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  1. Hmmm.. why is MU being run like a Frontrow event 💰🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Sa mga nagmamagandang Vacklah makinig kayo 😳
    Nararamdaman ko ang Taft 5 position ni Rabiya ngayon. Depende na lang sa makaklaban nya sa Q&A to make it in the Taft 3. But I believe with Rabiya that she’ll always excell in any Q&A kasi dyan talaga cya magaling👌
    Sa pandidilat ng mata nya, hindi nman halata kapag medyo malayo sa camera pero kung iclose-up ay halata talaga pero hindi nman nakakatakot. In fact, that will help the listener to pay attention/listen of what Rabiya is saying.
    I like Miss El Salvador. She’s very natural at puede maging winner ng MU or MI pero magtrain muna say sa A&Q or KF. Oh ayan mga vecks wala akong kinikilingan ha. Hihihihi 👅
    O cya, hindi na pangMiss World c Rabiya ngayon, pang Miss Universe na sya Divahhhhh😆🙄🙄🙄😆

    • @ Ivan Ganyan talaga, dear. 🙂

      Ang bayot, sa ‘Pinas, nang-aaway ng kapwa-bayot,…

      … Nangagaibigan ng babae’t tibo,…

      AT, nagmamahal ng lalaki. Versatile. Different moods for different folks.

      Kaya, befriend Rab and love Neil. All will be happy.

    • Pag ikaw ang nag-criticize ng candidate , tama at magaling ka? Dahil malaki Kita mo dyan sa America? Barok!

  3. Tip for Rabiya..

    Whenever a bag is being held or hanging from your elbow, etc… The wrist/palm should always be bending outward while doing the Chinese Maiden fingers…. Simmilar to the beauty queen wave.. Never the opposite that looks like talons of a bird-of-prey which is scary since it matches her current aquiline nose… But instead she should exude a more delicate and feminine bird-of-paradise which she’s already doing with her other hand on her waist. Doing it with both hands even w/ different positions means double the beauty. Only a few queens mastered this- Julian Flores, Samantha Bernardo, Mutya Datul, Megan Young and my favorite when it comes to this Pia Wurtzbach.

  4. Real talk :
    Parang pilit yung kanyang pose , it does not look natural at all .
    Parang naninigas yung Leeg na hindi sya makahinga

    This should have been practiced earlier
    However , wala namang grading NGayon .. so ok Lang

    • Agree ako. Ni hindi siya nakangiti. look at Miss El Salvador–very natural ang smile and seemingly unaffected and confident inside and out. Baka kasi makasanayan–parang simangot ang dating ng facial expression ni Rabiya. Pansin ko lang.

    • @Fab

      I see it too… its her chin up while looking down and her hand holdingthe bag…. but in fairness.. the feet and other hand on her waist is on point…

  5. Rabiya looks great! I think she gained some weight which makes her frame perfect and not “nene” anymore. Styling was on point and the pink ensemble screams freshness!!!! The fluffy sleeve to me a bit distracting but i get the point.

    Well done.

  6. Olivia, Lara, Amelia , Dayana, Cecilia Dyusko, next day sino na naman kaya ang kamukha ni Rabiya … si Zuleyka nakakaloookah !!!

  7. I love how patriotic some commenters here. Reminds me how indonesians support their queens. Everything is perfect

  8. Who will the next Miss Universe?

    Miss Universe Philippines 5′ 6″
    Miss Universe Colombia 5′ 11″
    Miss Universe El Salvador 5′ 10

    • @MQW

      In fairness, Miss Colombia is obviously not a threat…
      She can’t even promote the product of the sponsor.
      What a dumbass bitch… booooo!!!!

  9. Rabiya reminds me of three queens: she has the girl-next-door youthfulness of Kiara Ortega; the gestural expressiveness (not to mention, back story) of H’hen Nie; and the loquaciousness and relatability of Pia Wurtzbach.

    Fun fact: If the Philippines wins, we will tie with Venezuela for winning three crowns within the span of six years. They won in 2008, 2009 and later in 2013. If we are blessed with the same fortune, we would have won in 2015, 2018, and 2020 (though held in May 2021). So it is not unprecedented; however, the MUO risks alienating the Latin pageant community, as well as the Indonesians, Thais, etc.

    The only way a win from Rabiya would be acceptable if she’s the one that shines brightest on finals night. Like Zozibini did, from that unique and beautiful gown to the hard-hitting answers she gave; Rabiya can win if the performance is undeniable.

    If that doesn’t happen, I’d love to see a victory from a country that never won or has not won in a long time, like Curaçao, Chile, and Mexico. I’m not really feeling Obdam. As mentioned by others, it’s the lack of depth and seeming too-cool-for-school vibe that turns me off. Which is unfortunate because I love the idea of Thailand (the country) winning, but it has to be with the right girl.

  10. Paulit ulit na lang na sinabing “Columbia”. Ano ba? Pede bang paki pronounce ng tama? At anong pinagsasabi nitong “Bogata”?

  11. In the photos above, Rabiya’s facial structure and smile have become similar to 1987 Miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco from Chile.

