37 comments on “Now it can finally be told: Jojo Bragais Footwear for the 69th Miss Universe

  1. O’ Skin Care and now Bragais Footwear. Both testimonials to the Filipino talent and ingenuity that np less than the world’s premier beauty search tap to add value to its prestige! Who will be chosen next? A Filipino world-class fashion designer? A top make-up artist? A hair dresser? A photographer? A video documentary producer? Or maybe a local cosmetics brand? A local world-renowned hand bag brand? Or even a local casual wear brand?

    The market is not only MU. There is MW, ME, MI, MS, MGI, MG etc.

    I dream of the day when our claim to the “Pageant Powerhouse” tag crosses over to the recognition as the one-stop-shop for everything pageantry– from world class products to branded services.

    • @ scorg Raymond Saldana did the glam shots for Supranational 2018. Recall Jehza’s? 🙂

      The Marketing (and if I am not mistaken also Public Relations) guy for MI is a Filipino. You probably have heard of or read about him… Needless to say, he is fluent in Japanese and is Japan-based.

      • @Flor, the expertise of Filipinos on various facets of pageantry is being recognized worldwide. Lest we forget, our beauty camps as well as individual trainors are being tapped by other countries to train their contestants. And again, our celebrity hosting talents have emceed MGI final shows. It looks like pageantry is fast becoming to be an industry that can add economic value to the country.

  2. “O Skin Care” & “Bragais Shoe Win” , very good sponsor names to be broadcast around the universe !

    They do not reference the specific country and they do not reference a particular person …

  3. I hope the semifinalists will be wearing identical swimsuits too just like the old days

  4. In fer, there has been more borta looking/ type gay men in the Philippine beauty pageant and fashion industry lately…

    • Jojo Bragais is gay? There was a feature about him about a year ago being heartbroken due to split with his girlfriend, and then his fiancée. And he was speaking in this “American accent”.

      World Peace.

      • I may have jumped into conclusion right away after seeing his IG and no mention of anyone special. Lol.

        I’ve seen way too many social media accounts that may have made me do that.

        My apologies!!!

    • @4M

      Just because you are a male shoe designer doesn’t mean you want dick.. Theres a lot of Designers/Photographers/artists who are actually straight… Like Nigel Barker, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavali, Oscar Dela Renta, etc… Even Ogie Diaz and Tekla actually have a wife and kids.. Even Ian king who transistioned from penis to vagina is still hapilly married to his wife…
      Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual prefference may influence each other but they can develop seperately and/or independently. Therefore, we can’t just assume.🙄

      • tama ka jan vhaks…itong mga ibang bakla dito, parang naka-drugs lang..kung anu-anong pinag-iisip. Hindi ba pwdng designer siya ng sapatos pero straight sya…mga ibang bakla talaga…

      • @ Closer2Fame & @ Baklush You could see that episode of South China Morning Post canale, of a father who made one-hundred dresses for his daughter. He said he inherited the sewing machine from his mother, and self-taught mastered the contraption through judicious practice. 🙂

  5. Pansin ko lang… cute naman sya dati na chubby cheeks pero mas bagay sa kanya yung tuyong-tuyo na construction worker look… just my opinion…

  6. I do not have any problems with Filipino businesses becoming ingrained in MU branding but I do hope that they live up to the fact that MU is an “international” brand, ie., they need quality products showcased to the World, the Universe rather so the other non-Filipino fans can appreciate it. Otherwise- this could look like that MU is losing its power to attract some other top sponsors.

    Obviously, the fact that MU is super popular in the Philippines is really a boost for Bragais. I don’t know the internal dealings as to what MU will get from Bragais other than supplying MU-exclusive heels for the candidates.

    With that said, as what Norman would say, Congratulations are in order, still!

  7. Wow! This is the start of Jojo Bragais shoes’ penetration in the international market.

  8. Congratulations! Major achievement indeed. The name of the shoes is Jehzra. (A commenter kept on asking for the name. Me thinks the commenter is Jehzra herself. Lol.)

    But makes one wonder the story behind the apparent “Filipinization” of the Ms. Universe. From coaches to designers, from skin care to shoes. Hmmm. I am not sure if it will be good for Rabiya though.

    World Peace.

    • Kulang na lang ba sa Pinas na din ginawa? Tapos si Singson ang judge. Swimsuit by Bessie Besana. Directed by Johnny Manahan. Hosted by Martin Nievera. Backstage correspondents Venus, Shamcey, Janine and Ariella.

  9. Oh wow! Congratulations!
    Let’s see if Nick Verreos could stick clock platforms as tacky… LOL

  10. Good karma kay Jojo B after ilaglag ng dati nyang ka-“team”… congrats!

  11. Oh, wow! Fabulous! Congratulations!

    At least two Filipinos are major sponsors of Miss Universe. It’s gonna be a million-dollar ex-deal to be a major sponsor of the MU pageant. Now, I am anticipating Rabiya’s not-so-good placement in MU. I think MU wouldn’t want to be marred by intrigues because of the sponsorships.

    Anyhow, hindi tacky platform shoes ang pinakitang promo shoes. Nakakaganda, hindi ba?

    That’s all.

    • Rabiya should perform miles better than the other contestants to win the crown. Baka may masabi na naman si MGI.

      • @ miss tissa Angkol is entitled to voice his opinions. Thailand and the USA are both democracies, after all. So are we. But not every view thrown to the wind prospered… 🙂

        Kung ako rin lang si JB at dahil sponsor ako, I will not be shy at all in imposing my preference. If I think a particular candidate did my product exceptionally and incredibly well, I will inform MUO to give her at least a Top 10 placement so I can bind her in an ambassadorial capacity, aka endorsement contract.

        But (we) knowing how painfully shy he is, this most probably won’t happen.

        In any case, MUO should just be grateful there are still ‘fans-at-heart-now-businessmen-influencers’ willing to buoy them up. And there should be NO reason why similar individuals of other nationalities cannot do the same. Like that retired Russian Olympic gymnast said of his decision to enter an American circus, “I go where the money is”. And in all probability, where you are accepted, if not l_ved.

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