two different Worlds/Universe. Being (too) modelesque like Abesamis and Galeria is NOT really a good thing in pageantry. You need to transform yourself wherever sphere you are just like what Melanie Marquez, Marilen Espino and Abbygale Arenas did several decades back. Supermodels Ann Torres, Lorena Pangan & Joan de Mesa (& many more) didn’t make it (probably) because they have not adjusted to the ‘situation’ and remained modelesque.

    To the TEAM/HANDLERS of RABIYA MATEO – ALWAYS REMEMBER Miss Universe is (still) a BEAUTY PAGEANT, NOT a modelling competition in which the MOST PANGIT CAN STILL WIN the title.

    Sabagay, since 2019 NAUSO na rin ang PANGIT sa beauty pageants – MU 2019 (kulang sa ganda), MW 2019 (kulang na kulang sa ganda) at MGI 2020 (iba na ang kahulugan ng ganda). Ewan. So baka pangit ulit (C) ang manalo sa MU this year. WHA…! Good morning to all.

      • RACISM (or racial politics) was also used (by Morleys) NOT to crown the Philippines as MW titleholders in 1973 (Evangeline Pascual) and 1993 (Ruffa Gutierrez).

        The Philippines and Filipinos have been CONSTANTLY victims of racism/racial politics not just in pageantry but in society in general. A number if not many (cases) of them have been committed as well by black people.

      • And that makes it ok to be racist? It can’t be a coincidence that your examples on “ugly” beauty queens are dark skinned ones with African American features.

  3. ang baba
    ang ngipin
    ang boobelya

    ineng napakaganda mo nung MUP finals


  4. Cnu nanaman ang peg nya dito? TAMARYN GREEN nung finals evening gown hairdo?

  5. Edgier! This is how you get fiercer when it is beautifully needed most. Indeed, Rabiya is not an MUP for nothing. She can show what winning is all about.

    On a side note, I have this hunch that MUP team has worked on chin enhancement on Rabiya, either before she left for LA or right after she got there. That made Rabiya look a little different whenever she smiles. Parang pa-ismid. I hope I was wrong.

    That’s all.

  6. i looove it!!! Rabiya just keeps on getting better. Inilalaban nya talaga tayo. Kudos to the team and of course to Rabiya for making us awestruck with your everyday pasavogues.

  7. One thing I am now discovering with Rabiya is her ability to project a wide range of emotBons accentuating what she wears. The mood makes for a total look that varies each time. But when she is in casual everyday wear, her natural beauty– outer and inner– easily glows. BTW, she somehow is able to also make her inner beauty shine through in her head shots.

  8. Manong N, PATAY ka kay @ paul ne’to.


    Huwag daw ‘high-fashion’. Huwag daw ‘not pretty’.

    (But I personally like the colors, a glowing coppery brown with gold accent. Very industrial. Connotes PROGRESS.)

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