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  1. Looks-wise…Alaiza Malinao would have slayed this pageant… She would be the prettiest among the past winners..

    • I agree Alaiza will be a perfect rep for this pageant but prettiest? I don’t think so. Porxild and Datul are the prettiest winners so far imo

    • yes….Alaiza is gorgeously beautiful but in recent editions of Supra, they already have head to head challenge and interview round and that’s the waterloo of Alaiza.

  2. Gandang ganda ako Kay antonnia .sobrang pinagpala sa ganda.mabait pa daw yan at down to earth

    • Me too. She’s my favorite of the 2019 queens. And her answer to the final question at Supra had depth & wisdom.

      As much as I love Fahsai, I think Anntonia would’ve done better than Fahsai at Miss Universe 2019.

      • Sinabi naman niya na she’s not closing doors sa pagsali sa other pageants. Possible na mag MUT yan.

    • She is one of my favorite queens too along with Megan Young and Pia Wurtzbach. These three just exude genuineness and sincerity. Their beauty emanates from within that can be gleaned while they talk.
      Porxild and that Miss MGI Indonesia could be their country’s best bets at MU2021.

  3. MWP should be held by June to give the winner enough time to prepare. It is Jazmine Umali for me for Supra

    • @ bonsaihater YAA-AA-ASSS!

      Her name is French for ‘mermaid’… SCUBA, PLEASE. 🙂

      SCUBA will be a much simpler campaign, advocacy-wise. She gets skin-diving lessons as a bonus…

      I can imagine SCUBA-Filipinas as THE ALL-STAR edition, with alums from the BIG’s to do one last battle for the country’s seas and coastal communities. BUT, INCREASE age ceiling to 31.

  4. Sirene Sutton, if we want to win. Isabella Galleria, if we want a Top 3/5 finish.

  5. Nate should be happy. He’s Polish-American. 🙂

    Ungkol, tama ba? Miss Polski (therefore, Boss GPVL) holds the country franchise for Supranational, World, International, and Universe? Kasi, look what happened with Magdalena B…

    Earth has a separate Poland ND? Y?

    “Sam Goldwjn is Polish. And Misia is Polish. So I said they should sit and chat in Polish, which they did… And she called him, ‘Mother’. It was hilarious! He loved it…”. – Geraldine Chaplin to Amanda Harlech and Vincent Darre, in “The Return”, a film directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

    • (Cont.)

      Another clue that Boss GPVL holds the Universe franchise is that he and Pratamesh Maulingkar were at IMPACT to watch MU 2018. That can only mean he was there in his capacity as Pole ND.

      I’m not incredibly crazy about sending Ortega (Paola, not Kiara) to Bolivia; that would be trite. Jazmine Umali, por favor! 🙂

      PERLYN CAYONA for Supranational 2021!

      CHRISTELLE ABELLO for Mundo in Puerto Rico! (That gin calendar is working its MAGIC.)

      Caress de Mesa will be Isabel Daza de Leon’s successor. WE FINALLY SEND SOMEONE STATUESQUE to Multinational.

      (Bahala na kayo sa MEco-Int… Ang aantabayan ko, ‘yun’g Teen-EcoInt… Strong field this year!)

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