25 comments on “Cream. Silver. Cocoa. Caramel. Jojo Bragais Footwear for the 69th Miss Universe

  1. Congrats JB! MU has Two Filipino sponsors now with JB and the skincare sponsor.

  2. wow swerte naman ng magiging gf nito, may career na mukha png mabait. is he married or does he have a gf?

    • @Nica

      I agree… if I was a girl, I’d date him…
      It’s an available dick w/ a cute guy attached plus unlimited shoes and kabuhayan showcase on the side… Magiging-choosy pa ba ako?!

      Correction: I’d marry him!🤪

      • @ Closer2Fame Aka, “d_ck that grew a human”. 🙂

        Walking ti(2x)… (Hihihihihhh…).

  3. Si Jonas po ba yan? Alam ko po pumayat po sya at nag work out po talaga sya. Pero naiiba din po ba ang mukha sa gym?

  4. I will just trust that Jonas will do magic on her face during prelim and finals
    He has not failed before … well almost with Ara’s prelim look

    Her latest make up has improved a lot
    So with her great comm skills , May Laban talaga sya

  5. The best ensemble so far
    I didn’t know Rabiya could look good in brown

  6. I loooove the caramel. All shoes in the photos are beautiful. Wow, as in wow!

    That’s all.

    • @ Raf Isa pa ‘yan na dapat i-consider ni JB, kasi there might be candidates who STILL want it.

      (What all this truly amounts to is a GLOBAL audience, ultimately demand, for the brand. Yes, it’s a niche market. But that’s good. You target a very specific clientele that is willing to pay because they know you can do it better then anybody and more importantly QUALITY POLICY ALWAYS.)

  7. JB footwear for 69th MU is named after Jenna Huelar. She must be extremely proud.

    • @ serge Ang mangyayari nito, JB will have to put out a few extra pairs for the various sizes, just in case may unforeseen problems… He will need to have a DEEP pocket to finance the endeavor, siyempre you don’t want quality issues. If the target of seventy-five (75) to eighty (80) candidates materialize (kasi, after all, may minimum number para makuha ‘yun’g discount rates in anything), and if he prepares in advance even just four sizes at twenty pairs per, that’s just about right pero like I said para safe may pa-sobra… THERE MIGHT BE EXTRA UNUSED PAIRS. For auction? 🙂

      • @flor. JB might as well give the extra shoes to the candidates. It would be Additional pogi points for him. Candidates might promote his shoes in their respective countries. That might jumpstart JB footwear market in different parts of the world. Case in point was his sponsorship of Yvette’s footwear during 2014 Bb Pilipinas which paved the way for him to penetrate the national market.

      • @ serge AT, TIMES FOUR for the color selection here… That’s 80 x 4 = 320 pairs at least! Round off to 350 para safe… Kung galante at may pa-give-away, mga 500 pairs ‘so no one will be left behind’, bitter or jealous. 🙂

  8. Cocoa, for me. Maitim legs ko. Well, ALL of me.

    I have always been partial to dark tones, even in my choice of togs. One pair of ankle-height boots, I particularly loved; I used them until they literally fell apart, long after several repairs at the shoe shop. A classic-textbook-if-literal case of being loved-to-death-until-you-come-apart-at-the-seams.*

    (* – The Velveteen Rabbit)

  9. ganda nung beige

    congrats baby jojo

    pero ang thailand
    grabe designer shoes ang susuot

  10. Congrats jojom does bragais carry size 10? Since tall women most likely have big feet

  11. I posted theParoDivas here before. After few months, JB send them JB shoes. Mabuhay ka JB. Pagpalain ka lagi ng ating panginoon🙏🤗

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