    Rabiya’s face is very versatile. It transforms depending on hairstyle, make up and accessories. Prior to this post, she has photos looking very similar to Amelia Vega and Olivia Culpo. Very chameleon like indeed.

    Cecilia is the 3rd lookalike Miss Universe winner of Rabiya Mateo.

    Are these good signs for our MUP?

    • Hindi ako nagagandahan kay Cecilia Bolocco and she’s almost 5’9… while Rabiya is barely even 5’7…

      Plus, ihalera mo si Olivia, Amelia, Cecilia and Rabiya… Anong rank ni Rabiya based on ganda?

  12. The powder pink dress looks subtle yet empowering. I love Rabiya’s entire look here. I can’t wait to know the designer of the dress and the bag as well. Let’s see.

    Facially, Rabiya stood out over the two girls. By a mile. Actually. Recently, I browsed on different pageant sites to see the headshots of the candidates in this year’s Miss Universe, and I find these three MU reps facially gorgeous: Miss Czech Republic Klára Vavrušková, Miss Chile Daniela Nicolás Gómez, and our very own Rabiya.

    Colombia’s Laura Olascuaga is not stunning. I don’t get the hyping on her. In fact, her beauty is a tranny standard in the Philippines. I just find it funny that she came to Madam Olivia Quido-Co’s spa in Los Angeles for the promotion, and thereafter she has to go back to Bogotta. Did she come to see how beautiful Rabiya in person? Will she have last-minute preparation in her hometown? I think that is not a good sign for her.

    Anyways, best of luck Rabiya. I know you are giving our country the best shot in Miss Universe. May you bring the 5th crown, dahlin’.

    That’s all.

    • Ah, I just found from the other source that Rabiya wore a Veejay Floresca creation. So chic.

      Si Colombia talaga need mag-upgrade ng look. Mas maganda pa sa kanya ‘yung katabi n’yang skin care specialist na naka-white suit. Lol.

      That’s all.

  13. I love the whole ensemble…
    So feminine.. so delicate…
    Show-cases her curves and assets…
    The sheer gauzy sleeve gives it a hint of traje de mestiza… I love it.

    Subalit napansin ko lang baba at panga nya… nakakalaki ng ulo at mukha… hindi ako sang-ayon na ang kanyang bagong hulma.

    • @ kembular2020 RAB GOT THE SUNSILK ENDORSEMENT??!! Wow. Great. Congratulations.

  14. Rabiya seemed quite raw & had the quality of an ingenue at MUP.

    Now she possesses an air of serene confidence & subtle self-assurance. You’d never guess this was her first trip out of the country.

    She has grown into her queenly aura & power under Mama J & the MUP team.

    It just makes me nervous to see that many people for an event indoors. I hope the spa has good ventilation / air filters.

  15. Oh di ba, di naman nagpadaig ang beauty ni Rabiya sa mga Latinas? Go Rabiya! 🇵🇭♥️♥️♥️👍

  16. Nafefeel ko na bagay sa kanya ang final walk get-up ni Demi Leigh-Peter for the evening gown compettion.

  17. Rabiya is beautiful pero magmumukhang tanga ang Miss U kung Pilipinas na naman mananalo juskolord ang chaka2 na ng ekonomiya dito I doubt ibibigay yan

      • Grabe, I am still in awe now Tito Norms! What a fresh pink day indeed!!! And I’m sure this is just the beginning 😉 Sorry for my “love-your-own” attitude, but can’t help it. I’m sure those contestants with her right now are star struck din sa kanya—GO GO GO PHILIPPINES!!! Ito yong essence ng “KNOW WHEN TO PEAK”!

      • @ Norman Ungkol Blog, isn’t ‘O-mask’ a competitor to Aerian Essentials of Singapore? 😦

        L-O-V-E the dress of Feeleepeen! THAT’S how you do a sheer sleeve. 🙂

        Rabiya comes across, with all her mannerism, like a vlogger. Body gestures galore.

        Vanessa, in contrast, is very casual-chill, like a combo of Alicia Machado and Thalia.

        Don’t you think Laura looks a lot like TracyMauPerez?

      • Well you did not consider the heels shes wearing. It’s not platform but that’s 6 inches stilletos. Miss Colombia is wearing a 2 inches sandals. Anywho wala naman sa height yan.

      • @Gul Panag I was looking at Miss El Salvador who was also wearing platform shoes.

    • @ nakakalurker Nemen… Sa MUColombia nationals pa lang, TANGKAD na ni Laura. ‘Di ba nga, ang liit nu’ng Runner-up niya (who had some back story about her but I forgot what it was…)?

      (Matangkad din ‘yun’g ‘Antioquia’… Puwede’ng pang-MI! Elegante ang arrive. She should cross back over to Senyorita Colombia org.)

      • @Flor Yeah. Colombia’s really tall. At ang ganda ng katawan. Kung tama ang pagkakaalala ko, medyo nagsoften ang features nya ngayon compared sa nung nanalo sya. She wasn’t a very popular winner ‘no?

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