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  1. Well, now Boss JG can fully do whatever he deems necessary. Unlike before when there were allegations he was stifled, at least from a creative standpoint as far as styling was concerned. 🙂

    He is now free as a bird, with no more looking back, the VASTNESS of the firmament within reach.

  2. im sure maingat sila

    pero yung mga nakakasalamuha nila
    maingat ba?
    isang asymptomatic lang diyan makasalamuha nyo
    sabog na

  3. I’m reading fashion pulis . Almost Lahat nagsasabi baduy si rabiya. Guys I love how patriotic some of you are like the indonesians to ayu. But sometimes dapat sa next delegate may comment na kaya ayusin pa katulad Ng wardrobe maayos. If all keep saying wow then di ma correct now rabiya left already w her wardrobe Ido hope the comm skills will help her sa Totoo lang Yun ang strength nya . I just tell myself demi is also not fashionable

    • Actually totoo naman….
      Minsan nababaduyan talaga ako sa kanya…
      It’s always a hit or miss… Maybe because hindi sya inate artist like Catriona, Pia, Maxine, Shamcey, etc… She relies too much on other people’s eye for beauty..

  4. Di ko ma-pinpoint kung ano pero biglang may bad aura. Shining bright pa e noong picture niya ng green outfit. Parang may dumikit na malas. Char!

  5. dami ganap
    ayaw manatili sa bahay
    dami covid sa LA and Florida
    tuyot na tuyot naman ang background
    masabi lang na hollywood

    walang points itong mga ganitong paandar
    south africa nga walang paganito
    nananalo naman

    yung mga tahimik yun ang nananalo


  6. Labas ng Labas si Rabiya, Nasa Rodeo Drive pa gala ng gala.She was in a group not even wearing mask… Hoping na hindi siya mahawa as Covid-19 before it is too late

  7. Ang gwapo ng photographer!
    Well don’t expect too much on this, lalo na what you see in these photos are behind the scenes. Let’s wait for the finished product. Good Luck Rabiya!

  8. I am having mixed feelings about the blue colored gown. Pero u cannot deny the beauty of her facial profile. Her legs, mukha din xa matankad. I’m loving it.

  9. Tito N, will there be an actual 14-day quarantine for all candidates once they’ve all flown in?…

    That probably won’t be at Hard Rock Seminole yet… Kasi nga sabi nila, susundin rin lang kung ano ‘yun’g ginawa sa MUSA last year… Pa’no yun? Basta lagi’ng negative ang swab taste*, bira lang?

    It all just looks so ‘every-woman-for-herself’ right now… When do they report to Base/HQ?

    (* – credits to ‘Auntie Bangit’ canale in Norway)

    • Manang Flor. Can’t afford ng MUO ang 14 days quarantine sa hotel ng lahat na candidates😱
      Humihingi pa nga sila ng ayuda Kay Apong Singson
      para sureball Ang MU crown for Rabiya Divahhhh Mama J hihihihi 🤗

    • It will be unlike what happened at MGI. I know that the setup is more akin to the one in Baguio City during Miss Universe Philippines where they enter a highly-secure bubble after testing negative upon arrival in Hollywood. Florida.

      • @ Norman ‘Di po ba, nu’ng sa Baguio Country Club, every so often swab taste sila? Now, if I am not mistaken, the assumption is on a fixed-known incubation period to get the best possible accuracy… What if may delayed ang incubation, meaning may makalusot na positive pala? Possible ba na delayed ang incubation?

        Ayan na naman ‘yan’g “highly-secure bubble”… Kung sa BCC nga, nag-leak ang chichi at may labas-pasok (daw), sa America pa.


        (When you get your second jab, where do you most want to go to first, and why? This is Q&A, po.)

      • Once I get my second jab? I will need to fulfill some commitments outside of home that I have been stalling for the longest time.

    • You know Rabiya’s are so expressive.

      In this shoot, she eyes look a bit tired. I don’t know if it’s just the name up but there’s something missing.

      For someone who has not traveled, she’s probably still adjusting to the new time zone. I hope they plan to spend more time in Florida before the actual competition because it’s another 3 hour difference Between PST and EST.

  10. Rabiya looks like she has already claimed the Mouawad crown for her head! She has had pre-pageant jobs done already, and I won’t wonder if other MU candidates would get envy to our rep. Anyway, that’s the perk of representing the country with remarkable sash factor. Kudos, Rabiya!

    I am not a fan of Marc Rancy’s underwhelming blue dress, but seeing Rabiya’s beautiful insurable legs in that number redeems her total look. I wish her team reserves the best haute couture dresses for her to wear on the pageant proper. Also, I hope Rabiya’s energy won’t descend as the pageant nears. She needs to keep her momentum and has to peak more up to the final’s night.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund I prefer this to the blue one left behind…

      (THAT was, shall we say, BEEP!!!… Huwag na lang. Magagalit na naman si Admin. Blo-block ulit ako.) 🙂

      • I reckon blue is not Rabiya’s color. It does not complement her skin tone. I also don’t find the gown above impactful. There’s nothing special in the whole creation. Fortunately, this is not yet the competition proper. So, it won’t demerit Rabiya’s points as MU frontrunner.

        That’s all.

  11. She’s a bit knock-kneed thus Darna poses w/legs apart don’t suite her.. crossed legs and T position is most ideal…

  12. so it looks like MU staff photographers flew to L.A. to do photoshoots of Rabiya , although I do not know what BTS means …

    Overall, this may be a good signal for our Pinas delegate!
    (*Note: Russia issued a public apology , I hope that ends the controversy and let’s move on … I hope Croatia does not decide to skip the pageant because of her complaint about voting which is legit … )

  13. Very crude in the first pic – the facial expression and the way she stands and gestures
    But the bottom one is amazing . I hope this reflects the real Rabiya

  14. Rabiya looks very crude and awkward in the first pic … but amazing in the bottom one . I hope the bottom pic reflects the real Rabiya

  15. She is flat here. Her poses are awkward. She lacks facial expression. She can do better than this.

    • Anyway, these are just behind the scene photos. i am yet to see the finished products.

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